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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Foolish Samurai Warrior

Power Puff Girls, Dexter’s Lab, Samurai Jack, Johnny Bravo Comics to Surf Wave of ’90s Baby Nostalgia

It’s a glorious age for 20-30 somethings: the moment that the culture starts to realize that it’s not just your adult tastes that it can cater to, but the tastes that you left behind in childhood and might wish to return to. IDW Comics, they of the absurdly best selling My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic have caught a taste of that nostalgia (okay, so the selling power of that comic can’t be placed solely at the feet of nostalgia) and they want more of that sweet, (bitter)sweet memory money.

IDW has just inked a deal with Cartoon Network to produce comics based on their more elderly properties. There’s no hard and complete list, but according to their press release, it includes, at least, The Power Puff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack, Johnny BravoGenerator Rex, and Ben 10. It’s hard for me to say which of these has the highest potential. Obviously it’s ridiculous to think that The Power Puff Girls is fifteen years old and we haven’t had an action cartoon featuring an all female cast of superheroes in the intervening time. It could be great to see new life breathed into those characters in comics, whether or not it has any relation to the rumored Powerpuff revamp.

But I might even be more excited to see Samurai Jack on this list. That’s a show whose fans have been waiting for closure for quite a while now, sustained only on the slowly rising star of Genndy Tartakovsky and the promise that he’s waiting for a Samurai Jack movie to reveal exactly how Jack gets back to the past and defeats Aku. I’m also dying to know how brave artists will be allowed to be in translating the incredibly creative sound and visual design of the show to the comics medium. I’d love to see some Samurai Jack comics that were made in the spirit of the show, but with entirely different character models and art style.

But I digress. IDW’s CEO Chris Ryall made no bones about whether they were playing to the open wallet of nostalgia:

Many of these Cartoon Network shows have only grown in popularity since they originally aired, and we’re excited to be able to offer new iterations of the characters in comic-book form alongside both our planned reprint material and also some new animated ventures Cartoon Network has planned, too. There’s a wealth of fun properties to play with here, and we’ve already got some unique things in mind for them.

As he says: the company has also secured the rights to reprint previous comic incarnations of Cartoon Network characters.

(via Comic Book Resources.)

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  • John Robey

    Johnny Bravo? I’m in!

  • Mr The Batman

    Samurai Jack. Sold.

  • Beth

    Here they come just in time . . . !

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t hold my breath on the Samurai Jack movie. Tartakovsky left CN to go over to Sony after Symbiotic Titan failed, I’m pretty sure, and he was pretty candid in interviews about how he feels the network screwed him over and sabotaged his show.

    So a comic is probably the best chance of finishing the story at this point.

  • Cris

    *flails arms wildly

  • Anonymous

    I’m noticing a distrurbing lack of Eds. Also Edds and Eddys.

  • Anonymous

    For a while it seemed like he was going to make a movie without CN, but I doubt ANY of the original creators will be involved with these comics.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t say who’s being cheated on first: DC or BOOM.

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to see how they’d do the outlines, I’ll admit.

  • Captain ZADL

    *runs to wall of DVDs* Time to watch me some Samurai Jack! And Power Puff Girls! Aw hell, tonight is going to be a nostalgia run!

  • Anonymous

    Cartoon Network Action Pack — there have been SJ short comics for many years. Phil Lamarr was recently suggesting on Twitter that people go see Hotel TransylvanIa if they want to see a SJ feature film made.

  • Elizabeth Moon

    If they make a Dexter’s Laboratory comic, I hope the writers remember that the show’s squabbling siblings (Dexter and his sister Dee Dee) also loved each other. That was the show’s glue as far as I’m concerned. And also I hope the artists will use the characters’ original designs and not the awful flattened Flash versions used in the show’s unfortunate 2001-2003 revival. Ugh.