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I Want To Hug My Mommy After Seeing The New Carrie Poster

The Carrie remake has a new release date, October of this year, and that was probably a good idea. Scary things and October just make sense and all indications point to Carrie being very, very scary. For instance, this new poster featuring Carrie’s mom played by Julianne Moore. I’ll be under my covers if anyone needs me.

(via Empire Online)

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  • Jesse Bailey

    I wasn’t excited about this at all until just now – I probably need to get over my knee-jerk dismissal of remakes. . . do I?. . . yes. . . or. . . even of movies I loved as a kid? Ugh. In any case: Great poster – terrifying! (I’m still not watching Red Dawn, though!)

  • Anonymous

    The first Carrie was fantastic! I’m waiting to see if the remake was a good idea or unnecessary… NO SPOILERS, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    The original Red Dawn was garbage, so how much worse could the remake be?

  • Jesse Bailey

    Oooo! Hit-Girl is Carrie and it’s directed by Kimberly Pierce from Boys Don’t Cry?!? NOW I am really excited.