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Hollywood Chooses Newbie Action Star Gina Carano To Headline Female Expendables Film

In a surprising announcement, the folks making that Expendables-inspired action film starring women instead of men, have chosen Haywire star and former MMA fighter, Gina Carano to lead the cast. Interesting. 

The film has yet to find an actual name, which is why everyone is still referencing Expendables. Though I hope they pick one soon because once the next Expendables film, which director Simon West mentioned would have female action stars to go along with the established male cast, starts production, things are going to get confusing.

This project is being put together by Adi Shankar’s banner, 1984 Private Defense Contractors, and they’ve got unknown Dutch Southern to write the script. But the interesting news today is they’ve picked another newcomer to headline the movie.

Carano was hand-picked by director Steven Soderbergh for Haywire, the spy thriller which vaulted her into the spotlight. She’s set to continue her action career in The Fast and the Furious 6 and In the Blood which has a Taken-like concept.

Shankar had this to say about his decision to hire Carano, “I don’t know how I’m supposed to make a movie that is supposed to be the female version of ‘The Expendables’ without Gina Carano in it. It would be like making Twix without caramel or Jamba Juice without jamba.”

“[The] company remains in talks with several prominent actresses affiliated with the action genre in addition to Carano,” writes Variety. We’ve already heard Michelle Rodriguez turn down a spot in the flick (though no one had officially approached her to my knowledge) because she didn’t think she had enough action film experience under her belt.

Rodriguez compared The Expendables to pointing and laughing at things in a museum. ”But I don’t think I’ve done enough to go there and look at the museum,” she said. “I think I need another ten years before I’m ready to make fun of myself.”

While myself and others would disagree with Rodriquez, it’s safe to say Carano is well below her experience level. If they are really trying to replicate the established franchise, I’d think they’d go with someone like Sigourney Weaver or Pam Grier to lead the cast. Or, if they feel the need to skew younger, someone like Milla Jovovich who just had her Resident Evil saga become the first female-driven action franchise hit five films.

(via Collider)

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  • Joanna

    Ugh! Simon West, really? XP

  • Queen LaQueefah

    Oh dear god I would love to see every woman you mentioned in this movie, but I think Gina Carano will do a great job of it anyhow. Oh I hope Zoe Bell is involved in some way….

  • Anonymous

    It depends what they mean by “female Expendables”. If they just want an all-female team-up, having no experience is not a problem. Besides, there’s not a whole lot of material to pick from if they want to make an homage. For example, Katee Sackhoff has only Battlestar Galactica and the next Riddick un her belt but I wished she’d be there.

  • Tina Likness

    Do you mean “vaulted” as opposed to “volted?”

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Quite right, haha. Thank you.

  • Zach Kastner

    Gina needs to play Wonder Woman. Come on Warner Brothers.

  • Hawkes006

    Honestly, this casting rings similar to Randy Couture in The Expendables. The guy had barely any real acting experience, but he’s a well established name in MMA with tons of experience as an actual fighter. Carano is much the same for women’s MMA. The difference is she’s leading the cast and Couture was a supporting actor.

    I love this casting though, since Carano is very believable as an action star. I have no doubt in my mind she could knock me around with one hand tied behind her back. Sigourney Weaver just doesn’t have that same kind of believe-ability at her age, despite her amazing backlog of great action films.

  • Brian Adkins

    You mean the name isn’t Expenda-Belles? lol

  • Kathryn

    Ms Carano was pretty good in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 from what I remember.

  • Laura Truxillo

    There’s one other Gina we need in this movie: Gina Torres.

    I really hope this takes off. And is awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, never thought of that. I could see it.

  • Sam Christopher

    Katee Sackhoff! Katee Sackhoff!

  • Adi Saunders

    Claudia Black and Helen Mirren, that’s all I’m holding out for.

  • Blake W

    Needs Zoe Bell, Pam Grier, Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock!

  • Sara Sakana

    “Sigourney Weaver just doesn’t have that same kind of believe-ability at her age”

    Sigourney Weaver turns 63 in a couple of weeks.

    Ah-nold is 65. Sylvester Stallone is 66. Chuck Norris is 72.

    Please do elaborate on why a 63-year-old actress would be less believable in an action role than multiple actors who are older than she is.


    Choi Sooyoung!!! she has the same energy as Milla Jovovich!!

  • Amanda LaPergola

    You have clearly not seen Haywire. She beat up everybody in that movie. And I want her to be my big sister.

  • Anonymous

    Michelle has the right of it. The whole idea behind the expendables was classic action starts in one film. I like Gina but she doesn’t fit the bill like Weaver or Hamilton does. If you want to argue that there aren’t enough female action stars to take from “classic and established” that’s fine. Hollywood DOES have a gender problem. I can see that. But don’t try to convince me that Gina Carano who just started her action movie career is essential.

    As others have said here before me you do have action stars that have been around for a while that fit. I like Gina Carano and quite frankly I would consider her a big draw but she’s not the archetype.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it’s so much a “men are better” thing. But honestly men are different than women. A man in Hollywood has been groomed for muscles. Arnold, Norris Stallone these are actors as much as they are speaking muscles. Sigourney Weaver a) was NEVER about being a muscle and b) has gone on to other types of roles that haven’t required her to be tight.

    Personally I think I agree with you @twitter-30884658:disqus I haven’t seen Sigourney Weaver in a while but I’m sure she can still pull off an action role with the best of them. After all R.E.D. proved you don’t need to be muscle bound to do that. I do think that a female version of Expendables would be different. The male version was very visceral. If they really do get all these women beyond Carano I’m not sure it would work for most of them to be punching dudes in the face all the time. I love me some Pam Grier but I just wouldn’t buy that.

  • James Hannan

    They should basically adapt the Birds of Prey.

  • Anonymous

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