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All the Winter Soldier Trailers You Can Shake a Shield At

Somehow, during our annual eat unhealthy food and talk over the television party, I entirely missed any advertising acknowledgement of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, so I’m glad to see that the internet preserved everything for me, from the mournful solo violin playing our national anthem, to the full trailer itself, to the slightly different UK trailer.

Additional thoughts: Black Widow is awesome. When do the Falcon and War Machine get to high five, or at least go out for coffee to chat about caring for their emotionally damaged white best bros?

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  • Katie Frederick

    Yeah, you can bet that there was a lot of screaming when I watched these. My Favorite story is getting made into a movie!

    Notably difference in the UK trailer, it features a shot of Sharon Carter, niece of the notably badass Peggy Carter, who I’m quite excited to see even though all reports seem to indicate that she’s only getting an introduction in this film.

    Oh, at at the 20 second mark in the US trailer, Winter Soldier comic writer, Ed Brubaker gets a cameo. Appropriate spot too.

  • blu girl

    I didn’t notice Ed Brubaker. A good excuse to watch it again!

  • Adrian

    These trailers are fantastic. While the first one was, too, I did have some issues with the music going on in its background. These are practically perfect, though.

    This was also the tone I was hoping they’d keep in Iron Man 3 after its teaser came out. I remember being disappointed when it turned out so comedic.

  • Anonymous

    It’s so awesome it almost doesn’t seem fair to DC! The one thing they had cornered was the “realistic/gritty” superhero movie. This just crashes into that territory like a burning Helicarrier!!!
    I’m looking forward to this so much it’s getting embarrasing…

  • Hannele Kormano

    Please please just give me one moment that is as good as “I get that reference”. The first one was too much fun for this to be all SRS BSNS.

    Even the Nolan Batmans had small places for levity:

  • Anonymous

    “When do the Falcon and War Machine get to high five, or at least go out
    for coffee to chat about caring for their emotionally damaged white best

    LOL. This. Totally agree. Love the MCU, but going to need Marvel to add a bit more color to their headliners (and no, green and blue don’t count).

  • Anonymous

    Falcon looks like a complete and utter badass.

  • KF

    I think seeing the Falcon on the big screen is the thing I’m looking forward to most about the film.

  • KF

    Any thoughts on which characters you’d like to see headlining the Marvel films? (In addition to Rhodey and Falcon getting bigger roles.)

  • KF

    It’s being directed by the Russo Brothers. They know how to do comedy. I’d bet there’ll be a little bit in there.

  • Adrian

    Black Panther would be nice. I expect to see him in Phase Three or Four, though.

  • Angela Korra’ti (Highland)

    Dear Movie: Please don’t suck! Please don’t suck! Please don’t suck! Love, Me!