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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Captain America Sequel Eyes Love Interest For Steve Rogers

Over the weekend we learned Marvel was narrowing down its search for a director of their Guardians of the Galaxy movie but the Captain America camp was busy looking for a leading lady. It seems Anna Kendrick, Imogen Poots, and Felicity Jones are the frontrunners to play opposite Chris Evans in Captain America: Winter Soldier

The NY Post were the first to name the actresses in the running. Here’s all they had to say:

Hollywood insiders tell us that current front-runners for the coveted role include “The Twilight Saga” star Anna Kendrick, as well as Felicity Jones, who reportedly lost out to Keira Knightley for the lead in Paramount’s untitled Jack Ryan reboot. Imogen Poots, who’s filming Terrence Malick’s “Knight of Cups,” is also in the running, we’re told.

We know that Winter Soldier will be set in modern times thanks to Steve Rogers being frozen at the end of his first solo film. That means Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter will likely sit this one out unless they decide to bring her back as an old woman or use flashbacks. While Atwell didn’t have a role in The Avengers, she did seem hopeful for a return in a second Cap film. ”I haven’t heard anything; I haven’t been approached,” she said in January. “Of course if they were to bring me back or ask if I was interested, I’d definitely love to go back and revisit that role and develop her.”

With that in mind, Kendrick, Poots, and Jones may be in the running to play Peggy’s neice, Sharon Carter who goes by the codename Agent 13. She’s also an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and yes, sometimes girlfriend of Steve Rogers.

Who do you think would do the role justice?

(via Digital Spy)

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  • Travis Kyle Fischer

    She could always come back as Sharon Carter…

  • H H

    What about Ashley Johnson (the girl from the bank), she seemed like the focus at the end? I figured that was leading to a more prominent role in the series??

  • DJRM

    I thought Amanda Rightetti at the end of the first Captain America was supposed to be Sharon Carter.  Maybe she can’t do it because of The Mentalist.  God I hate The Mentalist.  Not because of this, I have other reasons for hating the Mentalist.  Anyway it all depends on how they decide to handle the character.

  • Feklar Fourtytwo

    how about someone who actually looks like they could kick ass? Feh.

  • Casey Sullivan

     I love Ashley Johnson.  She always plays such surprising roles – I wish she would be cast in something where she could really flex and do something fantastic!

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick is good but not in this role… Poots just doesn’t have the right look and looks too young for a SHIELD AGENT… Felicity Jones has the acting pedigree and background but would she make a good spy? Jones is the best choice of the three… But really I imagined a blonde Kate Beckinsale-type as Sharon Carter… 

  • Anonymous

    I always thought they should bring back Hayley Atwell as Sharon Carter and then cast an older actress (like Diana Rigg) to come back and play Peggy.

  • Katie Frederick

    I never liked the idea of recasting Hayley Atwell as Sharon, much as I loved her in The First Avenger. To me it would just come across as really creepy that the potential new love interest looks absolutely identical to the old one (even if that was how they did it in the comics). Sharon and Peggy really need to be their own seperate, defined characters, and it’s best to emphasis that by casting different actresses

  • Steven Ray Morris

    creepy and weird creepy and weird.

  • Aaron Treat

    Yeah I thought so too. They kept focusing on her and it seemed like they were setting her up for the next Captain America film.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, but him dating the much-younger niece of his ex-gf is totall cool beans? The whole thing is creepy and weird – might as well showcase it.

  • Anonymous

    I remember that in Avengers, there was this blonde girl he saved in a battle. The camera focused on her more much than any other extras, and she reappeared in the film at least once (there was a clip at the end where she thanked him). I thought this was not-so-subtle foreshaddowing she would be the love interest in the next film…

  • Jill Pantozzi

    I thought she was going to turn out the be the one as well, especially considering she’s a somewhat known actress. I’ll always remember her from Growing Pains! :)

  • H H

    I’m just glad I’m not the only one who is a bit putoff by this…

  • H H

    Ashley Johnson. She was in Growing Pains, What Women Want, and the voice of Gretchen in Recess.

  • Jerilyn Nighy

    In the books, Sharon is said to be the spitting image of Peggy, so they should get Atwell.  Especially considering they royally FUBAR’d Steve and Peggy’s relationship in the movie with a stupid jealousy sub-plot.  It should’ve just been a natural progression of the two getting together, during the montage.

  • Hannah T

    I knew her from Dollhouse (she was in the Season 1 finale, and is the second Dollhouse cameo I noticed) and assumed she was Sharon Carter.

  • Life Lessons

    Haley Atwell should play Sharon with tweaks to her make-up and looks to be just different enough. Plus no romance between them, ok? Just good old friendship/admiration/respect. ;) That would be cool!!

  • Alex T

    Just from my complete outsider judgement alone (I’m not familiar with this character) I’d say I would definitely be more compelled to watch the movie if it was Jones playing his love interest. Most of the time the Superhero will end up with some sleek, sexy looking chick. Felicity’s got a look that makes me think that she’s sweet, and can be someone who’s not just there because she’s attractive. 

  • Shania

    I thought the love interest was Robert Downey Jr. ;)

  • Yuvraj Bajaj

    thank you for telling her name.
    she stuck to my memory ,ever since I first saw avengers – almost a year back.