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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Winter Is Coming

Can’t Stop Listening to Let it Go? Here It Is in 25 Languages

Nobody likes a showoff, Disney.

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  • Morgan

    I was kind of obsessed with listening to Disney songs in other languages at one point. My favorite is “I Won’t Say I’m in Love” from Hercules in Arabic. So good!

  • locuas

    It is a joy to listen to the tarzan songs since Phil collins actually sang them in five different languages.

  • locuas

    I have to say, being queen in Arendelle must be tough if she requires to learn 23…I MEAN! 25 different languages so well that she is able to integrate them into her random song so easily…

  • Anonymous

    They did something like this in the live stage musical, with “Be Our Guest.” It’s amazing how you can recognize the song even though the words are totally different sounds.

  • Omegasama

    I love hearing the Disney songs in different languages. Especially since I watched them in Swedish as a kid. Hearing the English and other languages are great fun.

  • Amanda Pina

    Wow. It’s amazing cause it’s the same person singing all of this. As a portuguese speaker myself, I just understand the first 2 parts (at 2:28) “Estou aqui, e vou ficar” (And here I stand And here I’ll stay – sort of) the rest in not portuguese. Maybe if I listen the braziliam or portuguese version I can understand the rest.

  • Amanda Pina

    I found the brazilian version. This is the portuguese from Portugal, so the third verse is inverted, but now I know what she said “Vem a Tempestade” she uses the european ascent, wich is not easy at all.

  • Miss Cephalopod

    Is it really, though? I can always tell when Phil Collins (or Elton John) were singing German Disney songs, but the pronunciation in “Let it go” is flawless. The Japanese voice, for example, also has a different sound to it.

  • Ashe

    Watching Disney songs in other languages is one of my favorite things ever. This is no different: Latin Spanish is gorgeous!

  • Tiny Tina Booom

    No, it’s not the same person singing all that. The Latin America Spanish voice sounds very different to the preceding one (it’s Violetta’s singer in case you’re wondering), but I have doubts about the Spanish Spanish (Gisela) and Catalan which sounds like the same person dubbing it (and that’s plausible since the Spanish singer is Catalan herself).

  • Amanda Pina

    Really?! They have the same pitch, it did confuse me.

  • Amanda Gun

    No, definitely not! They’ve managed pretty well with finding people who sound very similar to her (as I know they have to when dubbing Disney films), but in at least half the languages it’s very clear that it’s someone else, and I doubt it’s Idina Menzel for any of the others either.

  • BatiHoney

    I was reading the comments, and I am pretty sure Idina doesn’t sing any version other then the original one and each language probably has their own different singer (with exceptions like the Spanish and Catalan one, which MAY be the same singer), as much as they may sound alike. I didn’t like Frozen at all, but I really love this song, and I loved all the versions except the Dutch and Latin Spanish one (I’m Latina myself, so it disappoints me that I didn’t like this version…). I love how even thought they’re all different languages it flows so well. Whoever edited this did a really good job. I wish this video had subtitles with both the lyrics and the translations…

    In case anyone’s curious, a translation for the Latin American Spanish one: I’m Free. I’m Free. Freedom/Liberty without turning back. (Libre soy, Libre soy, libertad sin vuelta atrás). That last bit is hard to translate literally.

    Spanish (Spain): From the distance (‘From this far away’ may work better), how small everything is. (Desde la distancia, que pequeño todo es).

    Languages are fun =u=

  • odango atama

    That was good. That was so good. So, so, so good.

  • Cynthia

    My 7 year old just sang this in the school talent show and knocked their socks off. I am going to have to play this video for her.

  • Eve

    This song was one of my favorite parts of the movie.

  • Melynda

    I’ve watched this about a dozen times already. I tried to find the Japanese version online but apparently it’s not out in Japan yet so I only found the J-pop version.

  • Anonymous

    I just realized who Elsa looks like: Natalie Dormer.

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking the same thing as well about the editing, and then noticed it appears to be on the official Disney account *g*

  • spocko

    That was wonderful. Thank you for finding it. It also reminds me that companies like Disney are making money around the world. Does that mean that they cast, hire and record dubbed tracks for 25 languages? They might. Who is the Kristin Bell of the Dutch version? Voice acting for these kind of features is very important. Did they get 25 different people to do Robin William’s part in Alladin?

  • Qmqm

    Interesting and nice to see that the Flemish and Dutch version have completely different lyrics, as it’s essentially the same language (like UK/US English) and usually they just have actors from the respective countries.
    I much prefer the Flemish version – it’s much more accurate it it’s ‘feel’, plus more references to stormy landscapes!

  • Mara Gerund

    “Violetta” (Martina Stoessel, actually) wasn’t the singer in the film, her version is the one in the credits (like Idina sings in the movie, but the version of the credits is sung by Demi Lovato, if I’m not mistaken). Carmen Sarahí is the voice of adult Elsa in the Latin Spanish version.

    And yeah, the Spanish Spanish and Catalan have the same singer (though the voice of the character is dubbed by Ana Esther Alborg in the Spanish version, and Mar Nicolás in the Catalan), according to this page:

  • Mara Gerund

    I agree, I’m a huge fan of Idina and I was a tad disappointed when I went to see the LatSpa version (I’m from Argentina, so I got that one).

    What about “I’m free! I’m free! Free, no turning back!” as a possible translation? :)

  • BatiHoney

    Yeah, the LatSpa just doesn’t do it for me… especially when you put it next to all of the other covers. It just falls short.

    Libertad wouldn’t translate into Free, as you know, but sure it’s a possible translation c:

  • BatiHoney

    I know! I found out a while after posting my comment. That explains how all covers are HQ and so wonderfully mixed c: