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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Make It So

To Save The Space Program, Build Star Trek’s Enterprise Ship

As the space program is winding down and shuttles are heading to their museum retirement homes, one man is standing up to say we should not be done going boldly where no one has gone before. He wants us to build the starship Enterprise by 2032. And he’s already drafted blueprints.

Systems and electrical engineer, Dan, is the man behind, a website dedicated to making the Enterprise a reality.

Now, ships have been dubbed the Enterprise before. The United States Navy started using the name in the 1700s and then of course there’s the famous NASA space shuttle that began construction in the 1970s. The space shuttle was so named after a letter-writing campaign from Star Trek fans so it’s no wonder someone is pushing for the real deal to happen now. But in the fictional Star Trek universe, the first ship named the Enterprise was traveling through space in the 2130s, Dan would like to up that schedule by one hundred years.

The site has been on and off due to traffic but according to The Verge, “The proposed ship would have an artificial gravity wheel, three ion propulsion engines, and nuclear reactors; it would be able to reach Mars within 90 days. The author, known as “BTE-Dan,” isn’t an expert in the field, but he’s put together a huge wealth of information on current research that could be used to build the ship, how much it might cost, and what would have to be changed or scrapped to turn Star Trek‘s vision into reality.”

“We need a far grander vision of what we should be doing to get humans up into space,” says the author. “If we are going to ask taxpayers to pay billions of dollars for projects to put Americans into space, it should be for an idea that they can relate to and be inspired by.”

“For the record, while in grade school I watched the first Star Trek series each week during the original season on TV in 1966 on my family’s black and white TV,” he writes. “Captivated by the image and idea of the USS Enterprise, I built a long lost model of it from a kit I purchased at a store. I was around nine years old. So I suppose the USS Enterprise has been burned into my brain for a long time, just waiting for a chance to get out.”

Make. It. So.

(via The Verge, Daily Mail)


  • Anonymous

    I’ll say it.

    That’s not technically the Gen-1.  That’s the 1701-A from the movies.  Jill has the original ship in the article, which was, IIRC, a bit smaller than the A.

  • super

     could be the 1701 as a film refit shown in the first 3 movies.  In st 3 the 1701 was destroyed and replaced in ST 4 with the 1701-A

  • Anonymous

    It is necessary to develop a warp drive for the Star Trek’s Enterprise Ship to become fully workable.

  • R. Daniel Paddock

    These dimensions are waaaaaay off. No Federation ship comes even close to this size. The original Constitution Class was less than 300m in length. Even the Sovereign Class (Enterprise E) was less than 700m.

  • Bryce Anderson

    The current space program suffers from underfunding and a woeful lack of imagination and scope.  Having said that, this seems like a terrible idea.  First, the cost is astronomical–no pun intended.  It would require tripling NASA’s budget while at the same time chopping every other mission.  No ISS, no Webb Telescope, no nothing.  We’d be putting all exploration on hold for 20 years while we build a single ship.

    That might be worth doing, if the results of that effort weren’t so ludicrous.  The guy who came up with this seems to want one ship to handle the entire solar system’s exploration needs, both manned and unmanned.  And that single ship would be huge, capable of carrying 1000 people.  What would they all be doing during those many months between Jupiter and Saturn?  Mostly poring through data collected at the last stop, I suppose.  But that could be more effectively done back on Earth.

    Numerous smaller ships, designed for specific missions, would make much more sense.  For the kind of money he’s talking about, we could easily do a permanent, manned base on Mars. 

    In the end, he’s talking about making a national priority of building a working version of a ship whose only purpose is to look good on TV.  No.  Just no.

  • Anonymous

     If it is for sure possible to be done, I say DO IT.  It does not have to be a replica of the Star Trek Ship, but if it is functional.  I would LOVE to see it completed.  I’d be willing to pay an extra 10 cents on the dollar for taxes to go exclusively to this project.  History would chance FOREVER overnight. And to give a kickback to taxpayers, I bet the filthy rich would pay millions to take a Star Trek trip into black space for three months.  How was it discovered that the world was not flat?  By trying at the cost of ships and lives falling off the edge of the Earth.  Like my parents who did not live to see microwave ovens, touch tone phones, computers, debit cards and the like… this would be FANTASTIC.  I will be long dead, but will take to my grave the knowing that this project HAS started… unlike the supposed flying cars that should have been here by the 1980′s.  FURTHERMORE… build it QUICK, pack some groceries and get OUT of here before the uncertain 2012 prediction.  As the Voyager spacecraft, and Noah’s ark.  Take along a bit of everything, record all of what is know of human history, genetics, literature, languages, math, technology, the sciences, medicine, the photographed world and its continents and its people, culture, record all recipe books, medical books, the knowledge of building machines, chemistry, electronics and electricity, medical equipment, solar capability, and the knowledge to manufacture for whatever is found on a planet.  Do include fertile men and women, seeds of every kind, frozen sperm and eggs of creatures,  and as many specimens that could be safely carried and them reproduced later. 

    A Science fiction fantasy set to reality.

  • Anonymous

     Can you?  Then go for it.

  • Bryce Anderson

    Good lord. Doesn’t *anyone* realize that we have more options than “build the Enterprise” and “continue with our current lame-ass space program?”

    I say, triple our space exploration budget, but let NASA select the priorities and choose the missions. Not some random Star Trek fan.

    If we do this, you can be certain that Zombie Gene Roddenberry will rise from the grave, shamble all the way to Random Star Trek Fan’s house, and slap him up one side of the head and down the other, all the while groaning, “You’re being too damned literal!”