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We Have Done the Impossible and That Makes Us Mighty

Bridesmaids Expected to Surpass All the Rest of Judd Apatow’s Films at Box Office

Hollywood usually needs a little push to do anything really worthwhile, and that push usually comes from those small, flat, rectangular green things that seem to rule over us all. And though Judd Apatow has made many of those rectangles in the past with what the world has branded notoriously “male” humor, this time it’s the ladies who are raking it in for him, and big time.

Bridesmaids is still selling tickets like mad, and has so far earned $146.5 million at the box office, which puts it within spitting distance of surpassing Knocked Up, Apatow’s biggest hit to date (which earned $148.7 million, just over 500,000 more than Talladega Nights). The key thing to keep in mind: the words so far.

If Bridesmaids keeps going with anything like the momentum it’s had over the past month and a half, it’ll surpass Knocked Up without even blinking.

A victory like this for Bridesmaids could mean a lot, not only for a possible sequel for the film, but for female-driven comedies as a whole. While television is a a veritable showcase of funny ladies these days, the movie business is notably rougher for those comedy-driven ladies who’d like to see their horizons expanded past that of overly-cliched romantic comedies and playing the bit role of the shrewd wife.

(Jezebel via Vulture via Box Office Mojo)

(Photo via Zimbio)

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  • Rachel Brekhus

    I saw it as sort of a bridal shower after-party a couple weeks ago.  It was surprisingly good – funny but not quite cliched or slapstick, over-the-top but not quite unbelievable.  This settles it…I now have to see it again, with my husband, who loves Apatow’s films.

  • Dorkus

    Several years ago, my roommate had a subscription to Entertainment Weekly, and I would read it when I was bored. That was when “The Devil Wears Prada” came out, and the magazine could not stop talking about the gobs and gobs of money that movie was making. Mainly I got the impression that everyone was surprised that it made so much money, being a “chick flick” and all. And it just amazes me. Hey Hollywood, half the population is female, and we like seeing movies too! Especially good ones! If you put out movies geared at women that are actually GOOD movies, we will go see them and make them successful! But those movies are rare, because everyone is just trying to make Comic Book Property #624 as fast as possible in the hopes that enough CG explosions will make people forget how sucky so many movies actually are.

    *whew* rant over now. Also, I haven’t seen “Bridesmaids” yet, and I do like a lot of comic book movies. But you know what I’m saying.