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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Bear Time

Brand New Trailer for Brave

Disney has released this third trailer for Pixar’s Brave, with an extra short (mostly featuring Merida’s little brothers) below.

Okay, I admit it! I’m getting a little worried. It seemed like the only new footage in this were various slapstick gags, and while there ain’t nothing wrong with that, Pixar’s second all-human-characters film (since The Incredibles) is already looking a lot like various groanworthy past Dreamworks productions. Other information I’ve been hearing about the production process and the transition from Brenda Chapman‘s leadership to Mark Andrews‘ only enhances this perception. Lets just have it come out so I can kill the suspense, okay?

(via Bleeding Cool.)

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  • Anonymous

    Pixar have a long history of pretty terrible trailers, fear not.

  • Alyssa Eckles

    You have to get people into the theater, and comedy does that. If the “Up” trailer had suggested I’d spend most of it bawling my eyes out, I would never have watched it. It was an awesome movie, but I would have rethought seeing it in a theater without sufficient tissues. 

  • Kaarel Jakobson

    Eh. The Japanese trailer made it seem pretty dramatic and serious.

  • K Shorten

    Oh man, I just re-watched the UP trailer. It is pretty terrible. 

  • E At Tomufasado

    This reminds me of how horrible the How To Train Your Dragon trailer was, but the movie was pretty phenomenal. It looks like they’re just trying to market to the lowest common denominator here. Whatevs. It’ll still be awesome.

  • E At Tomufasado

    And I really love the music that they’ve got in the third trailer. Wow.

  • Kelly H

     It’s Julie Fowlis, a Scottish singer. She’s well worth a watch/listen!

  • Francesca M

    Its true their trailers are never as good as their movies. THey make their trailers to market to a broad audience who are then stunned by the fact they’ve been tricked to see a deeply introspective emotional piece.

  • Nikki Lincoln

    I would rather get the same things in the trailer and have 90% of the movie be new scenes. I feel like with the Muppets, I had seen so much of the movie in the trailers that I was underwhelmed but with Hunger Games, the trailers just replayed the same scenes and it was amazing to see everything else in the theatres. There is something to be said for a movie not over-revealing itself before it’s released. 

  • ✰ Ємρʏяɛαℓ Ɖяɛαмɛя (´・ω・`)

    I can’t wait to see this. *__*

  • Eva Marie Heater

     I agree completely!!! Let’s hope Disney/Pixar reads this.

  • Eva Marie Heater

     I was blown away by Wall-E for this very reason. I hope this holds true for this film also.

  • Anonymous

    I have to say the marketing for Brave has been really disappointing. The (American) trailers for Brave are incredibly slapstick, more so it seems than Pixar’s trailers in the past. That said, I’m still insanely excited for it and am probably going to love the movie to death.

  • Frodo Baggins

    Tangled looked like an awful comedy from the trailers too, I doubt these are accurate.

    However, I am–and I can’t believe I’m saying this–slightly underwhelmed with Emma Thompson’s voice acting. She sounds kind of flat. Maybe her performance sounds better in context.

  • Lilly

    During the first half, I was also a little nervous, but by the end of the second half, I was on the edge of my seat with a dried tear on my cheek from the five seconds talking about family being king. Taken together, it looks exciting, funny, touching…so in other words, par for Pixar’s course.

  • mundungus42

    Keep the faith. I nearly didn’t see The Incredibles because all the teasers featured variations on a theme of overweight-Mr.-Incredible-struggling-to-get-back-into-his-super-suit. I will not make the same mistake with Brave, no matter how many butt jokes are in the trailer.

  • Anonymous

    Ooh Ooh! The song in Scots Gaelic at the end! I am way excited, and I hope there’s more Scots in the movie. (I took Irish, but they can be similar, so I was even MORE excited to understand a few phrases!)

  • TKS

    I hate to be “that guy,” but you could always just not watch the new footage.  I had the same thoughts about all the The Avengers stuff, so I decided that whenever I see “Avengers…” on here or my other haunts, just skip right over it.

  • Ms Avery

     Now you made me think of Up and now I might cry. *sniffle*

    (It was one movie totally worth seeing in 3D, because the glasses helped to conceal the fact that everyone was crying.)

  • Nicholas Swenson

    Her design is just fantastic. Crazy flowing hair, voice actress (seriously, thank goodness they went with the actress that they did), personality, etc. Pixar movies are the only things I care about in film these days.

  • Carmen Sandiego

     I love that actress!  She played alongside Josh Brolin in No Country for Old Men. 

  • Sara Rae Rodgers

    ah but the singing at the end of the first trailer alone had me in tears….

  • Nikki Lincoln

    While this is a good point, it’s really difficult when these things show up on TV. My biggest pet peeve is when TV trailers basically show the end of the movie. This usually happens more with rom-coms but I noticed that after the Hunger Games came out, you could basically watch the whole movie just by catching the TV spots. If I hadn’t seen it right when it came out then that would have really ruined the movie for me.