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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Fact From the Vapor of Nuance

Beautiful and Confusing Blade Runner Fan Film Is Beautiful, Confusing

XXIT from Stargate Studios on Vimeo.

Okay, we’re pretty sure we figured out what was going on in Stargate Studios’ XXIT, which follows the efforts of a replicant to keep her genetic donor from being harmed by unnamed forces. But there might be some time travel? But then how does the ending…

If you figure it out, let us know.

(via io9.)


  • Frodo Baggins

    Impressive visuals. It could use some voice-over narration, though.

    Sure, she’s offered sushi, but how does she feel about sushi?

  • Anonymous

  • Jeff McLane

    Yeah and one site said that they couldn’t call them blade-runners or replicants because of copyright? is that true? I thought fan-films could use the terms of the movies. if not then its not really a fan film.

  • Sage

    Couldn’t watch it to the end.
    It’s way too fast, feels like an advert with all the quick shots and fast movements.
    And it seems to make no attempt at being futuristic which also bothered me. (I just watched the actual Blade Runner though so my expectations might be a bit high for a fan video) The still/fixed shots were terrible though, seriously seems like the videographer has no passion for his role and just wants to get the job done in the easiest way possible. You get no feeling of her walking around with the camera sat there spying on her.