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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

and let it be known

Black Widow Retains Her Title as Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Champion

Okay, no, we’re not talking about Natasha Romanoff, but isn’t it fun to imagine that the reason why everybody in this photo looks exhausted is because Black Widow just schooled all of them in an eating contest? I mean, Thor’s all “where’s Volstagg when you need him,” and Tony can’t believe what just happened to him and is kind of peeved about it.

But I digress: I’m actually talking about Sonya “Black Widow” “The Leader of the Four Horsemen of the Esophagus” Thomas, who yesterday championed the women’s division of the yearly Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Thomas is a Korean-born American and manager of a fast food restaurant, and set a record for American competitors in the same contest in 2005 by downing 37 hot dogs in twelve minutes. Since the creation of a women’s division in Nathan’s annual 4th of July contest two years ago, she has beaten all comers to take home the (pink) Pepto Bismol Belt. Up until then, Thomas had competed mostly against men, taking the name “Black Widow” after the spider known for devouring the males of its species.

From HuffPo:

Thomas said the challenge of shoveling down dozens of franks is actually “more mental than physical… I have to fight with myself, so I’m going to try to really focus.”

While her “score” this year of 36 and three quarters hot dogs kept her narrowly on top, it does present a bit of a slow down from 2011′s 40 dogs and 2012′s 45. We salute Ms. Thomas’ achievements, and hope she’s feeling just fine.

Post Script Public Service Announcement: Don’t google “black widow eating” if you’re looking for pictures of the comic book character.

(via Huffington Post.)



    Why did you say to not google “black widow eating”? That made it irresistible and I had to look. :(

    Wait….that must have been reverse psychology right? Damn, foiled again! :p

  • Shoshana B

    “Four Horsemen of the Esophagus” is the greatest name for any kind of team ever. Just reading that it exists has made my week so much better.

  • Parienve8137

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    Why did you say to not google “black widow eating”? That made it irresistible and I had to look. :(

  • LifeLessons