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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

It is known

Black Milk Teases Dragon Egg Leggings From Their Game of Thrones Collection

In other words: Black Milk is doing a Game of Thrones collection. There are some other teases up on their Facebook page, namely a House Stark shirt (a loose fit, praise R’hllor), an Iron Throne dress, and house sigil leggings, all of which you can see behind the jump.

Previously in Black Milk

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  • Kit Whelan

    WOO! Their Harry Potter collection is so awesome, I’m actually excited to spend $80 on dragon leggings.

  • E.H. Feldman

    I think it’s great that there places like Black Milk are offering more nerdy clothing for women, but can we stop with the body shaming already? Not only does black milk not offer plus size, but they only use models with one specific body type. It really sends the message that they don’t want fat people wearing their clothes.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    I understand, and folks often comment on their lack of model diversity but I’m not sure I would categorize that as body shaming.

  • DarthRachel

    Black Milk used to offer custom sizing for a fee. I don’t know if they do that with all the licensed stuff though. The community is also very active and vocal about sizing issues, trades, advice etc. And there are plenty of plus sized men and women who wear the brand. Including girls who work at the shop and who wear pieces in the vlogs. It’s def not a company that approves of body shaming.

  • J. Koby

    They don’t have anything larger than XL. And that doesn’t fit a lot of people. Body shaming or not, it’s heartbreaking to be excited about something, click the link, and to be told it’s not for you. And no one cares. It’s as simple as that, the problem isn’t that they don’t carry a certain size, or that other people might wear things too small for them just to be able to wear them, the problem is that no one seems to care about carrying clothing larger than XL.

  • J. Koby

    I think there’s a bigger problem than the models though. Most geek clothing for men can go up to 4XL. But women’s clothing rarely goes above 1XL. It’s just another symbol of how women in geek culture have to look a certain way to be accepted, whereas men can be 500 pound sacks of oil and hair wrapped in a t-shirt, and that’s acceptable. And I wish it was talked about more, because no one is really talking about it.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Oh no doubt, there’s an issue with sizing in most geek clothing sellers but I don’t know if it’s about women having to look a certain way. I think most retailers don’t see it as a big enough market to carry the sizes. A lot of places won’t even offer women’s cuts in t-shirts until there’s a big enough demand. Folks should definitely reach out to the retails to ask for what they aren’t offering.

  • DarthRachel

    Ya know I was going to respond to the idea that BM is promoting body shame by linking their policy on body shaming which I remember as “you say anything about anyone’s body at all ever and you get the ban hammer we don’t want your business”… but is actually a long.. rambling.. mess that reads like a privileged white guy talking about women’s bodies (bc it is).. so yea. you are right. the lack of sizing hurts the brand and excludes potential customers.

    i love BM, I love that I can buy super whacky, nerdy clothing from them after a life time of altering men’s tshirts and coloring my sneakers.. but you are totally right.

    EDIT: bc this is the internet.. i am not being sarcastic. and here’s the problematic link i mentioned:

  • J. Koby

    If you can find 5 places that sell plus sized (as in above XL, or 14, which many people are) geek leggings, maybe your point could hold some value. It’s not about the specific store, they are part of a problem of plus-sized women being less welcome in geek culture than regular women, who already aren’t very welcome.

  • J. Koby

    (First of all, this entire conversation is part of why The Mary Sue is my favorite website there is)

    The only part I disagree with is that if you look at their site, they aren’t exactly selling the XXS clothing very well either. Most of the clothes are sold out in other sizes. If they made half as many XXS clothes, and instead made XXL, they’d probably both sell out.

  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t that be ‘Praise the Old Gods’?

  • Carmen Sandiego

    You might write their customer service. That’s what I did when a t-shirt company was selling a really cool design by a female artist and they didn’t even have it available in a cut/size that the artist (or me) could wear. Within 6 weeks they made a ladies’ cut available for that and several other styles. They sold well and they’ve continued to expand their line.

  • Carmen Sandiego

    It’s not body-shaming per say, it’s just frustrating (and bad for business) when any clothing company doesn’t carry a variety of sizes, or charges a ridiculous amount extra for an article of clothing that is only one or two sizes up from a large (aka, only a few inches more of fabric).

  • Eric Xin

    Actually, there is a very good reason for it. As a former garment manager who ran logistics for 4 separate factories located in Asia, I can tell you what we want is the least selection of sizes as possible, because it would allow us to make a larger batch instead small runs.

    In layman terms, the cost of 1000 T-Shirt at Size X is far less than 200 T-Shirts in 5 different sizes/Color/material what not.

    And another problem there isn’t a lot of Asian women at XXL, heck, what we consider as Medium here is what they think is large! Any order for sizes beyond XL pretty much require additional costs, which our clients usually do not want to pay…

    So if you want + Sized garments, it is usually a good idea to write to your favorite brand and ask them to carry that size. Otherwise, not enough demand = No supply.

  • Eric Xin

    Heretic. There is only Rhil’or.

    Now someone find a stake so I bring this infidel to the glory of light :3

  • Alice

    People tell them that they would like bigger sizes all the time, the reply back is usually “the fabric is stretchy” I’ve also seen a post from someone who laid a complaint about a pair of leggings being see-through on the thigh and was basically told by the cust-service person that it was the customers fault for having such big thighs

  • Carmen Sandiego

    If there’s no difference in the price tag between an XS and a M their shouldn’t be between an XL and a 2XL. And I’ve noticed some companies that used to have all sizes be the same price have only started charging more for XL, 1X, or 2XL in the past few years, and it’s become a trend because people know they can get away with it. Also, if they want to narrow/limit the line to a handful of sizes, it would actually make more business sense to size up (aka eliminate the XS) because a majority of people at least in the US are not that small. So I know that’s not the reasoning in many cases.

  • Eric Xin

    It depend on company to company. Some corps indeed, probably want to project the image of the women who wore them are anexotric models, then they carry XS to their own detriment. I am looking at you, A&F.

    But for most parts (like my clients) usually do an analysis of their past sales, and see “X” amount of women are size A, then they double up on Size A. If not enough people brought their Size B, they lower their order size or even discontinue the line.

    Now, one could argue + Size girls are being deprived because of this chicken+Egg scenario, no one brought a XL because the store didn’t carry XL. Then there will never be an XL or 2XL.

    That is why consumer servery (the one no one like to fill out) are so important. They let the company know what is the market out there. If there is suddenly hundreds of + size girls saying they want a particular T-shirt and will buy it if a store carry it in their size, that will get the brand’s attention and they will order some.