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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Benedict Cumberbatch Is Just as Frustrated by the Mystery Surrounding His Star Trek Character As You Are

“It’s achingly irritating… Believe me, I’d rather talk about the role and the fantastic story and all the things J.J. [Abrams] has come up with. And then everyone would be as excited about the film as I am. But then of course I think I would be on a phone call coming from J.J.’s office.”Benedict Cumberbatch speaks out on how he wishes he were able to talk about who he’s playing in Star Trek Into Darkness already.

He went on to praise Abrams’ withholding of information, however, saying “We live in the modern world, which is a place of oversaturation and now people, especially Trekkies, want to know everything before they witness it themselves… I think of it as a kid having a box of chocolates and not knowing what’s good for them. They eat three and they keep eating as they get sick… and the candy is gone.”

That’s… a little condescending-sounding, Mr. Cumberbatch.

(via: CinemaBlend)

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  • Steven Ray Morris

    we are a spoiled bunch with all the movie scoops. It’s like an addiction following the progress of a film until its release.

  • Anonymous

    I sort of agree with him. I have been trying to avoid knowing too much about films before I see them and I feel like I enjoy them more than my friends who looked at every photo taken from the set.

  • Anonymous

    It does sound a little condescending, but he’s right. At this point I think it’s obvious there is an in-story reason for wanting to keep Harrison’s real identity secret.

  • Mark Wintle

    It’s only condescending to people who feel they are entitled to spoil the enjoyment of a movie for everyone else. Benedict is spot on, this is a school playground with every kid trying to be the most popular one with the inside scoop. I’m not playing this game and have decided to ignore any website that even hints at self important entitlement to spoil the movie just to get hits. I know you’ll publish spoilers when you get them it’s the nature of genre websites to be childish with “secrets” but hey I’ll bypass them like I did with Looper and found it 100 times more enjoyable not knowing anything other than the basic plot outline. Same with Avengers, Last year I stopped hunting out movie exclusive info and as a result had a far more enjoyable movie going experiences. Reviews yes, to choose which movie is worth throwing my money at but I don’t need to know the twists before I’ve had the chance to travel the road leading to them.
    In fact I challenge you to find a writer to avoid all coverage before a genre film is released and see how their opinion will differ compared to spoiler saturated web writer.

  • Joanne Hogan Casale

    I agree with his point. Nowadays you can know the whole plot before you see the movie, it does take away a bit of the magic. The other day I saw les mis with a friend who didnt know the story at all. She loved it and she feels that not knowing about it made it even better.

  • Anonymous

    About the first quote, it sounds a lot like a typical promotional comment which praise the wonderful content of a movie to come (but with the smart aspect of “If on ly I could tell you this”). It seems a bit artificial to me…

    Anyway, I’m not really into actors speaking about their characters. Most of the time they are exagerating how it was a great experience to incarnate such strong/fragile/original character, and won’t really give any information you didn’t already know (as shows this article).

  • Anonymous

    I bet you’re the kind of people who avoid trailers then, because most of the time, all the story is depticted in it (if you look closely). Personally, I can’t help myself, those things are little wonders of awesomeness most of the time.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    I agree that there’s a reason, but I can’t help by feel that after all this build-up and hinting and “here’s his personality and his motivation but not his name, wink-wink,” Abrams & co are in real danger of the big reveal being anti-climactic. But they HAVE to talk about the villain, because you can’t really avoid doing marketing. So I almost wish they’d just say who he is already and get it over with.

  • Bexley Lister

    *especially* Trekkies?? Hmmph. Not the first time B.C.’s put his foot in his mouth around Trekdom.

  • Amy C.

    He’s right, though. I don’t think he meant to sound condescending, but Trekkies are pretty well known for being an intelligent bunch of people who like to know every little thing about the Universe they love so much.

  • Duke Fleed

    “He went on to praise Abrams’ withholding of information” — Still doesn’t beat the withholding of info surrounding Blizzard’s TITAN.

  • Life Lessons

    Yeah, that is a bit condescending. ‘Cause I can eat an entire chocolate box and keep on going. :) Can’t wait to see the flick!