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Allow us to explain.

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Ben Kingsley: The Most Interesting Mandarin in the World

He doesn’t always find time to relax. But when he does…

He puts his feet up on Iron Man’s shattered helmet.

The more I look at this the more I see more incense sticks in awkward places. He should really work at removing the source of the funny smell instead of covering it up.

(via Empire.)


  • Anonymous

    Woah, is that an army helmet and dogtags to the side? This dude looks intense.

  • Anonymous

    dog tags everywhere!

  • Anonymous

    I’m still utterly confused by the decision to use the Mandarin. If they acknowledged the character was a bad enough stereotype that they had to cast a non-East Asian actor to avoid offending the Chinese, isn’t that a sign you should just use a different villain all together?

  • Samuel

    Is he wearing camo pants?

  • Anonymous

    YES SO AWKWARD OMG. im dying a little inside just looking at this poster. WHY

  • Jamie Jeans

    *sigh* This is just bad… bad bad bad bad.

    As much as I want to see this movie, it’s stuff like this that makes me NOT want to see it. The Mandarin as a villain was problematic to begin with, but this is just problem layered on top of problem.

  • Anonymous

    Any Chinese villain would have offended China and China is a big market so that’s why they’re making the change. The Mandarin started off as a stereotype because of when he was created but those flaws have been corrected over time and the character is more complex now (or was. he might be dead in the current continuity).

  • Anonymous

    There are two Ben Kingsleys.

    There is the one who was in Ghandi, and Schindler’s List, and even Sneakers.

    Then there’s the one who did allll those films with Uwe Boll, and Freddie as F.R.0.7.
    And God help us, Thunderbirds.
    It’s always a crap shoot to see which Ben shows up for work.
    All I know is, this Mandarin reminds me just a bit too much of The Hood.

  • Kay Livingston

    It’s entirely possible it was never intended to get this far, since they had no idea if Iron Man would be successful enough to put together an entire series; it was the first of the new era of superhero movies. But the Mandarin has been hinted at since the very first Iron Man, so they kind of had to follow through.

    All the same it’s put them in kind of an awkward position now, with one of Iron Man’s most historically racist villains.

  • Anonymous

    not sure if this has been said on the internet before but came up with a crazy idea this morning that there could be a new iron man or tony stark himself would name the new iron man or rename iron man, iron stark in the comic. not sure if that makes sence but just a crazy idea i had…

  • Anonymous

    Well he certainly doesn’t look like any super villain we’ve seen in a long while on the big screen – and that could be a really good thing. LOVE the shades, it’s a nice touch.
    So stop hating until we see what he brings.