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Disney’s Belle Will Never Leave Doctor Who’s TARDIS

Yesterday we were thrilled to find Disney’s Mulan happening upon the TARDIS from Doctor Who. Thanks to a reader we now get to look at this, Karen Hallion’s alternate version with Beauty and the Beast’s Belle as the focus of the Doctor’s attention. Just a few things I feel compelled to say: Belle would never leave a book behind, my only thought is she dropped this one when the Doctor told her about his library. Second, the only reason she’d ever leave the TARDIS is if the Doctor took her to The Library. Pre-”Silence in the Library” of course. It’s for sale as a t-shirt at Threadless if you’re interested or check out Khallion on Etsy to see a few other Disney women being curious about the TARDIS.

(via Eric Loomis)

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  • SavageMouse

    I don’t know Dr. Who that well, but the image paired with the headline is damn creepy.

  • Elwyne

    Obviously, the Doctor left that book to lure Belle in. And it never occurred to me to wonder about the TARDIS library!! Of course, that’s why none of the Doctor’s companions on TV are readers – none of them would ever leave the ship. :)

  • sixteenthnote

    I don’t understand how people are allowed to sell this stuff on Etsy and Threadless without getting sued. Anyone care to explain? I’m legitimately curious.

  • Isabel Anguiano

    Come on!, Belle looked for books because she wanted adventure, her small town life wasn’t enough for her. She would totally forget about books. If she could travel through space and time, she wouldn’t ask to be taken to a library…

  • Elwyne

    I think it’s because a) they’re not hurting anyone and b) the BBC is relatively forward-thinking for a large entertainment corporation. In fact they recently licensed several pieces from a talented fan artist known as Alice XZ – win for everyone.

  • sixteenthnote

    Yeah, I was more talking about them being able to profit off of someone else’s intellectual property (Disney, BBC, etc). I wasn’t knocking them or anything, but it just seems weird that Etsy especially is overrun with fandom things that people are making not insubstantial amounts of money from. it’s just weird that things like that fly, but, for example, a youtube video of someone playing GTA IV gets removed if you drive in a car with the radio on, because you didn’t have a license to play that music. In that case, you’re not even profiting from the use of the material. I guess that could be because the recording industry is way more intolerant about that stuff. I dunno, it’s just weird.

  • Elwyne

    yeah, the recording industry is notoriously… shall we say ‘difficult’. The amount of money these people make, or don’t make, is so inconsequential to the corporations involved, it just seems petty for them to get involved. So far the BBC is taking the high road.

  • Inky

    I just ordered that shirt a few days ago, even though I’ve never seen Doctor Who, just because I love Beauty and the Beast so much and I think that’s a GREAT mash-up.

  • Inky

    I’m guessing that in this case it counts as a parody, which would fall under fair use. I don’t know about the Etsy stuff, though.

  • ErikLoomis aka Chief

    I think that Threadless actually had a partnership with Disney to allow Disney themed designs. As for BBC, I am not sure on their policies. I do have several Dr. Who based shirts from Threadless already.

  • Anonymous

    Ah… I just bought this shirt off Threadless about a week ago. So excited.