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Bloody Good Fun

Open Thread: Being Human – That Time of the Month

In which we discuss menstruation. 

When I saw the new episode of Syfy’s Being Human was “That Time of the Month” I assumed it was a humorous way of discussing our resident werewolf problem. Oh no. They meant it literally. Let us know what you liked and didn’t like in the episode. A few possible talking points:

  • Sally flying fast and loose with powers she doesn’t comprehend.
  • Bishop “saved” Susanna!
  • Wow, a rare vampire story that actually references menstruation! Also, they probably should have asked Nora to start on that project sooner.
  • Why exactly is Sally seeing the past?
  • Josh having a second birth from inside a werewolf. Delightful.
  • Oops, Sally wasn’t finished.
  • Susanna has some serious issues. Warranted of course.
  • Bishop told her he wasn’t worthy.
  • Aidan actually opting for an “ordinary” life with Kat, and saying I love you, after only a short time with Susanna.

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  • Maggie

    Oh god. That whole scene with Nora and her aunt Flo. It was so delightfully awkward in all of the very best ways.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    I could not believe how far they went with it! I thought for sure they wouldn’t show it being poured, and then they did! Huge pat on the back to them for that.

  • Anonymous

    I appreciate that TMS is looking for more ways to engage and encourage discussion, but I sometimes like reading the recaps for shows I don’t watch but have heard good things about (like Being Human). Could you provide a tad more summary? If not, that’s fine, I’ll just skip these posts. Thanks!

  • Mike Chen

    I always wonder how much improv they do with the comic pieces. The leads always bounce off each other so well. That “I can smell it” bit was the most we’ve laughed this week, and that includes John Watson’s mustache.

  • Mike Chen

    Wow, no love for Being Human? Two weeks in a row that this thread was sparse. My reaction = Sam Witwer cry face.

  • Brittany K

    I am soooo glad Being Human went there with the menstruation, it’s always been something that has bothered me about anything involving vampires.

    I am absolutely loving this season so far, I love that Aidan didn’t immediately dump Kat and fall into bed with Susanna because, let’s face it, that was definitely a possibly outcome because Aidan does not always make the best decisions for himself.

    I’m a bit sad to see so few comments, Being Human doesn’t get enough love! But kudos to the Mary Sue for starting the open fan thread with it :)

  • Erin

    The whole vampires can smell menstruation was such a hilarious, needed scene. I feel like it’s always a subject no one wants to tackle when writing vampires with humans but they did it and it was oddly perfect. Also, how long did it take Nora to produce that much blood for the ritual? Seemed a little far fetched but that’s okay, we are talking about the supernatural here.

    On to another note, I think people may have missed a key scene in the episode. When Bishop was confronting Suzanna after she killed Isaac. She asked for death but he shot her down and explained that for vampires there is nothing “beyond.” Vampires don’t get an after life like humans, no door. This is the reason Aidan hasn’t ever ended it himself. I think it’s something people may have had an idea about (at least I did) but it was never spoken of until now.

  • Jordan

    So glad TMS is following this show. I stuck with it after the ho-hum first and second seasons and now it’s full-on must-see for me. The cast’s chemistry is sublime – I just hope that this season avoids the tedious mythology and Big Picture plots, since those usually detract from the show’s true strengths with the main actors. I could do without another “vampire mafia” storyline but it looks like with Kenny coming back we’ll probably just be retreading season 1.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    I had watched the UK original version years ago and loved it so when this one came out I was skeptical. But I interviewed the cast right before the first season and they were all SUPER nice and I wound up falling in love with this one too. And it was good the two went in slightly different directions, helped separate them in my mind.