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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Oh Hollywood

Television Is Weird: Behind the Scenes of Some of Our Favorite Shows

Flavorwire’s been on a kick lately of rounding up funny, weird, or just fourth wall breaking pictures from movies, and now, television. In most of the less effects heavy shows, this just means getting to see the cameras. But on the genre shows… man. It’s a whole ‘nother level. Any Muppets out there wishing to maintain belief in their autonomy may want to skip this post. And when you’re done, hit up Flavorwire for lots more pictures from Lost, Dexter, Game of Thrones and more.

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  • Roger McCoy

    Just to nitpick, that picture’s from Star Trek: Insurrection, not Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  • stevi ferg

     Thanks for the nitpick, I knew the uniforms were movie-era, but couldn’t place which film. My brain feels better now :-)

  • { chaka; }

    is that Betsy Brandt (Marie from Breaking Bad) in that picture with Allyson Hannigan??