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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Don't Try This At Home

Going Behind-The-Scenes Of Gravity Makes Us Love Sandra Bullock Even More

Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity is amazing, but incredibly difficult to watch (what with the intense anxiety and inevitable spontaneous crying). Now, take that feeling, multiple it by a million, and that’s approximately how challenging it was to actually make the film. If you didn’t think Sandra Bullock deserved an Oscar before, you just might change your mind after watching this Behind-the-Scenes featurette.

(via Greg Rucka on Tumblr)

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  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to the blu-ray, presuming its 3D and includes a lot of the behind the scenes.

  • Jamie Jeans

    Know why they called it Gravity?

    Because “Fuck Space, I’m Staying On Earth!” was too long and vulgar a title.

    But seriously, WOW, what an amazing movie-going experience. A great performance and a fantastic job by everyone involved to make me guarantee that I will never leave this planet’s atmosphere.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t helped me to think that if this movie deserves any oscar is the Animated Movie one

  • Nigel Bradley

    While I dig Sandy and all… the title is a bit “meh” for this one. It was mostly about the real heroes behind the scenes that often don’t make the same big $$$ as the actors. So she had to act while being held up by wires. Um… okay… how does that equate to getting an Oscar? There’s lots of folks who had to do that with Peter Pan on stage, live, after all…

  • AnnaB

    I actually didn’t realize they were rigged. I naively thought they went to some Zero Gravity machine and worked inside it. I have found a new respect for Sandra Bullock and her acting. I always thought she was good, but this is just an amazing performance. She deserves an Oscar.

  • Aidan Bird

    This movie was absolutely stunning, amazing, and breath-taking. As for the science, it was fairly good – got a few things off, but most of it was fairly spot on. I also loved the original storyline — that happens so little in Hollywood movies. I really do think this movie should win an Oscar. Also, Sandra Bullock really pulled off the performance extremely well.

    Is there an Oscar for the team that makes the sets and so forth? Because they should totally get one for this too.

  • Aidan Bird

    If only we had a zero gravity machine! The closest we’ve come to it is what’s known as the reduced gravity aircraft, or as the astronauts training in it so affectionally called it: the “vomit comet.” (I at first thought this was how they filmed it. Though it’d taken them way too long to film anything in the ‘vomit comet.’)

    It’s this plane that flies in a sinusoidal pattern in the sky, where it points its nose 45 degrees into the sky, accelerates upward, and then points its nose 45 degrees toward the ground, and continues to fly in this fashion for most of its flight (never too long since it is just for training). It’s at the peak of this curve, where people in the craft feel a brief moment of free fall. It’s not really “reduced gravity” but just literally them free falling in the comet for a few brief moments, until the plane tips downward on its sinusoidal curve, where they’ll experience almost two g’s of force. You could essentially do some of the scenes that way. But it’d be expensive… and most people who experience that ride end up vomiting for good reason.

    Anyway, just a fun aside. That’s our most current “zero gravity” machine. :)

  • Ashe

    “Fuck Space, I’m Staying On Earth!” headlined most of the reviews I read about Gravity…

  • Rob Payne

    Try doing your job attached to wires and unable to move for hours at a time and see if you give the best performance of your career.

  • Rob Payne

    There are visual effects Oscars, yeah, and I’d be surprised if Gravity doesn’t take them all home. That said, I think most are given out at the Technical Awards the week before, so it’s doubtful we’d see a ton being given out during the actual telecast. But directing, cinematography, acting? No brainers for nominations on the live show. Well, they should be no-brainers.