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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Oh Mah Glob Guys

Is Beemo a Third-Wave Feminist?

When you think “third-wave feminist icons”, a little sentient cartoon videogame probably doesn’t come to mind. However, in this video from Idea Channel, Mike Rugnetta discusses how Adventure Time‘s Beemo might just be an intelligent feminist take on what gender expression means.

Who knew that little robot could mean so much?

(via Geekosystem)

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  • Anonymous

    (… Came here to find out what Beemo/BMO is besides Bank of Montreal…)

  • ampersands

    (or besides bounded mean oscillation space)

    actually, I knew what he is, but I’m still glad that all three things have the same name

  • Anonymous

    Funny that anyone would find anything remotely feminist in Adventure Time considering how poorly most of the women characters come off.

  • Aundrea Singer

    It’s an interesting idea that Beemo might be a feminist. I certainly love the little computer thing and how he pretends to get pregnant and falls in love with a male bubble at some point.

    But for me, the fact that Beemo might be feminist (as opposed to just presented as an adorably strange character to laugh at) doesn’t do much to ameliorate the rampant sexism of a television show with only *one* female character who turns up with any regularity and doesn’t need almost-constant rescuing (Marceline). All the other characters who do *anything* meaningful are male, with the possible exception of Princess Bubblegum (who still needs rescuing nearly all the time), the yellow elephant who is desperately incompetent with anything but pies, and that one fish-person with a cat skin on her head.

    My kid loves this show, which is why I watch it, but its both astonishing and depressing to see the overwhelming maleness of everything. One of the many, many reasons I’m glad I didn’t have a girl. I don’t know how mothers (I’d say ‘parents’, but I don’t know how much the average father notices this stuff) can stand seeing the spirit of their precious daughters crushed little by little every time they read a book, play a game or turn on the television.