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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Hello Sweetie

Remember When Nathan Fillion Stole Wil Wheaton’s Wife? Here’s John Barrowman Stealing Wil.

Nathan Fillion was on a convention picture roll recently. First he stole Zelda, then he stole Wil Wheaton’s wife Anne in a glorious, meme-worthy moment.  Now John Barrowman has gotten in on the fun for another amazing moment. In Wheaton’s own words:

So John Barrowman is really, really awesome. Anne and I got to spend a bit of time with him in Phoenix at the comic con, and he was simply wonderful.

At one point, Anne showed him the picture of her and me with Nathan Fillion, and told him the story from Ottawa Comic Con.

“We should do that, only I’ll hold you and Anne will look sad,” John said.

I made a noise like a tween meeting Bieber, and then this happened.

(via It’s Walky)

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  • Thomas Hayes

    *Shakes fist* Barrowman!

  • Katie T.

    The noise I just made was not human.

  • Anonymous my friends in the top left, it’s nice to see what Barrowman does for his fans.

  • Jim

    Now if you could get one of Barrowman carrying off Filion … A good number of us would pass out. Just sayin’

  • Allison Haley

    That is amazing and also extremely awkward! I bet it was Barrowman who thought that would be a good idea.

  • Cos2mwiz2

    John DEFINES Enjoying Life. <333

  • Ruby Dynamite

    John also did the tango with Misha Collins from Supernatural ( during a recent con! Epic moment for the fans and for John, too, apparently – since there was a photo of John taken after meeting Misha, of him sprawled on the floor, with his legs up in the air. Yeah, we get it, John. We do.

  • Anonymous
  • Gordon Borland

    I don’t know how that photo makes me feel.

  • Anonymous

    Anne doesn’t look sad so much as she does miffed. But then, if a sexy geek icon tried to steal my sexy geek icon away from me, I’d be miffed too.

  • Anonymous

    I know how it makes me feel, but I’m not so sure if such sentiments are appropriate for airing in public. ;)

  • Penny Marie Sautereau

    Barrowman is a strong strong man.

  • Siací Ross

    Wil needs to kiss Barrowman. Tennant and Browder did. All the cool kids, y’know.

  • Mandy

    Pictures like this are the reason I continue to love the internet.

  • Matty Perron

    now kiss.

  • Greggory Basore

    Makes me feel like crying that there isn’t some kind of project with both of those guys. Maybe if Joss Whedon ever does a Dr. Horrible sequel he can have Barrowman as a super hero teaming up with Captain Hammer.

  • Jamie Jeans

    This REALLY does not surprise me. John Barrowman is a funny, cool guy and he’s VERY huggable. When I was doing photo ops at the Calgary Expo this year, I heard from others working at his booth that he was snuggling, hugging, and manhandling most of the fans, and charming almost all of them into it.

    Hell, I paid for a photo op and I saw him charm more than a few men, most of whom were there with girlfriends, into full on cuddles and hugs.

    Heck, here I am with him. Just look at the picture on the very bottom of the album: