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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Fact From the Vapor of Nuance

No, You Were Not the Only Person Who Thought of Bane When the Lights Went Out During the Superbowl

Shortly after Beyonce’s rocking Halftime show/impromptu Destiny’s Child reunion last night, and less than two minutes into the second half of the forty-seventh Super Bowl, half of New Orleans’ Superdome went black (or at the very least, quite dark) from a power outage that lasted more than half an hour. And many a nerd across America stood up from their couches, smirked, and said “This is where Bane walks out, right?”

Hey, we watch the Super Bowl too, you know. At the very least to see the movie trailers, eat food, or because we learned to love the game in marching band.

So just in case you are one of those nerds and thought that you might possibly be alone in making that connection, I’ve gathered together some evidence to the contrary. Because maybe it wasn’t Bane who shut down the Superdome. Maybe it was… Baynonce.

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  • Anonymous

    My theory was a little more old school.

    Another good gag was the theory that it was viral marketing for Star Trek Into Darkness.

  • Anonymous

    Please. Beyonce would break Bane’s back over her knee.

  • Beyla

    Honestly I was thinking more about the last time power went out at the Superdome instead of thinking about Batman villains. Heckuva Job, Beyonce!

  • WhiteRoseBrian

    Unfotunately, this caption was spoiled by poor wording: “Of course, Bane might Beyonce more as a Batman-like figure.” The rest of the slideshow was clever, though. I too was disappointed to have to find the full trailer on Facebook.