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Watching This Baby Get Excited Over Man of Steel Will Make You Realize Why Superman Has Lasted This Long

Folks are pretty evenly split on whether or not the latest live-action incarnation of Superman on the big screen was a win or a lose but Superman films will keep being made. Not just because they make millions of dollars, but because at his core, Superman inspires. Youtuber lribbit writes of this video, “My 16 month old son reacts to the First Flight sequence from Man of Steel. I’ve spawned another fan!” Yes, it all comes back to, “you’ll believe a man can fly.” Take a look.

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  • John W

    That video is medicine for the soul. I felt like the Grinch, my heart grew three sizes. Plus two.

  • Calum Syers

    This is one of the reasons why Superman is one of my two favourite superheroes. No matter the incarnation, the sight of a man flying and doing good can lead you to hope, and give you an ideal to strive towards. And I must say, I hated Man of Steel, but that was cockle warming!

  • frodobatmanvader

    That was beautiful.

    A-a-and now I’m even more sad that Man of Steel wasn’t as good as it SHOULD have been (though still defensive of how good it actually WAS).

  • Alexa

    I won’t deny that there were moments where Superman in this movie did feel like Superman. But its just sad that the whole movie wasn’t like that. But in general this does show how awesome of a figure Superman can be, and I do get really irked when people call him a jerk or arrogant or some other dumb thing, even though his whole purpose is to save people. And yes there are bad interpretations of Superman, but at his core he is there to inspire people, showing them that they can become better people.

  • Anonymous

    This! I loved that scene. Too bad Snyder doesn’t understand it’s this joy and wonder of power and ability that draws us in. (See also: Iron Man when Stark gets his suit working)
    Love that kid.

  • Alyson L

    I watched part of MOS with my 2 year old recently and he calls it… the baby movie. All he remembers is the baby flying thru space.

  • Anonymous

    I remember grinning like an idiot at this scene. I almost felt like doing what this kid was doing but that would’ve raised eyebrows from my friends.

  • Anonymous

    “Superman films will keep being made. Not just because they make millions
    of dollars, but because at his core, Superman inspires.” Which is why this was so bad. He wasn’t inspiring. He was “dark and gritty” – aka reckless and stupid.

  • Jim

    This is just the way my son Enver reacts to this stuff and it just warms my heart.

  • Jim

    Hear, hear.

  • Amourah

    My ovaries just exploded.

  • Bean

    It depresses me immensely that this is a video about excitement and wonder, and some of the comments are basically complaining about the movie.

    I respect entirely people’s decision not to like it, but if you can look at this and all you can think about is how much you didn’t like the movie, and not at least be a little excited to see through his eyes, maybe the movie isn’t the issue, it’s you.

    I guess the negativity does have it’s place-if it didn’t, Catwoman 2 would be a thing. But for me personally, I’d rather share in this kid’s excitement than think about the movie’s flaws. (For the record, I loved Man of Steel, so maybe I’m biased) Watching that kid makes me giddy, remembering being 6 years old and seeing Christopher Reeve’s Superman on VHS for the first time

  • ASM

    Awesome! I’d put money on this kid inventing a jet pack or other flying suit in the future.

  • Joselito Rosales

    Superman wasn’t dark, the story was there’s a difference. But then again, you didn’t understand the movie. Obviously.

  • Anonymous

    Amen to that!

  • Anonymous


  • Fiona

    I’ll be honest, Superman isn’t my favourite hero, but this kid is so enthusiastic that it makes me rethink that. He’s so adorable and he’s gonna have so much fun reading comics and watching superhero movies and shows, this video just made me so happy.

  • Geena Phillips

    It’s been a couple months, but here’s what I wrote on Facebook at the time:

    “I’ve wanted to write about this since I first saw this video. As the Mary Sue headline puts it, the video really lays out just why Superman still resonates with people 75 years later. Now, there are lots of people (and I’m talking about people who are, by and large, genre fans of one kind or another; someone who has no interest in ANY kind of speculative fiction is not really relevant to this discussion) who bag on Superman, and are quick to point out how lame they find him. Putting aside, for the moment, that many of these people have mistaken their own cynicism for realism, and view the moral vision Superman represents as “hokey”, they’re missing the point of what Superman taps into on a primal, almost genetic, level.

    Those who are old enough might remember the tagline on the advertising for Superman: The Movie back in 1978: “You’ll Believe A Man Can Fly.” That may have been the most perfect way in which to advertise that film.

    The desire to fly has been one of the constants of human ambition since the very idea of ambition entered the human brain. It has been one of the most animating impulses of our entire history, in terms both technological (Da Vinci’s “flying machine” designs, for example) and cultural (the story of Icarus comes immediately to mind). We’ve speculated about it, we’ve fantasized about it, and, as many of the basics of engineering began to develop, we tried to do it.

    Of course, in the last century, humanity managed to find a way to make it happen. Virtually all of the good things that happened for humanity in the 20th century were, in one way or another, offshoots of the the same basic thought: “Holy shit! We can fly!”

    That thought has all but embedded itself in our DNA; but the aspiration remains. Having conquered the sky through human ingenuity, we now dream about the prospect of unassisted human flight. Alas, it’s not likely to happen, but that DOESN’T STOP US FROM DREAMING ABOUT IT (literally; has anyone reading this NOT had a dream in which they were flying?). Superman, at his most basic, stripped down level, embodies that dream.

    Look at the video again. That baby has NONE of the cultural touchstones that all of us have come to take for granted; he certainly has no preconceptions about Superman.

    He just believes a man can fly.”