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My Spidey Sense Is Tingling

Are Marvel’s The Avengers Getting Their Own Drama Series On ABC?

Marvels The Avengers already have an animated television series, The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (soon to evolve into Avengers Assemble) but they’ve never had a live-action show. That could soon change if ABC and Marvel have their way. Hit the jump to find out what ideas are currently being thrown around. 

For a while now, DC has been focusing on their television properties (and doing fairly well with them), while Marvel has focused on films. DC’s most recent series was the long-running Smallville but they’ll hopefully be continuing that success with the CW’s Arrow come the fall. We know Marvel has been considering series ideas for a while. Apparently, the Hulk TV show is still a go with director Guillermo Del Toro but now they might just be looking into how they can capitalize on the success of The Avengers.

Back in May, ABC’s Entertainment President Paul Lee said they were looking at Marvel properties other than the Hulk. “We’re immensely proud to be a company with The Avengers,” he said. “We’re going to continue to develop aggressively. We’ve got some in development, but none that I can talk about at this point.”

But now, word is going around that it is indeed The Avengers they may be trying to recruit. “I’ve learned that Marvel’s TV division is in conversation with ABC and ABC Studios about doing a drama series in the Avengers world,” writes Deadline. But don’t expect to see Robert Downey Jr. or Scarlett Johansson suiting up anytime soon. They continue:

I hear that the connection to the Avengers franchise would be light as the project is expected to be set in the universe and feature some of its themes and feel, but may not include any characters from Joss Whedon’s blockbuster. I hear the project is in a nascent stage, described as “a kernel of an idea,” with a number of scenarios being explored, including a high-concept cop show.

Could this turn into a S.H.I.E.L.D. focused cop-drama? That’s certainly one scenario I could see them trying, especially if they aren’t going to go down the superhero path. We know the network already passed on AKA Jessica Jones, based on Brian Michael Bendis‘ comic series Alias. It was previously said they would reference the overall Marvel cinematic universe but that it would mainly focus on Jones and her detective agency. That being said, there are lots of Avengers team members who could be drafted for a television series, even if you remove those currently being developed on the big screen.

(via /Film)

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  • Lady Rainicorn

    Phil Coulson spin-off series? COME ON, IT COULD HAPPEN.

  • Magic Xylophone

    I hate to say it, but there is such a thing as overexposure.

  • Shelley Adrienne Mimi Belsky

    Remember the number of characters who have “done duty” as Avengers.
    Personally, I’d settle for a “Defenders” series.

  • Curt Cansler

    West Coast Avengers?!?!

  • Michelle Mista

    The idea of extending the Joss Whedon Avengers universe outside the current movie medium is an interesting idea but honestly, it’s totally milking the cow. I’d rather that TPTB concentrate on the franchise they have instead of extending it. What Joss Whedon has done with the Avengerverse (ugh, did I just say that?) is a awesomely glorious thing and I’d hate to see it diluted.

    There’s plenty of other Marvel properties to develop if they wanted to go the TV show route. X-Men, anyone? I could use a good Deadpool TV show too but that’s just me :P (And I’m still wishful for a possible Deadpool movie.)

  • Sambayou Shore

    I think they’re shooting for something like “Marvels” by Busiek and Ross; superheroics from the POV of the mere mortal bystander. That can work.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if one of the cops gets called to testify at a court and he gets grilled by the defense attorney She-Hulk. That WILL work!

  • Anonymous

    if they don’t make a Damage Control Movie, make a Damage Control TV Show

  • John Wao

    Instead of the Avengers they should do: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    An Alias/24/Mission Impossible type show featuring the agents of SHIELD with Nick Fury overseeing each mission and they could throw in an occasional hero or villain from the Marvel universe every now and then. 

  • Philip Hanan

    Sounds cool, but I’d prefer to see a more fun team of youngsters like the original New Warriors.

  • Katie Marinelli

    I wouldn’t mind a Young Avengers with a Teen Wolf feel (not the werewolf feel but how they handle teenagers) Plus it would be awesome to have a prominent teen gay couple on TV and Kate Bishop is an awesome female leader (never officially named the YA leader but acts like it)

  • Totz_the_Plaid

    If they’re going to do this, I’d like them to re-work the Jessica Jones series and make it Heroes for Hire. Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist with appearances from either Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill or the guy who played Jasper Sitwell as their S.H.I.E.L.D. liason.

  • Tansy Rayner Roberts

    She-Hulk should have her own series! Mopping up the legal fallout from superhero activity is a great premise for episodic TV, and it could reference all kinds of random bits and pieces from the Marvel Universe.

  • Cassy

    I know that the X-men and Spiderman movie rights are owned by different people, but what about the TV rights?? Could we get some mutants on this show?

  • david mancha

    spider man 2099

  • chrisdvanne

    ABC make this happen and hire the beautiful and talented Summer Glau in a leading role! @summerglauwiki