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  1. Things We Saw Today: Klingon Stormtrooper Ballerina Princesses

    Today is a good day to plié.

    Obviously we don't get to attend cons as often as Her Universe's Ashley Eckstein does, but why isn't this something we see everyday? That just doesn't seem fair.

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  2. Very Important Scientific Study: Cows Hate the Sound of Cowbells

    You could say it makes them "mooserable."

    While nowadays most people associate cowbells with a over-enthusiastic Will Ferrell character, they're still pretty synonymous with the animals they were named after—particularly in Switzerland, where the cowbell is a national cultural symbol. But according to research from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, cows actually really freaking hate those bells, and in some cases they even cause permanent hearing damage. Maybe stick to chocolate and army knives instead, Switzerland?

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  3. CW’S The Flash Releases Cast Portraits, First Episode Will Be Three Minutes Longer

    Who's excited?

    For a show that's all about running at superhuman speeds, it is taking forever for The Flash to make its way onto our televisions. Another week and a half? Augh. At least we have these cool cast portraits from Access Hollywood of Grant Gustin, Jesse Martin, Candice Patton, and the whole Flash team to tide us over until October 7th.

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  4. ANOVOS Costumers Reaches Out To Women In New Star Wars Costume Survey

    Truly they belong with us here among the clouds.

    The prop and costuming company ANOVOS creates incredibly high quality and screen-accurate replicas of your favorite Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, and Star Wars outfits—but unfortunately, they only carry costumes for women in the first two of those franchises. This month, they've put out a survey asking potential buyers what new Star Wars outfits they'd like to see, and appear to be specifically seeking a female perspective. You know what to do, readers!

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  5. SNL Imagines New Movies Marvel Can Make Now That We’re Guaranteed To Throw Money At Them

    Yeah, I'd watch the crap out of Pam.

    With Chris Pratt at the hem of last night's Saturday Night Live season premiere, we expected there to be sort of Marvel or  Guardians of the Galaxy themed sketch. But ironically, as is par for the course with Marvel, we got something even better than we could have anticipated: a sketch about how Marvel can do no wrong with their movies. They even imagine an upcoming female-led one. Hey, Feige: that idea might be worth your time? Just sayin'.

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  6. Vulvatron’s First Ever Interview Is Majestic and Wonderful

    Prepare yourselves for the boob spew!

    Last week the Internet got a glimpse at GWAR's latest frontwoman and first female member since 2000. Her name is Vulvatron and she shoots blood out of her prosthetic boobs. We were all appropriately impressed— but not impressed enough, apparently, because she just decided to blow our minds and worm her way that much deeper into our hearts in her first ever interview.

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  7. The Legend of Korra Book 4 Gets Official Trailer!


    Oh man, I am ABOUT Korra's new hair now that we're seeing it in action. And look at all the action. I feel like that frothing-at-the-mouth guy from Kyoshi Island. Major mondo spoilers if you didn't finish last season yet, but considering the Book 4 starts next week on October 3rd, you should probably hurry up with that.

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  8. Now Robin Thicke and Pharrell are Using Beethoven As Their Excuse For “Blurred Lines”

    So the lines are deaf now, too? HEY-O!

    The lawsuit Marvin Gaye's estate dropped on Pharrell and Robin Thicke for allegedly ripping off the R&B legend's signature style continues to give us so many precious gifts. This time? Pharrell and Thicke have invoked the good name of Ludvig Van Beethoven himself to suggest that they're not responsible for the two songs sounding alike. Oh man, I have to hear this one.

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  9. The Mary Sue Interview: Amy Reeder Talks About Rocket Girl, Designing The NY Super Week Brooklyn Defender Logo

    Defend beer!

    Every year the brewmasters over at Brooklyn Brewery unveil a comic book-themed beer called "The Defender" just in time for New York Comic Con—and this year, the Defender mascot is a woman for the first time, designed by Batwoman and Rocket Girl's Amy Reeder. We got the chance to talk to the artist about beer, Rocket Girl, the harassment policy logo she also designed for REEDpop this year, and her Sailor Moon cosplay convention plans.

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  10. Hoax Alert: Ello Does Not Classify #GamerGate as Hate Speech

    We're sorry.

    For the past few days, the Internet's been abuzz with invitation codes for Ello, which purports to be a considerate social media alternative that won't collect and sell your personal information (see, we italicized won't, ’cause it makes the competition look like...) Anyway, the mysteriousness of Ello's beta test has already set the stage for a lot of misinformation, including—well, this.

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