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  1. Gamergate Supporter Who Threatened Brianna Wu Revealed To Be A Parody Character, Is Still An Asshole

    AKA, The Boy Who Cried Troll.

    Once again, everything is ruined by a dude who thinks he's a comedian but is actually just a dick. Way to go, Jan Rankowski! You've managed to do harassment victims, feminists, the art of comedy itself, and even gamergaters a huge disservice all at the same time.

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  2. Disney Star Zendaya’s Awesome Response To Racist Comments About Her Oscar Night Dreadlocks

    Ugh, guys. Ugh.

    It's already difficult to reconcile having opinions about red carpet fashion with the feminist notion that women are more than just what they wear without the cast members of E!'s Fashion Police ruining everything for all of us with their terrible. But with last weekend's Oscars being so overwhelmingly white to begin with, this joke in particular was in especially bad taste.

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  3. New Once Upon A Time Ad Suggests Someone Might Be Heading To The Dark Side

    As I understand it, they have cookies.

    Is it just me, or is it something about the villains all huddling around Emma that makes me want them to start up a Riot Grrrl group? I mean, I know that's not what this second season half will be about, but tell me you wouldn't watch the hell out of that. I see Ursula on drums for some reason.

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  4. The Most Beautiful TARDIS Ring In The Universe, Plus Other Amazing Nerd Bling

    Anyone got a billion dollars I can borrow?

    Who says Star Wars or Doctor Who can't be high class and expensive? Not designer Drew Rummell, who sells his ware on Etsy under the name of DTEK Designs and at Glassman and Hanson Jewelry in Denver, Colorado. Most of these will run you at least $1,000—even more if you select the "platinum" option—but it's totally worth it for a lightsaber ring encrusted with real emeralds or a diamond adorned Serenity pendant, right?

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  5. Museum Discovers New Species From Fossil They Thought Was Fake

    And bonus, hey named it after a female scientist!

    You hear stories all the time about people who come across fossils, artworks, and other historical artifacts that they think are replicas until someone figures out that they're actually real—but you don't expect that kind of thing to happen in a museum, of all places. Like, shouldn't you guys know the difference?

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  6. Hugh Jackman Will Never Stop Playing Wolverine Ever and It’s Birdman‘s Fault

    [drumming intensifies]

    Personally I'm surprised he didn't rush the stage at the Academy Awards last night and scream-sing "I'M WOLVERIIIINE" like he did in his Oscars opening number in 2009. Still, there's always next year! And the year after that. And the one after that, too. Basically, every year until Hugh Jackman collapses from exhaustion.

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  7. Donald Glover Opens Up About Possibly Playing Spider-Man, Says It’s Up to the Fans Now

    My emotions!

    Remember five years ago when someone suggested that Spider-Man Peter Parker didn't have to be white and all the comic book loving racists in the world lost their damn minds? Unfortunately the world's not that much better off in 2015 as far as Internet comments go, but at least one thing has changed: a lot more people are super down to see Donald Glover sling some webs. But is the former Community star even interested at this point?

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  8. Things We Saw Today: An Up-Themed DogHouse Perfect for the Dug in Your Life

    He hid there because he loves you.

    Video series Super-Fan Builds has made some great stuff in the past, but this really warms our hearts. Plus, the dog's name really is Dug. It's so cute I can't handle it.

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  9. “Historically Accurate Disney Princess” Video Is a Great Excuse for Costume Porn


    The whole "historically accurate Disney Princess" project has been done before, of course, but Buzzfeed did a pretty good job of researching the authentic fashions of the time periods and cultures that these Disney movies took place in (but not, it should be noted, with their original source material in mind).

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  10. Fresh Off the Boat Proves You Can Be Responsible About Sexual Assault and Still Be Funny

    Spoilers, of course.

    In addition to being a welcome breath of representative fresh air for Asian-American audiences who don't get to see people like them being celebrated on TV all that often, Fresh Off The Boat also happens to be a totally hilarious sitcom—you know, if you can deal with how annoyingly sexist and, well, twelve, the main character can be. Luckily, the show doesn't pull any punches with teaching him the error of his ways. A scene from the most recent episode is proof of that.

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