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  1. #YesAllGeeks And Beyond: Talking About Bullying And Harassment At New York Comic Con

    It takes everyone working together to ensure that a community is safe for all its members. Here's how two sets of panelists from New York Comic Con weekend think you should go about doing just that.

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  2. Wanna Name a Space Droid? In SPACE? Then Enter This NASA Contest!

    But try to think of something more creative than "Space Droid."

    NASA has a new "free-flying robot" they'll be sending up to help out the International Space Station crew in 2017. But let's be honest: "free-flying robot" is kind of a mouthful. That's why the space agency wants help creating a name for the little guy, as well as a new mission patch design!

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  3. Galadriel and Gandalf Are Gettin’ Hella Cozy In Latest Batch Of The Hobbit Posters


    What, you thought they were gonna stop after all of those intense close-up posters? Naaaah. Not when there are ships to ignite! Click through for the rest of the The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies posters, featuring Thranduil's army, Thorin's throne, and more Gandalf/Galadriel lovin' then you can shake an angry Celeborn at. 

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  4. Anita Sarkeesian Cancels Speaking Engagement After Threats Of Campus Shooting

    Well, it's finally happened. Feminist Frequency's Anita Sarkeesian, who's long been a target of harassment and abuse for her work on how women are portrayed in video games, was forced to cancel a public appearance due to safety concerns in light of a threat against her and the institution where she was scheduled to speak. Trigger warning for violence, particularly violence against women.

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  5. Things We Saw Today: Madame De Ackbar Can’t Repel Decorum Of This Magnitude

    My good sirs, I do believe this appears to be a trap.

    Madame de Ackbar, found art restorer Nerdscapes writes, "is a unique collage and paint art piece that will adorn the walls of the more discerning geek." You can find it, and other classic artworks like it (Otter Penguins is also a delightful choice), on their Etsy page.

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  6. Your Scientific Chart Porn For The Day: A Spiralling Geological Timeline Of Earth’s 4.5 Billion Years

    Wibbly wobbly timey wimey!

    Time is an illusion. Lunch time, doubly so. The timeline of our planet's 4.5 billion year geological history? Well you can just forget about making sense of that yourself, good sirs. What you need is a giant, elaborately detailed chart for that sort of thing.

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  7. Thranduil’s The Hobbit Poster Is FINALLY Upon Us And He Is Not Here To Party

    Plus, bonus Mockingjay Part 1 Finnick Odair!

    "See, son? Here's how it's done."

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  8. ICYMI: Robert Downey Jr. Will Be In Captain America 3, and So Will Civil War

    Quick, everyone pick a side!

    Oh! Well, that explains why they're relaunching the original 2006 Civil War title. Well, why not just start with this news if you wanted to get us all excited, guys?

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  9. Oh, Okay: Marvel Announces Civil War Reboot, We Think

    If only there was some big nerd convention this weekend where you could have told us this news!

    "Are Captain America and Iron Man fighting over who gets to have that Spider Guy as their boyfriend?" —The Mary Sue's editor at large Susana Polo, upon seeing the above teaser image for the newly announced Civil Wars reboot. Wait, what happened to the Secret Wars reboot? Is that already old and busted?

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  10. The Numbers Are In: New York Comic Con’s Attendance Surpassed Even San Diego’s This Year

    How many do you think were women?

    Awwww yeah! Suck it, West Coast! New York City forev—ow, someone just stepped on my foot.

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