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  1. Thank God For John Williams Because Star Wars Is Awkward As Heck Without Him

    And Chewie STILL doesn't get a medal!

    So the throne room scene at the end of Star Wars is really weird without the triumphant score, that's for sure. But also, this must have been exactly what it was like to film it. Look around—there's no Rebel Alliance band playing! It was really that awkward! Curse you for ruining the movie magic, Auralnauts! Cuuuuuurse yoooooou!

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  2. Nerd Power, Make Up! A Look at the Amazing Women Who Make Geeky Cosmetics

    She blended me with science!

    For those of us who want our eyelids to be the same blue as the TARDIS, independent makeup is often the way to go. But, the process involves more than just slapping a reference onto a tin of eyeshadow. The women who run these companies truly care about the stories and characters that inspire their work—and now that the female arm of the nerd community is no longer satisfied with badly-fitted t-shirts from the men's departments, they're happy to oblige our demand for more.

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  3. Fashion Week Got You a Selfie Sombrero and a Shrek Sweater, You’re Welcome


    Story time! Every December my mom puts up blank Christmas lists so we can all fill them out with what we want that year, and every year my brother used to put "the ability to see my forehead" on his list as a joke. One time I got him a baseball cap with a small handheld mirror attached to the brim so he could do just that. Basically what I'm trying to get at is that I'm obviously a fashion pioneer.

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  4. Chris Pratt Was a Dweeby Lil’ Surfer Baby In His First Ever Headshot

    Or, as he puts it, "Douchemaster McChest."

    Yesterday Chris Pratt tweeted this picture out of the very first headshot he ever took back in 2000 and oh my God, he looks like the villain in an '90s spring break movie. I just want to pick him up by his open Ralph Lauren collar and snuggle him until he learns the true meaning of friendship. Bless you, Chris Pratt. Thank you for this wonderful gift.

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  5. Things We Saw Today: Sorry, Cosplay Corgi, But Your Kibble Is In Another Castle

    It's-a me, ADORABLE!

    Trained therapy dog Kiba has officially won our hearts with his collection of adorable cosplay outfits And he didn't even have to jump on any goombas!

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  6. JK Rowling’s Knows What Her Patronus Would Be, And It’s Adorable

    This puts my "cat unicorn" to shame, not gonna lie.

    With all this recent talk of patronuses (patroni? patronees?) lately, it only stands to reason that someone would think to ask the Harry Potter creator about what her own happy thoughts would eventually conjure. So, now that we know... what the heck is a pine marten? And more importantly, will I want to cuddle it? The answer to that last question is a resounding yes.

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  7. Japan’s Burger King Introduces “Kuro Burger” With Black Cheese, Buns, and Sauce

    ./' I see a burger and I want it painted black ./'

    God, would you get a look at the sad state of fast food products these days, with their stupid preppy yellow cheese and their red ketchup? They're such conformists. If you consider yourself beyond all that gross consumerism, then Japan's Burger King has the perfect thing for you to rebel against those other sandwich-sheeple while still getting to actually participate in gross consumerism anyway.

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  8. Time Warner and CBS Might Finally Be Thinking About Offering Online Subscriptions To HBO and Showtime

    "All men must buy!"

    I mean, I'll believe it when I see it, but it's about damn time they're considering it.

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  9. Dorkly Maps Out Which Video Game Franchise Is Like Which Country On The Map

    Dorkly only picks a few countries and franchises to poke fun at here, but you could probably do this with the entire map if you wanted. Like, for example, I think France would probably be Gone Home, because it's esoteric and weird and doesn't give a crap what you think it's supposed to be like, but everyone's obsessed with it anyway. Any other ideas, gang?

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  10. OH MYLANTA: It’s Our First Look At Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter In Agents Of SHIELD!

    All's well that Atwells.

    Did somebody just start playing Handel's Hallelujah chorus in our office? No? That's just my brain? Got it. In addition to the above splendor before us, Atwell's also been tweeting about her experiences for Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter behind the scenes. This is because she loves us and wants us to be happy. We love you too, Hayley—almost as much as we love costume porn. Actually, maybe more.

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