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  1. Today’s Weather Forecast: Cloudy With A Chance Of WTF [Video]

    A little after midnight, the peaceful inhabitants of Nashville, Tennessee were kicking back, watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on WSMV-TV, Channel 4 News. Cue the weather forecast. Looks like it's gonna be a hell of a storm. We do not know who that thing is, or what happened to its teeth, so if you know, drop us a line and let us know that it won't be raining demons somewhere in the world.

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  2. Escher For Real: 3D Printing M.C. Escher’s Drawings

    What makes M.C. Escher's drawings so fascinating? The fact that they're incredibly realistic drawings of impossible structures, right? Apparently, they're not as impossible as they seem. Researchers at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology are working on designing and building 3D structures of M.C. Escher's drawings, bringing to life what is, technically, impossible.

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  3. The Curiosity Landing, From A NASA Engineer’s Perspective

    Even as a mere spectator, watching Curiosity land on Mars sent tingles up my spine. I was witness to one of the greatest achievements of my time, a culmination of humanity's Curiosity. What then, must it have been like for the people who were part of it? NASA's Mark Rober shares his experience in a heartfelt video. Can you feel it? Can you feel the chills?

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  4. 3D-Printed Meat In Progress: Paltry Prospect Or Future Food?

    Modern Meadow, a biotech startup, is working on 3D-printing meat for the masses, and with a big grant incoming, they seem to be well on their way. But will people want this? Our science fiction-conditioned brains are okay with synthetic meat, and our digestive systems can probably handle artificial substances, so nothing's stopping this, right? All that's left is the actual research and then ????, followed by profit.

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  5. 4chan Tries To Dub The Dew, Trolls Mountain Dew

    Restaurant chain Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen innocently tried to crowdsource the name of its new green apple-flavored Mountain Drew concoction, letting people submit and vote for names online. Well, 4chan decided to take them up on their offer to "Dub the Dew," and results were highly educational. I didn't know there were so many ways to describe a carbonated beverage tasting faintly of green apple, and apparently, neither did Mountain Dew.

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  6. Cubify’s Colorful 3D-printed Toy Robots Can Trade Parts, Are Totes Adorbz

    Cubify's new line of Cubify Robots can be taken apart and put back together, letting kids indulge in bouts of destruction, construction, and Frankensteinian creation. They currently have 6 colorful robots to mix-and-match -- 7,776 different kinds of adorable should keep them occupied until they're old enough for LEGO.

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  7. Google Translate Now Reads Text From Images

    In its latest update, Google Translate for Android went Goggles, and brought us the ability to translate words from photos. Which makes perfect sense, because if you can't read it, odds are you probably can't type it. Here's how you use it.

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  8. A New Way To Solve Linear Equations Over Finite Fields

    Prasad Raghavendra, an Assistant Professor at University of California, Berkeley, has found a whole new way of looking at and solving linear equations. Current methods of solving linear equations involve approximating the solution and improving upon it iteratively, but Raghavendra's approach seems to have eliminated the need for guesswork. Here, have some math.

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  9. Tokyo’s Tokyo! Manga-Inspired Manga Store! Banzai!

    Talk about immersion! Stepping into Tokyo's Tokyo in Shibuya is like stepping into page after page of manga. This manga and anime store shows the rest of the world how otakus in Japan keep it classy, even when they're just stopping by for their Weekly Jump. The rest of the world will just have to live vicariously.

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  10. SOEmote Now On EverQuest II, Your Game Face Now In-Game

    On Tuesday, EverQuest II launched a new feature for its players, SOEmote, that lets a player's in-game character mirror their facial expressions. It also lets players customize their voices with a filter called Voice Font. All this was meant to make the game more immersive, but even if it doesn't, it sure sounds like plenty of fun to mess around with. I know you're snacking again, Steve. Your mouth is moving but you're not talking.

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  11. Crowdsourced Erotic Novel Hits #4 On iTunes, Trolls

    Brian Brushwood and Justin Young, hosts of the NSFW podcast, have a $0.99 novel at #4 on the iTunes Top Paid Books chart, and they didn't even have to write a single word of it. The secret to their publishing success is incredibly simple, and truly depressing.

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  12. Crayon Portraits Make Us See Rods And Cones, Maybe More

    American artist Christian Faur makes portraits with crayons, but he doesn't draw with them. Instead, he arranges the crayons upright, giving his portraits a pixel-like effect that is strangely nostalgic, like looking at a really old television. This is the least childish crayon art I've ever seen, and preschoolers must never be allowed near them.

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  13. Uranium Glass Sculptures Look Ominous And Radioactive, In A Very Beautiful Way

    Australian artists Ken and Julia Yonetani have created a series of sculptures that look like glow-in-the-dark room decorations. It's fascinatingly surreal, yes, but not all that special. Until, of course, you find out these sculptures were made of uranium glass. Now do you still want one for a nightlight?

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  14. Iran to Remove Key Ministries From the Internet by September

    We've been hearing about Iran wanting to disconnect from the lawless pit of sins that is the Internet for a while, but it never seemed like it was going to happen. Empty threats, we thought. They wouldn't want to lose Lolcats, we said. Well, now we have reports saying Iran is planning on moving its key ministries from the Internet come September, and house them in its very own intranet.

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  15. Conan’s Mr. Buttons Strikes Fear Into The Heart of Skyrim’s Fauna [Video]

    In the latest addition to his "Clueless Gamer" series of videos, Conan O'Brien plays and reviews The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Here we see him scream at the sight of a woman, reenact junior high school conversations, and give surprisingly good advice on how to kill mammoths. I have to admit, he's making really good points about the game, just more bewilderingly and with less gamer jargon.

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  16. 4chan Hits /b/illionth Post

    4chan announced on Twitter this morning that it had just passed 1 billion total posts. Yay! It has been a really weird journey so far, 4chan, and we cautiously look forward to what your next billion posts will bring us.

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  17. This Assault Rifle Is Made Of Baby, And We Want To Know Who’s Responsible

    It looks like someone tore a baby apart and wrapped it around an assault rifle. The blood bag could mean it is still alive. The leash could mean it tried to escape. We have so many questions, but no one seems to have the answers.

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  18. Working WALL-E Replica Complete, Melts Hearts Everywhere

    Prop maker and hobbyist Mike Senna has been working on a remote-controlled, life-size replica of Disney-Pixar's WALL-E since 2010. Now, his work is complete, and we get to see WALL-E roam the Earth he never knew. Directive: Make children happy.

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  19. Snake-Like Amphibian Found In Brazil Is Extremely Rare, Makes Us Blush

    Last year, the Madeira River in Rondonia, Brazil was drained for a hydroelectric dam. At the very bottom, were six of these creatures, writhing about looking like penises, except that they're all about 30 inches long. Now, biologists have confirmed that they are Atretochoana eiselti, an extremely rare species of caecilian with no known living population.

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  20. Google Street View Now Takes You Into NASA’s Kennedy Space Center

    Is there anything that hasn't been mapped by Google? Google Maps has teamed up with NASA to bring the Kennedy Space Center to the Internet. Now we can walk the path of astronauts and people who take humanity to its farthest. See what they see, what's behind our loftiest achievements, and dream of slipping our surly bonds.

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