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  1. I Went To The Mary Sue’s NYCC Panel And This Is What I Saw

    The Mary Sue

    We were too busy doing our panel to record our panel at New York Comic Con this weekend, so we reached out to a friend of the blog (this isn't the first time he's written for us, but, well, it's been a while) to provide us with recap. So if you weren't there, here's what happened! Buh-gow! This past weekend, The Mary Sue hosted its first-ever panel discussion; in it, a group of six fans and creators talked about diversity in media, finding a character you can identify with, and what makes the X-Men so fabulous.

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  2. Air Force Traces F-22 Oxygen Problems to Faulty Valve, Prepares to Lift Flight Restrictions

    After tense months of research, the U.S. Air Force has announced that it has located the cause of "hypoxia-like" symptoms that have been observed in F-22 Raptor pilots. This is good news for the Air Force, as the breathtakingly expensive aircraft has been repeatedly grounded and severely limited during the ongoing investigation. Now, those limitations will be coming to an end soon.

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  3. OS X Mountain Lion is Ready for Download Right Now

    After months of waiting, Apple's next major operating system upgrade Mountain Lion is now available for download in the Mac App Store. This new iteration of the software, version 10.8 if you're keeping score at home, continues Apple's move toward unifying iOS and MacOS into one seamless experience.

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  4. London’s Lesser Animals Hold Their Own Olympic Relay

    Olympic fever is nearing its zenith, and artists seem to have taken notice. Animators Leo Bridle and Amael Isnard present their own slightly warped view on these events in their short film Olympic Vermin. If you enjoy adorable animals performing endurance events in order to light an "eternal" flame, then you are in luck, my friends.

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  5. Conan Plays Minecraft, Gives it a Rating of “26C”

    Conan O'Brien is a lot of things: Comedian, musician, Tilda Swinton stand-in. But he is not a gamer. However, that has not stopped him from trying in a series of review videos called "Clueless Gamer." This week, the object of his bemusement was Minecraft. Things were off to a great start where, within seconds, the late-night funnyman compared it to 19th century Wales. I think he gets it. See the video, after the break.

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  6. Check Out These Amazing Custom LEGO Street Fighter 2 Minifigs

    We love imaginative LEGO sets here at Geekosystem, but we've often neglected the amazing world of LEGO minifig customization. This collection of 16 characters from Street Fighter 2 by Julian Fong demonstrates just what we've been missing out on. See the full collection, after the break.

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  7. Iranian Nuclear Facility Under Cyberattack, Computers Playing AC/DC’s Thunderstruck at Night

    Yesterday, the security research group F-Secure received a puzzling email claiming to be from a nuclear scientist with the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI). In it, the author claimed that the country's nuclear facilities were once again under attack. Only this time, the hackers brought Angus Young along for the ride.

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  8. Banksy Doesn’t Seem Too Keen on U.K.’s Olympic Missile Plan

    By this point, you are no doubt aware that the U.K. Ministry of Defence is installing surface-to-air missiles around London as a deterrent against would-be airplane hijackers during the Olympics. As you can imagine, some people are unhappy about the idea of having heavy weapons next door. Popular street artist Banksy doesn't seem too happy about it either.

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  9. Report: Amazon to Launch “Five or Six” New Kindles

    There is no doubt in anyone's mind that after the stupendously successful launch of the Kindle Fire last year -- and the amazing surge in tablet use that followed -- that Amazon will be trotting out new hardware soon. In fact, some reporters have even touched prototype devices. However, the number of new devices has just doubled from previous reports. This could be a big year for Amazon.

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  10. Learn Why the “City of London” is Not “London” in Just Under Five Minutes

    For some of you (particularly, our U.K. readers) this will probably not come as a surprise, but the "City of London" is not actually "London." In fact, as the great Internet explainer C.G.P. Grey reveals, the City of London is sort of its own thing within what we normally call London today. How this came to pass involves a little explaining about parliamentary democracy, history, and military construction, but it's imparted in just under five minutes.

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  11. First Nexus 7 Ad is Extremely Cute, Will Probably Sell Some Tablets

    It's that great American story: A man, his son, and their Nexus 7 tablet alone against the elements. In this, the first advertisement for the highly anticipated Google Android tablet, we see the device in its natural habitat. See the surprisingly charming video below.

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  12. Stunning Time Lapse Star Video Shows Off a Beautiful Sky [Video]

    In case yesterday's reminder that the universe is a beautiful place wore off, this short piece from Goldpaint Photography is a dreamy look at the night sky. The time lapse video shows off the spiraling stars, the quiet woods, and some tantalizing hints of an aurora. Watch it, and just chill a while.

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  13. Controversial Exoplanet Gliese 581 G Now Tops List of Potentially Habitable Worlds

    When we last checked in on the potential exoplanet Gliese 581 g, things were looking good for it to exist in the habitable "Goldilocks region" where liquid water can exist on the surface of a planet. Then, there were concerns that the rocky world might not exist at all. Now, the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo has placed the planet at the top of its list of potentially habitable exoplanets.

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  14. 12 Dead in Shooting at Colorado Dark Knight Rises Premiere

    At a midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, CO, a six-foot-tall man dressed in riot gear entered theater 9 at the Cinemark 16. According to reports, he opened a cylinder of tear gas and then began firing into the audience at random. The horrific shooting has left 12 people dead, and dozens more injured.

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  15. Full Trailer for The Master Looks Gorgeous

    First we saw the teaser, then we saw the other teaser, and now the full-length trailer for the forthcoming film The Master is at last revealed to us. While it's a bit weird to get this worked up about trailers, this controversial film about a cult in post-war America looks stunning. See it, after the break.

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  16. This? Oh, It’s Nothing. Just the Aurora Australis Over Antarctica With The Milky Way

    Despite Google bringing the South Pole to your computer, there are some sights that have to be witnessed first hand to really be appreciated. Such is likely the case for this picture, taken outside the Concordia base in Antarctica. In the bitter, freezing night, the southern lights -- aurora australis -- put on an incredible show with the Milky Way.

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  17. Check Out This Astonishing LEGO Helm’s Deep from LoTR

    The battle of Helm's Deep is a highlight of the Two Towers film, and the iconic design of the Rohirrim stronghold has clearly made a big impression on the geek world. It certainly resonated with Daniel Z, who built this remarkable minifig-scale LEGO diorama for an Oslo department store window, and it is spectacular. See more pictures, after the break.

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  18. A Tale of Two Starships: Neil deGrasse Tyson Decides Which Enterprise is Best

    At SDCC's annual Starship Smackdown, the final decision as to the best fictional starship came down to what is perhaps the toughest choice a nerd has to make: Star Trek's USS Enterprise NCC-1701 or the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A. That's, the spaceship from the Original Series versus the "refit" from the original movies. Thankfully, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson was on hand to settle the dispute. See the video, after the break.

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  19. Scientists May Have Spotted a Tiny, Magma-Covered Exoplanet

    While observing the exoplanet GJ 436b orbiting its red-dwarf star, astronomers noticed something odd: Periodic fluctuations in light from the star indicating that there was perhaps another planet. One smaller than Earth, and possibly covered in glowing, molten rock. Who's up for a trip to Magma World?

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  20. U.K. Judge Orders Apple to Publish Statement Saying Samsung Didn’t Rip Them Off

    The patent war between Apple and Samsung was already weird enough, with each company attempting to block the sale of the other's tablets in courts around the world. Now, a U.K. judge is requiring that Apple place a notice on their website and in several newspapers stating that Samsung did not copy the iPad. Will this public embarrassment be enough to end the war?

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