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  1. Twitter Follower Counts Reset to Zero After “Forced Follow” Bug Revealed (Update2)

    Ever since the early days of the Fail Whale, Twitter has earned, perhaps rightly, a reputation of not being the stablest of web services. The advent of today's "forced follow" Twitter bug, which allowed users to very easily force anyone to follow them on Twitter, is not likely to help that reputation -- nor is the fact that in combatting it, Twitter has temporarily reset follower and following counts to zero.

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  2. Four Stunning Works of Art Made from Recycled Trash

    While the simple act of recycling itself must have been pretty geeky when Earth Day first started 40 years ago, nowadays it's become so common place that we hardly think about it. So, if you want to earn some geek street cred while saving the earth, you've got to think bigger, better, and evidently, artier. To that end, we're celebrating Earth Day by posting some of the coolest art made out of trash this side of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

    Read on to see them all.

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  3. W101: The Origami Lamp

    We've all dabbled here and there trying to make a classic origami swan, quickly getting frustrated that our clumsy oaf hands can't make anything more complicated than a basic paper airplane. Well, your papercraft envy is about to do anything but subside, now that Swedish designers Claseeon Koivisto Rune have developed the world's first lamp made entirely out of paper. And while this lamp may look yellow, it's actually totally "green." Not only is the bulb a super efficient LED, but the paper itself is made of "DuraPulp," a paper pulp and starch polymer hybrid that quickly biodegrades.

    More pictures after the jump:

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  4. From Triple Play to Home Run: Why Your Cable Company Should Offer Cellphone Service

    Recently, a number of cable companies have been dropping hints about offering cellphone / wireless Internet service. So far they’ve just been baby steps, with a small test rollout here, or a limited test deployment there. But thus far, none of the CableCos really have much to show for all their talk.

    But the cable companies need to think bigger, much bigger: If they do, both you and they will end up winners. Here's why:

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  5. Cure for Back-to-Work Blues: Stapler Art

    It’s Monday morning, and that means you’re looking at another five days of avoiding the work you’re supposed to be doing. But move over, Farmville: French artist Baptiste Debombourg has come up with a new way to stay entertained in your cubicle. Stapler art! You’ve probably got all the materials you need sitting right in front of you, and we’re sure your boss will assume the constant “ka-chunk ka-chunk” of your Swingline is the sound of  incessant productivity.

    Click through for some more inspiration before you start decorating your own cube:

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  6. Sprint Announces World’s First 4G Phone, HTC Evo – We Announce What “4G” Means

    Sprint, the country’s third largest wireless provider, announced the HTC Evo today, showcasing the world’s first 4G phone at the communication industry’s annual CTIA event in Las Vegas. This new phone is by all accounts a beautiful beast, decked out with a 4.3 inch screen, two cameras, and Android 2.1; but more importantly, it is the first phone to run on a 4G network.

    However, this souped-up phone raises one extremely important question: what exactly does 4G mean?

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  7. When Fashion Meets Rockets: The Geekiest Spring Collection Ever

    Stereotypically, one doesn't think of "geeks" as being the most fashionable of groups, but this new video from Rodarte, promoting their Spring 2010 collection, blows that misconception out of the water. With a wondrous mix of space ships, viscerally organic title credits, a soundtrack by No Age, and some haute couture, 2010: A Space Odyssey is one of the most stunning videos we have seen in a while.

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  8. Electrocuted Elephants, Perpetual Energy, and the GM Electrovan: The Bloom Box in Context

    While the name “energy server” might conjure up a high tech device unfathomable before this century, the newly unveiled Bloom Box is actually based on a much more staid concept: the fuel cell. While in recent years fuel cells have been all the rage due to their potential usage in everything from cars to laptops, their origins actually go back almost 200 years.

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  9. The Cubicle of Tomorrow: A Chair That Comprises Your Entire Workspace

    It may be the weekend, but somewhere out there, some poor souls (hopefully not you!) are still slogging away in their cubicles. Fortunately, the Danish design geniuses at FourDesign have rethought it in a far more fashionable, but definitely more cramped way. What may look like just a chair crammed into a table features space for a laptop, phone, lamp, beverage (we’re thinking some traditional Gløgg,) lots of storage, and ample European flair.

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  10. Windows Phone 7: Microsoft’s Mobile Do or Die

    Yesterday, Microsoft wowed Barcelona with its brand new mobile phone operating system: Windows Phone 7. Now that the dust has settled at CTIA, let’s assess just how big the impact of this announcement will be. Let’s face it: the last time anyone was excited about Windows Mobile was back when a computer that could fit in your “pocket” seemed even more compact than one that could fit in your “palm.” Since then, Microsoft has thrown an increasingly large slew of numbers onto the OS, with seemingly no other changes to accompany the transition that took us from “2000” to “6.5” with about six seemingly arbitrary stops in between.

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