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  1. Darth Vader Nazi Figurine, and Other Miniatures Mash-Ups

    Jonathan Kuriscak is not your average guy. Sure, plenty of people collect figurines and action figures, some for far longer than the 16 years Kuriscak's been at it. But while many people collect Star Wars figurines, significantly fewer custom-craft the miniatures into Nazi generals. In fact, it's probably just Kuriscak. The above figurine of Darth Vader showing off his Nazi armband and rapier (wit?) is just one of many World War II adaptations Kuriscak has crafted with figurines. You can see more on the website for Kuriscak's solo miniature modification organization, Pack Rat Studios. They're not all related to World War II or to Star Wars. But some are related to both:

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  2. Kazakhstan’s Mobius Strip Library of the Future

    Kazakhstan gets the sweetest buildings! Through a competition to design the upcoming new National Library, Kazakhstan has chosen this mobius strip structure to contain its archives. While it may not be the most efficient structure in the world regarding space, it's certainly one of the coolest to look at, with the structure bending in upon itself. Even considering the slanted walls throughout and awkward spacing, the structure will contain 33,0000 square meters of floor space, or about 335,210 square feet. In comparison, our Library of Congress, which is housed across multiple buildings, contains 2,100,000 square feet. And to use a building we can easily imagine the size of for reference, the White House is 55,000 square feet.

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  3. “iPod Oblivion” Causes 17 Accidents Per Day in UK, Says Automobile Association

    Apparently, our former rulers across the pond get really into their music. According to the UK Automobile Association, iPod distraction is responsible for an average 17 accidents per day. People just gotta hear their jams, yo? Surely you can't expect people to keep their eyes on the road when their ears are being so sweetly serenaded? The UK AA has even gone so far as to coin a term for this iPad distraction epidemic: "iPod oblivion." Well, that just makes me want to play Elder Scrolls IV on an iPod, now. Thanks a lot, guys. Well, that or it makes me want the iPods to actually be either exploding or vanishing into thin air, mystifying and distracting their owners.

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  4. R2-D2 Crochet Beanie Keeps Ears Warm, Does Not Project Holograms

    This is the droid hat you're looking for. Listed quite recently on Etsy by user craftandcrochet, these R2-D2 custom beanies are available by order. Yes, a geeky product found online that's actually real, practical, and for sale. All orders are custom made, so be sure you know the size of your head if you want to adorn it in Star Wars crochet greatness.

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  5. Scott Pilgrim Interactive Trailer Reinvents Film Promotion

    In a lot of stylistic ways, it looks like Scott Pilgrim is going to be a completely original film. So why restrict that to the movie itself? The people behind Pilgrim have released an interactive trailer that's full of new jokes, clips, and tons of behind-the-scenes information. It can be a little intense to manage, since there are so many bonus features in its, so here's my recommendation: If you've never seen this trailer before, watch it in full once through without clicking. Then, go through and click every time something pops up, then instantly pause the trailer so you can read it and click on any links in it without getting ahead of yourself. It may seem like an overly choppy experience, but so many of the hidden tidbits are worthwhile that you can't risk skipping any. You'll also want to pause to scroll over all the evil exes when they appear on screen together. This trailer is really setting a new standard for film promotion. Enjoy:

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  6. New LittleBigPlanet 2 Trailer: Story Mode Looks Amazing

    What is there even left to say about LittleBigPlanet 2? I don't have to convince you that it's going to be amazing. You've seen that for yourself with every single bit of released material about the game. With direct control, new materials, new gadgets, and a whole lot of new levels, it's going to be one of the greatest, most adorable games of all time. I pre-ordered the limited edition the moment it became available, so clearly I don't need any convincing that the game will be worthwhile. But if you somehow still do, you philistine, here is a trailer that highlights the story mode. Presumably a few people buy this game to play through the levels with no intent of creating them, so this one's for you:

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  7. 15 Fantastic Doctor Who Mash-Ups and Works of Fan Art

    When you're a pop culture sensation like The Doctor, people are going to idolize you. And with a phenomenon like Doctor Who, thou shalt totally make unto thee lots of graven images, and many likenesses of any thing that is in the TARDIS. Thou shalt definitely bow down thyself to them. That's the second commandment of die-hard Doctor Who fandom, after all. So here are 15 such beautiful graven images. Some are great fan art, others hilarious mash-ups, all obscenely awesome. And don't worry, they're not all about David Tennant.

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  8. Every Lightsaber Ignition And Retraction: The Video

    In the world of Star Wars effects, the look and sound of the lightsaber reign supreme. And while the moment when two of these Jedi weapons clash result in the best audio-visual experience, the moments they are ignited or retracted are also pretty damn cool. Recognizing this fact, one fan chose to make a video of every single one of this moments. Here is a sabering look at the Star Wars franchise:

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  9. Titanic 2 Trailer: WHY?

    How could this movie possibly be entertaining? If you use the phrase "history is repeating itself" in a trailer for a movie about the Titanic, where does your suspense lie? What element of the plot of this film am I supposed to care about while I watch the film if I can already tell you the entire plot right now? Will there be some Shyamalan twist to make this actually a worthwhile concept? In what world would anyone think it was at all smart or tactful to name a ship Titanic II? These questions and many, many more seem to have only the most painful of answers based on the trailer below. I mean, I don't usually get outright angry at a movie for looking like it'll be terrible, but this is just outrageous, with an emphasis on the outrage. You take a movie that's been done to death, and is getting an undeserved 3D rerelease anyway, and you make a worse version of the exact same movie! OK, well, there's an interview you can listen to where director Shane Van Dyke explains his intentions with the sub-million-dollar budget film. And by "explains his intentions," I mean he makes the movie sound even more terrible than it already looks. At least it's straight-to-DVD. Now that I've made this sound super appealing and worth watching, here's the actual trailer:

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  10. Zynga Will Blow Up An Armored Car In Vegas

    What happens in Vegas in this instance is specifically designed to leave Vegas. As a promotional stunt for the launch of a Las Vegas-themed Mafia Wars expansion, as well as in celebration of passing 10 million players, Zynga has promised to blow up an armored car in Vegas. Like, for real.

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