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    Glen Tickle — Managing Editor

    Glen is a comedian, writer, husband, and father. He won his third-grade science fair and is a former preschool science teacher, which is a real job.

  1. This Video of Dana Scully Talking About Science Is Our New Summer Jam

    You can't argue the science behind that funky beat.

    "Scully Likes Science" isn't your average supercut. Anyone could cut together a bunch of X-Files clips where Scully talks about science, but Ryan English put it to music and created something that I will put up against any other track as the song of the summer. At least, for science geeks.

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  2. Game Changer: Seedless Mangos Now a Reality

    Can you tell a fruit to no longer have seeds? Such is mango. Yes. Yes you can.

    Mangos are delicious, but that big dumb seed in the middle makes eating one a challenge. There's got to be a better way! Thankfully Indian fruit scientists have bred a mango that does away with the seed leaving nothing but delicious, delicious fruit. Who wants smoothies?

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  3. Actual Beetles Killed Actual Beatle George Harrison’s Memorial Tree

    What will become of Monroe Yoder's memorial beet farm?

    The Beatles' George Harrison had a tree planted in his memory in 2004 in Los Angeles where the musician spent the last few years of his life. In a strange twist of fate, the tree was recently infested with real, actual, non-musical beetles and died.

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  4. Interview: I Origins Writer & Director Mike Cahill

    We also talked about dinosaur footprints and how dogs poop.

    Fox Searchlight's I Origins came out last weekend. I've already posted my review and interviews with the cast of the film, but I also had the chance to speak with writer/director Mike Cahill about his process and inspiration.

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  5. How Do Our Bodies Know Left From Right? PBS Show It’s Okay To Be Smart Explains [Video]

    Does it just do that thing where you make L's with your hands?

    Most people know their left from their right, and so do their bodies. But how? In the third and final video in their series on guts, It's Okay To Be Smart looks at exactly that. This episode delves into the important of symmetry and asymmetry to life, and where those things may have come from in evolution.

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  6. Why Do LEGO Pieces Keep Washing Up on Cornish Beaches?

    Come on, Aquaman. Put your toys away when you're done!

    When an immense wave struck the container ship Tokio Express back in 1997 it caused 62 shipping containers to fall into the ocean. One of those containers held almost five million pieces of LEGO, and those pieces are still washing up on beaches in Cornwall 17 years later.

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  7. Weird Al’s Final Video From Mandatory Fun’s #8videos8days Push Is Here!

    Monetize those assets, Al.

    I don't want it to end, but the last video from Weird Al Yankovic's #8videos8days push for his new album Mandatory Fun is here, and it's for the Crosby, Stills & Nash-esque song "Mission Statement" which pokes fun at all the dumb corporate speak thrown around in business.

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  8. Monday Cute: Pandas Going Down a Slide

    Eats, slides and leaves.

    Chengdu Panda Base in China is a place for panda research, breeding, and preservation. Oh, they also have a slide that the pandas get to slide down in one of the cutest videos of anyone sliding down anything we've ever seen. Is this video two years old? Sure. Is it a video of pandas gleefully sliding down a slide? You bet it is.

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  9. Kids React to Old School Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Make Us Question Our Youth

    Thanks. Now I'll have that theme song stuck in my head for another 20 years.

    I think we all know that not everything from childhood holds up as well as we remember it. Going back and watching something you loved as a kid doesn't always go so well, but what about when you have a group of kids watch that thing for you? That's what the Fine Brothers did with their Kids React kids. Watch. Feel old.

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  10. We Spoke to the Cast of Fox Searchlight’s I Origins About Science, Eyeballs, and Filmmaking.

    Also about the word "numpty" because Brit Marling wanted to?

    The new movie from writer/director Mike Cahill I Origins is out today. I had mixed feelings about its unique approach but was pretty blown away by the performances, so I was excited to be able to sit down for a roundtable discussion with Cahill and the stars of the film Michael Pitt, Brit Marling, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, and Steven Yeun.

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