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  1. Editors’ Picks 7/20: A Solemn Farewell to Magic Clowns

    This week in Editors' Picks: Two Associate Editors who are moving on from Geekosystem this and next week, boo! A secret project Eric has been working on for like a week, yay! And a trackpad, booyah!

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  2. Internet Explorer Simulator Brings the Best Parts of Jank to Your Favorite Browser

    Internet Explorer catches a lot of flak for being awful, to the extent that its most recent advertising push stresses not that it's great exactly, but that it's no longer unusable. All that aside, Internet Explorer had one feature that made the inevitable crashes sort of, kind of, a little bit fun; you could make designs with the "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem" window during a freeze. Good news, you don't need to use IE to do that anymore.

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  3. Jet Set Radio HD Coming to iOS and Android

    Jet Set Radio -- doubtlessly your favorite cell-shaded graffiti simulator -- is getting an HD remake and coming to XBLA and PSN. What could be better? What if it was also coming to Android and iOS? It is.

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  4. Kim Dotcom’s Hokey New Single is Self-Indulgent and Dangerous, Still Catchy

    Before all the MegaUpload takedown garbage started, there was a MegaUpload song. It was a weird endorsement of the site, filled with crazy celebrity cameos. It was a goofy little PSA. If you haven't seen it, you really should. Now, Kim Dotcom has dropped another single, and while similarly catchy, it's a lot more serious in tone, serious to the point of being self-defeatingly pompous. The man has some valid points, but it's just, well, see for yourself.

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  5. Check Out a Computer Animation from Nearly 50 Years Ago

    You probably tend to think of computer animation as a relatively recent phenomenon, but it's actually a lot older than you're likely to give it credit for. While computer generated movies didn't start taking off until the '90s, computers were being used to generate animations as early as the 1960s. A video recently released from the AT&T archives shows off one of these early specimens, an animation from 1963, which very well may be the first computer animation ever; it's hard to really know. Nonetheless, it's an important piece of history.

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  6. Scientists Create Aerographite, Lightest Material on the Planet

    We already know that sheets of carbon atoms, also known as graphene, can work absolute wonders, so it should be no surprise that carbon tubes can be impressive too. Scientists in Germany have been experimenting with the potential of these tubes and have found that by weaving them at the nano and micro level, they can be used to make a material called aerographite. What's so special about aerographite? It's the lightest material in the world.

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  7. YouTube Now Lets You Blur Out the Faces in Your Videos

    In a world were practically everyone has a device that can record video, anonymity in public is becoming a trickier and trickier thing to pull off. YouTube's new built-in facial blurring feature might not necessarily help you control where your face does and does not appear, but it will help people who have your privacy in mind. With the new feature, all uploaders will have the ability to automatically blur all the faces that appear in a video, a feature that could prove especially helpful for anyone who wants to document an event, but not necessarily what people were involved.

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  8. MegaUpload Judge Steps Down After Accusations of Bias

    Kim Dotcom is facing a potential setback in his legal battle, now that Judge David Harvey has taken himself off the contentious case. After commenting that "we have met the enemy and he is US" at a conference, Harvey faced criticism of bias, despite the fact the comment -- in its original context -- had no explicit relation to the ongoing case. Now, a recent announcement suggests Harvey was in fact biased, and aware of the fact, which is why he has now removed himself from the case.

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  9. Wikipedia Heading Towards a Serious Admin Shortage

    Wikipedia is something of a modern day miracle. It's a free, perpetually up-to-date, nigh-all-inclusive, readily accessible encyclopedia that has long proven to be about as accurate as more traditional alternatives. The easy thing to forget, however, is that this is only because an army of Wikipedians is dutifully editing, re-editing, and re-re-editing the site's myriad pages. Unfortunately, there seems to be a downward trend; the number of new Wikipedia Admins has dropped off, and if the pattern continues, the site could face a very serious shortage.

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  10. Graphene Boosts Artificial Photosynthesis Efficiency, This Is Getting Ridiculous

    We already know that graphene is a wonder-material, so it's no surprise that it has yet another superpower. It is, however, a little bit of a surprise that there are still superpowers left that it isn't yet known to have. A recent study by a team of scientists from the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, and Ewha Womans University, both in South Korea, have found that graphene has potential in increasing the efficiency of artificial photosynthesis. This is probably thanks in part to its ability to generate electricity when struck by light, and the same qualities that make it great for supercapacitors.

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  11. Noisy Typer Brings Old School Typewriter Sounds To Your Mac

    If you think typewriters seem pretty neat in theory, run OS X, and want to engage in a little fauxstalgia, the Noisy Typer app may just be right for you. There are actual typewriter emulators out there if you want the authentic experience, but if you just want the clicky noises -- and you want them all the time -- Noisy Typer is going to make you happy.

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  12. Surprise! Pirate Bay Blockade Ineffective at Curbing Piracy

    A few months back, The U.K. High Court ruled that ISPs had to begin blocking The Pirate Bay in an attempt to curb torrent piracy. There's been some serious doubt as to whether or not this would do much if anything to curb piracy in the U.K. and according to one ISP, the results are in: It hasn't. Raise your hand if you're surprised.

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  13. Microsoft Pulls Out of, NBCNews Rises from the Ashes

    After 16 years -- or roughly "forever" in Internet time --  the partnership between Microsoft and NBC has come to a close, meaning that is no more. NBCUniversal has purchased Microsoft's 50% stake in the venture, reportedly for around $300 million, and in the wake of the split, NBCUniversal now holds the full rights all MSNBC Digital Network properties including,, and of course, That last one, however, has undergone a name change considering its initials are no longer accurate. Enter

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  14. Editors’ Picks 7/13: Why There Are Smooth, Mexican Operators

    This week in Editors' Picks: "Smooth Operator," a chat client theme for chatters with mad swag, yo. Why There Are Mountains, because I am going to force you to like my music if it comes to that, damn it! And Mexicokes, because god knows you shouldn't be drinking the water.

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  15. Steam Sale Day 2: The Deals Continue

    The Steam Summer Sale is back for day 2, and showing off some pretty killer deals on games in a wide variety of genres. Max Payne 3,  Payday: The Heist, and the Tribes Ascend starter pack hold down shooter territory, From Dust and Anno 2070 are reppin' for strategy, Space Marine fills the action hole, Indie Bundle II is your daily grab bag, The Binding of Isaac is for the masochists, and Sonic Generations is for the real masochists.

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  16. Dogpile’s Autocomplete Is Gleefully Insane

    Back in the day, before Google established its reign, there were a whole bunch of different search engines to choose from: Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves,Webcrawler, Lycos, Yahoo!, and of course, Dogpile. Dogpile in particular, seems to be suffering from lack of use these days. You can tell because it's autocomplete suggestions have gone completely off the rails.

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  17. mmoAsteroids Brings Multiplayer Madness to a Classic

    Multiplayer -- especially online multiplayer -- is such an important part of modern gaming that it's almost hard to remember what it was like before it was around. mmoAsteroids seems to be attempting a little revisionist history on that front, and like the name suggests, provides a massively multiplayer online experience for the arcade classic Asteroids. It's way more fun than it has any right to be.

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  18. Redditors Team Up To Solve Cipher and Unravel a Mystery

    You think you've had weird interactions with strangers on the train? It's probably nothing compared to what happened to Redditor delverofsecrets. While on the train in NYC, delverofsecrets bumped into a man wearing raggedy clothes who handed him the note shown above, along with a $50 dollar bill that had some seemingly random numbers written on it. After pondering the puzzle for a while, he did what any Redditor would: He harnessed the power of the hivemind.

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  19. Go Google “Conway’s Game Of Life” Right Now

    You know Conway's Game of Life. No, it's not the one with the blue and pink pegs, and the little cars, and the harrowing life-choices made without a second thought upon the drawing of an arbitrary card. Conway's Game of Life, also known as just "Life", is the one with the clumps of blocks that keep morphing their size and shape, and sometimes even change color. Why don't you just give it a Google and watch it slowly but surely take over your screen?

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  20. Why Break Bad When You Can Break Batman?

    When it comes to dynamic duos, Batman and Robin are obviously a classic, but Walt and Jesse are definitely up there. With the upcoming release of The Dark Night Rises and the new season of Breaking Bad, it might be hard to decide where to place your affections. If the choice is proving too difficult, we've got a solution for you: Breaking Batman, the only Breaking Bad plus Batman mash-up you will ever need. See the video, after the break.

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