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    Dan is a video game modding hobbyist and secret ninja who lives in New Jersey.

  1. Stanford Researcher Explains the Science of Captain America and the Hulk’s Powers [VIDEO]

    "Get in, losers. We're going to do science."

    Stanford biologist Sebastian Alvarado is here to take the wind out of your sails, pedants. Superheroes will probably never be 100% scientifically accurate, but Alvarado's rationalizations for the real science that could be at work behind the Hulk and Captain America would make the Science Bros. proud. Watch him explain Captain America above and then hit the jump for the Hulk.

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  2. Holy Universal Fix It Kit! Batman Left His Calling Card in the Duct Tape Aisle!

    "There's a problem with the graphite, sir." "It's cool, Alfred. I'll just use the duct tape."

    As a man, Batman is just flesh and blood and can be destroyed. But as duct tape, he can be incorruptible, everlasting.

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  3. Looks Like You’ll Be Able to Preview Windows 9 Next Month If That’s What You’re Into

    No judgment.

    Microsoft is quickly moving towards the next version, but if they're not moving quickly enough for you, you can get your hands on the software early with a Windows 9 preview.

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  4. [UPDATED] Han Is Dressed Like Mal Reynolds, and These Could Be Episode VII’s Stormtroopers

    Aren't they a little short to be stormtroopers?

    It looks like Indie Revolver's Jay Carlson has some images of what stormtroopers will look like in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII. They look... pretty much like stormtroopers, actually, which is encouraging.

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  5. The Guy Who Invented Pop-Up Ads Has Finally Apologized

    You're the 10,000th to not accept his apology! Click to claim your prize.

    If you'd released an unstoppable plague upon the Internet just by doing your job, you'd probably feel a bit sorry, too. Now Ethan Zuckerman, the person responsible for the Internet pop-up ad, has come forward to apologize for the untold mental anguish and Flash mini-games he hath wrought.

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  6. Finally Watch the Dancing Groot Scene From Guardians Without Going to the Movie Theater Again

    Assuming you already have several times, because this movie is great.

    Thank goodness. This week needed something positive to end on, and now we can all go into the weekend forgetting our cares with the most adorable part of Guardians of the Galaxy. Now you don't even have to go to the movie theater to get down with Groot's bad self, but I know you're still going to, because why wouldn't you see this movie as many times as you can?

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  7. Community Season 6 Teaser Says Yahoo Can Rebuild It Better Than Ever, They Have the Technology

    They can make it better, stronger, and 100% less canceled.

    It was a legitimate concern that a teaser entitled "Yahoo Saves Community" would be Yahoo awkwardly patting themselves on the back about Community, but while that's in there, it's a brief and passable moment in an overall enjoyable teaser. Of course, it's too early for new footage, but the tone, repurposing of old footage, and sense of humor are pretty much perfect. If you were worried Yahoo would Britta this, perhaps this will Chang your point of view.

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  8. World’s First Test-Tube Baby Penguin Is a Breakthrough in Adorable Animal Science

    Adorable animal science is the most important science.

    This is the world's first penguin born through artificial insemination, because it is extremely important that we have perfected methods of creating adorable, fuzzy creatures. The female baby Magellanic penguin is currently only known by the number "184," probably because the scientists didn't want to name her "Awwww" and couldn't manage to say anything else at the time.

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  9. Google Is Trying to Stop Sharks From Eating the Internet

    Repeat after me: "The Internet is friends—NOT food."

    Undersea fiber optic lines keep the Internet humming along at a steady pace, but that humming has apparently been attracting sharks. Now, Google has to go back and reinforce some if its more than 100,000 miles of fiber optic cables so that sharks don't eat the Internet.

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  10. New Gamescom Trailer for Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog Reboot Sonic Boom Still Looks Awful

    Quick! More fuel for the reboot machine!

    Sega released another trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog reboot Sonic Boom at Gamescom, and it looks pretty much like you'd have expected. Unless you were expecting it to look good, in which case you've likely got much larger problems than being wrong about this trailer.

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