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    Dan is a video game modding hobbyist and secret ninja who lives in New Jersey.

  1. Channing Tatum Talks About the Gambit Movie, Other “G-Word” Nowhere to Be Found

    You know the one.

    It might suck to wait years for your favorite superhero to finally get a movie only to have to sit through two hours of origin story and then wait roughly two more years to finally see them in full hero action, but at least Channing Tatum's comments on Gambit's new movie origin don't use the word "gritty."

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  2. Teen Gamer Pleads Guilty to “Swatting” Female Gamers Who Turned Down His Advances

    *Incoherent screaming.*

    This is where the commonly espoused wisdom of "just turn the guy down"/"just ignore him" meets the harsh reality of "some entitled dudes do crazy things when women don't do what they want."

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  3. Buffy’s Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan Reunite and Share Adorable Pics

    The family that stakes together stays together.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended 12 years ago last Wednesday, and over the weekend, stars Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan got together to make the entirety of the Internet long for the good old days—and to hang out together, probably. Mission accomplished.

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  4. World’s Longest Hoverboard Flight Achieved Over Water Despite How Hoverboards Really Work

    FAKE, obviously.

    Catalina Alexandru Duru has set the record for the farthest flight ever on a real life hoverboard—until Marty McFly arrives from the past in October, I guess.

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  5. The Mary Sue’s Favorite Comments of the Week: Neville’s Junk Is Our New Patronus

    We've had quite the week, commenters, but let's try to focus on the good times!

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  6. Mario Kart: Fury Road Is the Ridiculous Mad Max Mashup This Week Needed

    It's-a me! Mariosa!

    Or Mad Mario: Rainbow Road.

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  7. Supergirl Pilot Leaks Online Way Ahead of Series Debut

    Or "leaks," depending on your level of skepticism.

    The Supergirl pilot isn't scheduled to officially air on CBS until November, but a high-quality version has leaked online in one of the earliest leaks for a TV show. Really, we don't blame people for being that unable to wait.

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  8. Matt Fraction Talks Hawkeye and “Sex Tips” (Not at the Same Time) on Late Night With Seth Meyers

    "We're fighting an army of robots, and I'm a human crapsack. None of this makes sense."

    Matt Fraction, kickass comics writer and award-winner for Hawkeye and Sex Criminals among other work, stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers last night to discuss... Hawkeye and sex, actually. Kind of. Enjoy.

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  9. Bill Murray IS Bill Murray IN the Teaser for Sophia Coppola’s A Very Murray Christmas on Netflix

    We've reached peak Murray.

    Normally, a teaser that is only about twenty seconds of Bill Murray staring would make me rage-quit the entire Internet, but I'm starting to think this one is secretly genius. Or teasers have melted my brain.

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  10. Daredevil Recaps: “The Path of the Righteous” and “The Ones We Leave Behind”

    Wesley is displeased.

    This week's Daredevil episodes deal with the fallout of Foggy's revelations, the fallout of Venessa's unfortunate incident, and the continued fallout of Matt's near-death experience against Nobu. So much fallout—it's getting positively nuclear in here. Let's get to work setting up that season finale!

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  11. Surprise! As It Turns Out, Rebel Wilson Is Actually Who-the-Hell-Cares-How-Old

    Can't imagine why a woman in Hollywood wouldn't want people knowing her age...

    For the past few days, everyone has been very concerned with digging into the actual age of Rebel Wilson after news broke that she might not be the 29-year-old actor we thought and actually a 35-year-old illuminati lizard person destroying us all with her lies! We can only assume that upon hearing the confirmation that she's actually 35, Wilson collapsed into a pile of dust due to her exceedingly advanced age.

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  12. Jem and the Holograms Producer Says Audiences Will Be “Pleasantly Surprised” by the Movie After Trailer Uproar

    Basically the direct opposite of how we felt about the trailer.

    We, along with pretty much the entire Internet, found the Jem and the Holograms trailer truly outrageous—and not in a good way. The film's star, Stefanie Scott, already came to the defense of the trailer, and now producer Jason Blum has weighed in, asking us to reserve judgment until we see the final product.

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  13. Great Scott! Doc Brown Would Like You to Excuse the Crudity of His LEGO Dimensions Models

    They found him! I don't know how, but they found him.

    In case a "toys-to-life" game from LEGO didn't inherently have what it takes to make all of the money, Doc Brown is here with his latest invention: the cash extractor. AKA Back to the Future in LEGO Dimensions.

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  14. Cate Blanchett: People Who Think Homophobia, Other Discrimination Are Over Are “Very Foolish”

    Some people in America lately seem to be convinced that we've entered some kind of future utopia where we've moved past racism, sexism, homophobia, and all other kinds of discrimination, and only the people who wish to have meaningful conversations about those subjects even notice such petty differences between people—despite the reality of daily discrimination. And Cate Blanchett has had it.

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  15. Vivica A. Fox Talks About Her Return in the Independence Day Sequel

    But does she still like dolphins?!

    Independence Day fans (read: everybody), now hear this! Vivica A. Fox has some details to share about the anticipated sequel and her character's return.

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  16. Melissa McCarthy Tells Ellen DeGeneres “We Tear Down Women in This Country” in Response to Sexist Criticism

    Melissa McCarthy's journey (along with the rest of us) to make sure everyone knows that wildly sexist criticism—like the awful comments she got about Tammy—isn't OK will likely never end, and she discussed how we "tear women down" on Ellen. But it's not all bad news! She thinks she might have changed that critic's mind.

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  17. Nintendo of America Hires Doug Bowser as Sales VP (Really), Mario Reportedly Furious

    "Doug Bowser. Of the Mushroom Kingdom Bowsers. How do you do?"

    First we had the Koopalings. Then we had Bowser Jr. But that's not enough Bowser spin-off characters for Nintendo. No, Nintendo of America has hired Doug Bowser as their VP of sales—perfectly positioning themselves for world domination. Don't worry, they all knew the jokes were coming.

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  18. The Flash Mob: Season 1 Finale, “Fast Enough”

    Ahhhhh! The Flash's first season finale, and boy was it a good one! But don't take my word for it; what did you all think? (Spoilers, as always.)

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  19. Artist’s Beautiful Illustrations of Kids Playing as Star Wars Characters Perfectly Capture Childhood

    Artist Craig Davison put our very childhoods on paper with these illustrations of kids Playing Star Wars. That's no cardboard box...

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  20. Chris Pratt Is Andy Dwyer in Stunts 101 for Jurassic World and Also in Real Life With GQ Interview

    Interview with the real Dwyer.

    Just how much of Andy Dwyer was Chris Pratt on Parks and Recreation? 100%, judging by his GQ interview this video where he explains stunts for Jurassic World.

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