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    Dan is a video game modding hobbyist and secret ninja who lives in New Jersey.

  1. Teaching Girls to Be Their Own (Super) Heroes in a Time When Toy Aisles Teach Them Otherwise


    John Marcotte, founder of Heroic Girls and father of two superhero-obsessed daughters The Mary Sue has a great affection for, has a thing or two to say about showing girls that superheroes aren't "for boys." It's an incredibly important message, especially in a time when Marcotte says research has found that the toy aisles have never had a stronger gender divide—and that's just the tip of the gender normative iceberg.

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  2. Take a Tour of the Real Science Behind Interstellar

    Interstellar is already available for download and will be out on Blu-Ray on March 31, and Paramount has kicked off a "Bite Size Science" website to celebrate and provide some insight into the fascinating, good-enough-for-real-scientists science behind the movie.

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  3. Larry Wilmore Reminds College Bros That Sexual Assault Isn’t “Satire” on The Nightly Show

    Applications to Knowledge College ACCEPTED.

    Larry Wilmore's take on slut shaming on The Nightly Show is spot-on.

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  4. The Post-Secret Wars Avengers Have Been Fully Revealed!

    Amazing! Spectacular! Ultimate, even.

    After teasing us all with a silhouetted cover earlier in the week, Marvel has finally revealed the lineup of the "All New, All Different" Avengers, and it's got some universe-shaking implications.

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  5. HISHE Takes on The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Pages—er, Armies

    Mithril! Mithril solves everything.

    How It Should've Ended teamed up with Screen Junkies for this one, so hit the jump for the crossover Battle of the Five Armies Honest Trailer with a bit of HISHE in it too.

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  6. Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams Talks Why She Hasn’t Read the Books and Costume Changes!

    Because the show's just going to spoil them anyway?

    Maisie Williams doesn't owe anyone any explanations, book snobs, but she's willing to provide one anyway. You do you, Maisie. She is pretty excited to get some new clothes, though. (Warning: The video leads off with a new clip if you're trying to keep spoilers to a minimum.)

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  7. The UN Is Holding a “Gender Equality: Picture It!” Comics Competition

    UN Women, a group within the UN whose mission is to work towards global gender equality, has announced that they'll be holding a competition for comics about gender equality!

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  8. Fargo Has Cast Bruce Campbell to Play Ronald Reagan in Season 2

    For all fans of boomsticonomics.

    My Bruce Campbell for president campaign finally worked! Kind of.

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  9. Arnold Schwarzenegger Fights to Protect Zombie Daughter Abigail Breslin in Maggie

    So do we need a new word like "dramedy"? Drambie? Zoma?

    First Terminator: Genisys and now this? Arnie's really hitting that protective father figure angle lately, and it's working for him. And sure, this is far from the first time a zombie story has branched out beyond the horror genre, but I can't think of another that plays as much as a serious drama as Maggie seems to. This is the kind of introspective movie I'd expect following a real life zombie outbreak. Did we have one and no one told me?

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  10. The AI Revolution Gets Intense in the Second Ex Machina Trailer

    On the surface, this movie looks like gratuitous robot sexualization—and to be fair, that's probably in there—but I'm pretty on board with the sudden turn into psychological thriller/Ava wrecking everyone's sh** territory as a way to turn that on its head.

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