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    Alanna is a pop culture writer who works as the Weekend Editor for The Mary Sue, an entertainment writer for Bustle, and a freelancer for everywhere. She has a lot of opinions about Harry Potter and will 100% bully you into watching the shows that she loves. Don't worry, it's a sign of friendship.

  1. The Pirate Bay Has Returned To the Land Of the Living After Two Months

    The domain came back two weeks after the site was raided by Swedish police. The homepage featured a countdown to Feb. 1st, but it appears The Pirate Bay decided to come back early. It's up now, dishing out torrents and boasting a big ol' phoenix graphic, two months post-raid.

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  2. Donald Trump Loudly Baffled By Lady Ghostbusters, Rest Of Us Still Baffled By Donald Trump

    "What's going on???????"

    I immediately leap-frogged over any anger here and landed on heavy amusemnt. Apparently Donald Trump's making 15-second Instagram vlogs that consist 100% of him yelling at people?

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  3. Things We Saw Today: A Phone Case That Makes Your Phone The Batmobile

    It's exactly what it sounds like and I want one for every electronic device that I own.

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  4. Here’s Ezra Miller Talking About His Personal Flash Origin Story

    And I cried and I was in the bath?

    Remember how Daniel Radcliffe first learned he'd be playing Harry Potter while sitting in the bath, and he cried? Now you can watch Ezra Miller tell Josh Horowitz how he learned he'd be starring in The Flash.

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  5. Show and Tellblazer – Constantine: “A Whole World Out There”

    I gotta be honest, the title of this week's Constantine makes me want to sing the Aladdin soundtrack.

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  6. Study Says Binge-Watching Is For Lonely & Depressed People & Those Who Lack Self-Control


    Oh hello there, what's this? Another study telling us about the dark side of all that binge-watching? Oh joy!

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  7. An “Elusive,” Goofy-Lookin’ Megamouth Shark Was Found On A Philippines Beach

    Babadook shark!

    So imagine you're just walking along the beach one day, maybe picking up seashells and just taking in the majesty of the universe, when you come across this thing.

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  8. Let All Who Influence Stories & Characters That Get Platforms Gaze Upon These Representation Tweets

    But women are so hard to animate!

    We talk a lot about representation in the media/art that we consume. And yet! And yet said media/art/presented world is still incredibly narrow. Frustratingly narrow. And so need to keep talking.

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  9. Things We Saw Today: NASA Air Flow Visualization Throughout the Years


    Look, all I'm saying is that air is really cool.

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  10. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Is Championing Women In Tech, Who “Still Face A Deficit Of Opportunity”


    "No industry or country can reach its full potential until all women reach their full potential. And this is especially true in science and technology, where women with a surplus of talent still face a deficit of opportunity."

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