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Arrow’s Suicide Squad Revealed

Who are all those really serious people? Why it’s your new Suicide Squad, CW Arrow-style. That’s Michael Jai White as Ben Turner (“Bronze Tiger”), Sean Maher as Mark Scheffer (“Shrapnel”), Cynthia Addai-Robinson as Amanda Waller, Michael Rowe as Floyd Lawton (“Deadshot”), Audrey Marie Anderson as Lyla Michaels, and David Ramsey as John Diggle. The episode, titled “Suicide Squad” will air March 19.

(via Comic Book Resources)

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  • Tomb Svalborg

    If I want to see a spin-off? Yes, but with pre-new 52 Amanda Waller.

  • Captain ZADL

    Why does Amanda Waller look nothing like Amanda Waller? Or is this a New 52 thing?

  • TheChief

    Is there any chance of them bringing in Harley Quinn eventually? I think she would make a welcome addition to the squad.

  • TheChief

    She looks to be consistent with the New 52 version. Plus this seems consistent with how the CW likes to cast people.

  • Anonymous

    C C H Pounder will always be Amanda Waller for me. I wanted her to play the part long before the animated show ever happened (ever since this Outer Limits episode). The woman has got the most amazing voice and great angry face. I fully believe she could stare down Batman.

    I don’t know who this mildly perturbed woman is but I’m not exactly quaking in my boots.

  • Gerald Kirby

    Yeah, pretty much the description of every CW show can be replaced with the phrase “Beautiful people’s problems.”

  • Erin Treat

    I think you meant Cynthia Addai-Robinson as “Amanda Waller”, Jill. Ugh, she looks like a strong breeze would blow her over. That’s not Amanda-Fucking-Waller! DC sucks so hard.

  • AverageDrafter

    Seriously, Granny Goodness would break that woman in in half. Skinny!Waller… what the hell is the point?!?

  • BatiHoney

    People, I’m just as disappointed as you are that we get new52!Amanda Waller but there is really no need to bodyshame this actress (seriously, we’ve got enough with people bodyshaming Gal Gadot). That just dimish the impact of your complaints, and it’s not okay. My best friend is SUPER skinny and she’s a black belt in Karate and very intimidating, so stop. Her body or weight have nothing to do with her performance nor it takes away this actress’ ability to play Amanda Waller. I love pre-52!Amanda’s body, but this is what we got. I wish they would be more diverse with their body types, but sigh.

    I’m actually happy to see Diggle in this because that means he’ll be in action soon again, and explains why he hasn’t been doing much lately. Glad to see they had something planned for him.

    I’m also happy to see Lyla in this because she’s Diggle’s ex-wife (interracial relationshipssss) and they currently have a thing going on that I like. I also would like to note that 3 out of 6 people in this picture are black!! And two women (one which is the leader) which is more than we get usually get, so I’m happy. Maybe I’m being really positive but I want to be, okay?

  • J Ritchey

    The idea of Diggle and his ex both being on the Suicide Squad scares me a little. It’s potentially awesome…but it also strikes me as a prime opportunity for a heart-wrenching sympathetic character death. That’s not Sweeps week, is it? Is sweeps still a thing?

  • BatiHoney

    Oh my god I hope neither of them dies. Please let them be a Power Couple, Arrow, PLEASE….

  • Anonymous

    It’s possible, but I think Shrapnel is going to bite it since he fills the role of Plastique on JLU, he resembles his comic book counterpart in name only, & he’s the least interesting squad member.

  • blu girl

    I was going to say the same thing about Deadshot and Diggle! It should be interesting to say the least. I can’t wait!

  • JustPlainSomething

    Pros: half the group isn’t white. Cons: Amanda Waller is still badly cast. I don’t care if she looks that way in the New 52 – it’s bad there, too.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    “People, I’m just as disappointed as you are that we get new52!Amanda Waller but there is really no need to bodyshame this actress”


  • JustPlainSomething

    Hate the casting, but not the person cast.

  • JustPlainSomething

    The fact that she looks EXACTLY like Waller in real life and has never played her in a live-action show is absolutely ridiculous. RIDICULOUS.

  • Anonymous

    Have you seen her in Spartacus? she kicks ass with attitude.

  • Anonymous

    Harley brings a lot of character baggage which I don’t think the show wants to or is allowed to take on.

  • Anonymous

    The actress has proved in Spartacus she can do action and can kick ass.

  • Harrison Grey

    He’s also, arguably, the best actor among them. Not saying that adds to his chances of survival, but if they go that route it would be a hell of a waste.

  • Ashe

    Woah. Not used to seeing a woman of color in the foreground.

    It’s a shame they didn’t cast a fat actress, but. Baby steps.

  • Anonymous

    I think C C H Pounder is busy with “Sons of Anarchy” (where she is equally awesome), but I agree– she will always be Amanda Waller to me.

  • TheChief

    I loved her Warehouse 13. She would have been the perfect person to cast as Waller.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Naevia, choppin’ them heads.

  • Erin Treat

    No one’s “body shaming” anyone. You people are twisting everything around so that criticism is eqaully bad, wether you’re attcking the dominant oppressive social structure, or an ACTUAL abused and shamed minority.

    You know what is body shaming? It’s this version of the character! This version being here is BODY SHAMING full figured women like the real Amanda-Fucking-Waller.

    Don’t turn around and attack people who are upset with the continuing SICKENING precedence of casting supermodel looking women over what the character was for most of her history.

  • Ashe

    Exactly. I’m glad a WOC was cast in the role (they could’ve gone an even further route and whitewashed her as well), but still. How many fat black women do we see in comics? Anywhere, really, in prominent and non-stereotypical roles?

    A squandered opportunity.

  • Anonymous

    Deadshot’s moustache is still AWOL.

  • Sarah Dompkowski

    Whoa whoa whoa, that’s Naevia?!?!?!?
    … everybody stop doubting her, please. I’ve seen her decapitate people. She is “badass enough.”

  • Sarah Dompkowski

    That “mildly perturbed woman” has cut men in half on Spartacus.
    I wouldn’t be worried.

    Granted, the general skinniness of the main cast is frustrating. At least on Spartacus the skinniness of the cast made sense, most of them were malnourished slaves, or gladiators who had to be exercising and fighting constantly.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Hmm….If this does really well, I wonder if it could lead into a spinoff O.o

  • Denise Winters

    1. It seems like I should get into Arrow. I watched the first one or two episodes and then fell off.
    2. I am happy to see the Suicide Squad include several visible POC.
    3. Amanda Waller and her change in the DC universe brings up so many problems with casting and portrayals of beauty in media. On one hand, some people are glad she is no longer portrayed as fat and middle-aged because black women are often cast that way as a means of de-sexifying and marginalizing us, with the obvious implication being that being fat and/or older (as in past 35) means someone is not likely to be a serious sexual and/or romantic interest and that they are meant to be sidelined. On the other hand, Waller is an amazing character who didn’t fit the common aesthetic and could go toe-to-toe with super heroes with nothing but her wits and her carefully cultivated connections. There’s no reason her original age or body shape should result in her being made to fill a sassy or mammy stereotype. She’s a chance to show a larger black woman that is brilliant, tenacious, and powerful, and who could still be a complete person with an intricate personal life. And a thinner and younger Waller shouldn’t be any less scary in a “if you cross me I will bring the world down on your head” and “even Batman treads carefully around me” manner than the previous Waller.
    And that is part of the problem caused by having so few black women represented, when there are only one or two within a particular medium, it seems that there is always going to be a nagging feeling of tokenization that wouldn’t exist if we were represented in larger numbers. The New 52 Waller is a disappointment to me. But luckily, I have never been that big into super hero comics and prefer cartoons for the supers. Therefore, Batman Beyond and Justice League Waller can always be my Waller.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not the ass-kicking I’m worried about, it’s the gravitas. I’ve seen bits of Spartacus and she just doesn’t pull off that intense sense of presence. Waller should own any room she walks into. Naevia always looked slightly confused to me. Maybe the actress can pull it off, but I haven’t seen anything that makes me believe she will.

  • BatiHoney

    “She looks like she could be broken in half” “She looks like a strong breeze would blew her over”. I’m sorry, but those comments sound like bodyshaming to me. No one, not me at least, is defending Arrow or DC, but those comments aren’t criticism towards the casting, they’re criticism over this woman’s body. No one has said it here, but I’m pretty sure there must be people out there doing the same criticism and saying this woman looks “anorexic”, which is not even an adjetive but a disease. I’ve seen these comments for Gal Gadot as well. It’s not okay. Saying those things is insensitive and often they’re accompanied with the notion that Amanda Waller cannot be Amanda Waller unless she’s full figured.

    I think everyone can criticisize this and I’m with you, but when I scrolled down and I saw those comments it made me really sad. No one’s turning and attacking anyone, or at least I’m not, but I thought it had to be said. I agree with you that it is sickening but bodyshaming skinny women is not the way to go about it. Please don’t think I’m looking to argue with you because I’m not but I think your comment is a response to mine and it’s healthy that this is discussed in a civil manner.

    Conclusion: criticism needs to be directed at Arrow and DC, and no comments towards this actress’ body are necessary. She was casted, she’s doing her job, and I’m ANGRY she’s skinny too. I was when I saw her, but this is not her or her body’s fault, it’s the people choosing her that are at fault.

  • BatiHoney

    I just hope it is handled well. Last time in Russia they got to work together because they had no choice and Diggle left him go, but I hope Arrow doesn’t forget this man killed Diggle’s brother. But I am looking forward to it! I liked Deadshot in that episode.

  • Mark Brown

    It’s called “suicide squad.”

    “Doing really well” could be taken a number of ways.

  • Mark Brown

    Hell, Mrs. Fredericks ~is~ Amanda Waller, just in a good mood.

  • Mark Brown

    They ~better~ not be about to kill off Dig.

  • ♥☠ シイラ ☠♥

    I know that she can kick ass & I don’t doubt her skills, thanks Spartacus…but honestly, I would have died of happiness to see Amanda Waller as she truly was(is, in my heart). But it’s too much to hope that anyone at the CW would consider a female who’s not conventionally attractive as worthwhile.

  • Nuuni Nuunani


    Good point. XD Well given the size of its roster, nothing to stop them from hauling out reserves come the worst/best case scenario.

  • J Ritchey

    To be fair, so is Ollie’s Van Dyke. Merlyn’s Goatee too, for that matter.

  • NickN

    Ever since DC altered her appearance for the New 52 I’ve been pretty interested in the reactions to the character. One of the first comments I can recall reading on a news site was someone lamenting how DC was ruining the commentator’s “Angry Black Aunt Jemima”. It was just some random person on the internet, I know, but that did probably endear me to the character’s newer look than anything DC has done to sell her since the reboot.

    I think part of her success as a character is due to the fact that she was originally conceived as an older, fat black woman. And due to the very toxic cultural assumptions surrounding women who are older and women who are fat, Waller has always been portrayed as a generally asexual character despite having a late husband.

    Likewise, party of the character presence is derived by fulfilling the trope of an angry black woman. The first image of Waller that generally pops into my mind is either her with a slight scowl or her yelling at someone.

    I think it is easier for people to accept Waller as a female character in a position of authority due to the perceived asexuality caused by her age and weight, As well as being easily pigeonholed into a “strong black woman” or “angry black woman” narrative, which ignores and overshadows her intelligence and cunning.

    How often in conversations about the character does the fact that she’s earned a doctorate and is a brilliant political thinker/strategist get referenced over the fact that she’s a scary lady who intimidates people?

    It is interesting that once those attributes are taken away from her you do get the reaction that the character has been made less capable, less powerful, less intimidating than her previous incarnation.

    As a side note, I do agree that DC does need to have more black women represented. Etta Candy, who was re-imagined as an African-American woman during the reboot does seem like she is going to have a bigger role in the universe. Last month’s issue of Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. suggested that she would be promoted to being the organization’s leader after the event ends.

    It would have been a bit more interesting had they kept Waller’s previous appearance and placed Etta as the younger, more conventionally attractive black woman within the government and used the two to promote a bit more body diversity.

  • Denise Winters

    Yeah, I have seen quite a few comments that seem to equate her size with her fierceness, and that undermines her as a character. I liked her because she was a body that looked like mine, and a political scientist (my undergrad), and brilliant. The last two are not conditional on her size. She isn’t intimidating because of her appearance, she is because she is capable of getting the jump on Batman. She is the David Xanatos of the DC Universe and that shouldn’t change, or be presumed to have changed, with her size. And even aging her down shouldn’t affect that (I do want to see more older women portrayed though) because it is completely possible to imagine Amanda freaking Waller getting her Ph.D at the age of 26 and working her way to a high level of power through information gathering, reading people, and taking opportunities that others brush off.

    And now I want a presidential campaign shirt that says Waller/Xanatos.

  • Sarah Dompkowski

    You talking Season 1 Naevia or the prequel Naevia or S2 and S3 rebel-slave-army Naevia?
    Because S1 she was played by a different actress, and in the prequel she was meant to be hardly more than a child. In S2 and S3, she’s working through some intense trauma and learning to become a warrior. She grows and changes as a character.
    So, seeing bits of Spartacus might not have given you a good picture of her character at all, because in S1 and the prequel she’s a very different character, most of S2 she’s recovering from the trauma of being repeatedly raped and tortured for months, and in S3 she’s a warrior.

  • Mark Wyman

    Needs more Captain Boomerang.

  • Anonymous

    No idea where it was from. It was that actress and the scenes were mostly fighting, a little talking with some dude, in others the dude was talking and she was standing off to the side, staring. She looked slightly confused all the time, regardless of the situation.

  • MeatyStakes

    I think this conversation would have been more interesting if this wasn’t the CW

    like, come on.

    Come on.

    There was no chance in hell.

    The CW has made some really interesting steps in programming, that really give us some unique and entertaining series, specially genre shows so lacking in other networks, but if they have a major flaw is that everyone has to be *~*CW HOT*~*

    And it’s bad, but they are still doing some great things all around so we have to give them a little leeway for what they have accomplished; let’s not let the bad taint the good.

    And lets keep hoping.

  • Laura Truxillo

    ….argh, c’mon, can’t we get just a little Classic Waller somewhere?


  • frictionandbone

    Thank you for this comment!