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Open Thread: Arrow – Time of Death

Arrow returned from its brief hiatus last night. Let us know what you thought of “Time of Death.” 

Some possible talking points:

  • I swear to god, KORD Enterprises has been name-checked so often we better get Ted Kord on this show soon.
  • I thought we were going to have to suffer through William Tockman but they pulled in “Clock King” rather quickly.
  • OMG workout porn threesome! SYSTEM OVERLOAD. SHUTTING DOWN.
  • Passing time comparing actual scars.
  • Quentin apologizes to Oliver and I’m really feeling bad they haven’t told him about Arrow yet.
  • I really, really love how this has become the Arrow/Canary show now.
  • Felicity training is adorable, much like Felicity herself.
  • “You’re lucky your life doesn’t revolve around lying.” HAHAHAHAHA
  • Felicity feels inadequate and OH GOD I LOVE HER SO MUCH.
  • Mommy Lance is dating. Obviously.
  • Aww, it’s Sin’s dad in the downed plane.
  • Felicity putting on her superheroing-leather jacket. What else is there to say about this lady?
  • What in the hell was that stair slide Arrow pulled?
  • Felicity took a bullet for Sara, gets a scar of her own, and reassurance from Oliver that she’ll always be his girl. Sobbing.
  • How is Sara being a bartender a good idea. Vigilante activities occur at night. Bar tending activities occur at night.
  • Laurel finally attending AA.
  • I’d like you to meet Slade Wilson.”

Marc Guggenheim also tweeted a closer look at one of the other Easter Eggs from the episode. An advertisement for a Blue Devil movie on the side of the bus Arrow saved.

Click on the image to enlarge and let us know what you thought of the episode in the comments!

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  • Melissa Bramble

    I have so many feelings about all the secrets being kept and revealed and betrayal and when is Moira going to find out about Oliver/Arrow with Slade now OH MY GOD

  • Mark Matson

    When Oliver eventually does tell Quentin, I want him to respond in a way that clearly shows he’s known for a while. At this point it isn’t believable that he doesn’t figure that out, despite the misdirection from season 1.

  • J Ritchey

    I giggled. Repeatedly.

    I like that the one thing that can over-ride Ollie’s (comparatively wise) reluctance to join the Lance dinner is knowing it may be safer than staying with a pissed off Felicity.

    Also, Dinah’s life and job are in Central City. Does Flash get an awesome recurring guest star out of this arrangement?

  • Cy

    So I wasn’t the only one that saw the Arrow slide and thought “how?” Good to know. That look on Felicity’s face after the Clock King torched her computers, I’ve been on the receiving end of a look like that, it is terrifying. I’m glad Oliver didn’t reprimand her for going into the field alone.
    So when does Roy meet Canary? I hope it is soon. He’s got to know with the way Sin hugged Sara.

    The last few seconds of that episode were awesome. Slade standing there with Oliver. I’ll say it again, Ollie needs to learn how to take vital signs to confirm someone is dead.

  • J Ritchey

    I feel like a number of these sequences are him either giving them an opening to tell him “their way” or him kind of twisting the knife a little (good naturedly) that they won’t officially trust him with what he already knows. I figure he lets it slide because it’s better for a cop to have a little plausible deniability.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Only in a fictional universe would a Blue Devil movie be not only on the table, but coming out this summer.

  • J Ritchey

    Stair slide: impromptu sled. Sounds like cardboard, or maybe the bank has stiff enough rugs?

  • J Ritchey

    With Dinah in Central, and John Westley Shipp (hopefully) playing Jay; could we see hints of a secret retired Justice Society in Flash? Would we be that lucky? Golden Age Dinah kept her activities hidden from her husband initially, didn’t she?

    I can dream.

  • Sp33df0rc3

    I’m really hoping this means we’ve got Blue Devil on for season 3. Blue Devil, Blue Beetle and Nightwing (with the slight nod to Mr Freeze with Clock King’s disease), this show is not only playing with a lot of toys in DC’s box, but I’m actually excited to see what they do with them.

    Honestly, Blue Devil and Flash team up and I can be happy with everything.

  • Greg Phillips

    It could be a Gordon-and-Batman deal where he pretty well knows, but doesn’t really want to “know” know.

  • Anonymous
  • Katy

    I’ve really been enjoying Arrow this season, but I have one little thing to nit-pick. Why can’t Felicity get some? Oliver got to sleep with Isabel and is now with Sarah. Felicity got to flirt with Barry. She didn’t even get to kiss Barry! I think this needs to be remedied!

  • Anonymous

    Robert Knepper was a great Clock King but I have to give him demerits for not dressing BTBAB style.
    Felicity got in on the workout porn too.
    The ad for a Blue Devil movie on the bus is how you do Easter Eggs..
    When will we meet Ted Kord?
    Sin’s hasty excuse for jumping on Sarah at the party was goofy in the right way.
    I can’t believe they brought MacGreggor’s Syndrome back!
    I’m glad Ollie finally told Laurel off.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    I confess I am sadly not very aware of this character. I saw him a fair bit in a couple places like the young justice cartoon, and during ‘darkest night’ but beyond that….All I know about him really is that he was a titan for a time.

  • J Ritchey

    Well, an important tidbit about Blue Devil is that his origin involves the making of a movie…

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Oh wow. I kept wondering why MacGregor’s Syndrome sounded familiar. Batman and Robin. Wow.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Oooh? So this isn’t some sort of meta nod, but a reference to events that lead to his origin? Now that is interesting.

  • Anonymous

    A Blue Devil movie is less tricky than a Wonder Woman movie.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Hmm….Well if any character would have a connecttion that could make a feasable Justice Society leead in, it would be the Flash.

    Gosh, I realllllly hope that give Jade and Obsidian a chance. XD
    Infinity INC will happen!

  • Anonymous

    Ollie may be really slippery because he has to keep his leather suit oiled to prevent cracking.

  • Anonymous

    I dunno. I like BTAS with the clock-glasses. That said, Temple Fugit isn’t William Tockman, so I don’t mind.

  • Mark Brown

    He’s an actor who got mystically fused into his costume/makeup.

    In other words, if he shows up, we NEED Ron Perlman in full Hellboy mode. MAKE IT HAPPEN, DC

  • Mark Brown

    Or just “running down stairs with slippery shoes”

    He totally meant to do that.

  • Harrison Grey

    Yeah, Sarah becoming a florist would be better than being a bartender, but at least bartender is better than lawyer.

    Not gonna lie, when the show was announced, my very first reaction was that I wanted Black Canary in there, like on even ground with Green Arrow. And here we finally are. They better not kill Sarah, or I will riot.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Golly….That would be the first indication of the mystical and magical….Oooooh I am really looking forward to this possibility now…

  • chill

    Another minor easter egg, Lance’s radio call sign is Delta-Charlie-5-2

  • Anonymous

    BTAS’s Clock King is one of the rare redesigns that didn’t work for me. In trying to make him not look goofy, they made him utterly dull & forgettable. Keeping him a spandex & cape villain would’ve helped him stand out since most of Batman’s foes on the shows dressed in classy suits. BTABAB kept the distinctive clock mask but made it work by going full King Ludwig II with it.

  • J Ritchey

    I’m kind of sick of the “52″ references. I realize it’s easy to toss in, but it seems like at least one an episode if not more. Nothing 52 in DC really merits that much attention. The series was a mediocre experiment,more notable for ambition than quality; and the “New 52″ has been hit-or-miss at best. In particular, what the New 52 did to the Arrow Family characters was abominable, so constantly referencing it on Arrow is a bit of salt in the wound.

  • Mark Wyman

    Ditto, sounded familiar but thought it was something non-fictional. (poor Alfred, stuck in a crappy movie and dying to boot.)

  • BatiHoney

    I loved this episode SO, SO, SO MUCH.

    -The scene with the Arrow team comparing scars was awesome, and Felicity got some complexity and development on this episode that I just really loved. I was having so many feelings.
    -I like how Felicity and Sara are on their way to becoming friends, and how even though Felicity’s “jealous” of Sara and felt replaced, she didn’t take it out on her. They didn’t pit them against each other, and that was awesome. Also, Felicity took her first bullet for Sara :’)
    -I feel like Sara at least finds Felicity physically attractive. That “You’re still cute” seemed a little more-than-just-finding-you-endearing, and to me, it helps to remind the audience that Sara is, possibly, bisexual. That rocks
    -SIN HUGGING SARA, GROSS SOBBING. SIN AND SARA TALKING AT THE END OF THE EPISODE. SIN BEING THE HELICOPTER GUY’S DAUGHTER. I surprisingly didn’t figure that out until they showed Sin’s picture. I got teary-eyed. More of this please, PLEASE.
    -Laurel and Sara reconciling!!!! I noticed an interesting shot in this scene. Laurel is talking and a shot where you can see how far away they from each other is shown to reflect the actual emotional distance between them. The same shot is shown when Sara walks towards Laurel to hug her. Loved how they shot that.
    -Oliver teasing me telling Felicity she’s still his girl. My Ollicity feels…. if only Oliver stopped being stupid about his mom I could love him again.
    -When Mama Lance said she was seeing someone, it hurt ME. I’m so sorry, Mr. Lance. That was heartbreaking.
    -Yeah, Ollie telling Laurel off was necessary.
    -SARA CAN’T DIE. I LOVE HER AS BLACK CANARY TOO MUCH. And how she’s on equal terms with Ollie on the field. FABULOUS.
    -Diggles went back to action this ep and got to have a emotionally significant convo with Felicity. Team Arrow is my BROTP so hard…
    -WHY SO LITTLE ROY?? HE’S PART OF TEAM ARROW TOOOOOOOOO, come onnnn. I’ll forgive you, Arrow, because you killed it this episode. I was freaking out. Slade, that was really straight-forward. DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. The drama and angst begins.

    I think I covered everything I loved about this episode, I think. Maybe. -drowns in feels-

  • Jason Atkins

    I was really happy with the way that Clock King was depicted. They kept the right amount of his origin story (becoming a villain because Arrow thwarted his attempts to save his sister), and the whole meticulously planning heists aspect reminded me a lot of the time in the Justice League cartoons when Clock King was part of the Suicide Squad. When Clock King inevitably shows up later on, I think I’ll be able to buy the idea that he’s embraced the media’s name for him, and has become a costumed villain to get back at the costumed heroes who doomed his sister.

    Honestly, I was a smidge disappointed that we didn’t get an Amanda Waller scene at the end where she recruited him from prison into the Suicide Squad. The official line-up for the Squad is awesome, but I’m secretly hoping that the promo photo intentionally missed off a) Clock King, to avoid spoilers for this episode, and b) Count Vertigo, who’ll turn out to not actually be dead. Bronze Tiger and Deadshot have both been shown to be “honourable”, in that they’ll honour a contract if they’re being paid… the idea of Clock King or Vertigo being indebted to Waller for saving their lives is an angle that I hope shows up later, even if it doesn’t make it into their first outing.

    As for Ted Kord – I wouldn’t be surprised if he initially shows up as a “James Bond” style character: someone who has aspirations of being a superhero spy, with laser watches and grenade pens. After encountering the vigilante it shifts the focus of what he wants to be, and he makes the Blue Beetle persona to match Arrow. Ted will probably be the person who encourages Oliver to “lighten up”, and to focus more on the saving people part of being a vigilante, as opposed to the “fighting crime” part. My guess is that Ted will design some of the more “gimmicky” trick arrows that Oliver uses (not necessarily boxing glove arrows, but those sorts of non-lethal things), which Oliver initially thinks are too “childish”, but discovers are actually quite useful in the long run.

    I would also guess that Blue Beetle will be part of the reason that Arrow becomes known in the media as Green Arrow: the media starts calling him that in headlines to emphasise the vigilantes’ respective colours, and it is later compounded when Roy shows up in costume, and they have to distinguish between the “Red Arrow” and “Green Arrow”.

  • Jason Atkins

    I’d like that, if it happened. If he doesn’t know for definite now, I imagine that seeing Sarah and Arrow together versus Sarah and Ollie together will clue him in. I can’t remember if Lance has met Diggle in a vigilante context yet; if not, that’ll probably be the final nail in the coffin when he does.

    That said, if you work off the assumption that Lance does already know, it completely changes the dynamic of the scene between the two of them at the cocktail party. Instead of admitting to being wrong about Oliver (believing the lie that he’s not the Arrow), Lance is instead saying that – “I know you’re not a killer” – to the vigilante. Lance has been witness to so much of Arrow’s heroism, much of which has revolved around Arrow helping to save his daughter and his family… I kinda like the idea that Lance knows that Oliver is the vigilante, and he knows that neither of them are killers: they’re just misguided heroes.

  • Jason Atkins

    I find it interesting that yet again, Moira seems to be finding herself at the heart of villainy. In Season 1, she was right in the middle of Malcolm Merlyn’s machinations with the Undertaking. This season’s big bad is now talking to her, presumably regarding her campaign for Mayor now that Sebastian Blood isn’t the only horse in the race.

    Malcolm Merlyn was connected back to the League of Assassins, whereas Slade Wilson is (presumably, based on meta comic book / cartoon knowledge) tied to H.I.V.E, which was name-dropped back in the Russia episode, and will presumably be who or what the Suicide Squad is going after, maybe?

    Bearing in mind that Moira died and left Oliver an orphan in the comics, I’m really intrigued by how much they’re giving her to do: and I wonder how long it’s going to be before she becomes a legit villain in her own right.

  • blu girl

    Lance has met Diggle and Felicity while working with the Arrow. I believe it was the Dollmaker episode. I almost jumped off couch screaming “how could he not know!!”. I hope he finds out soon, that’s the only part if the show that’s bugging me…..other than Laurel’s whole storyline.

  • blu girl

    I agree about Felicity and Sara. It was sooooo refreshing to have them bond instead of fighting over a boy. And while Ollie was oblivious to Felicity’s feelings about his relationship with Sara, Sara picked up on it right away and went out of her way to to make sure Felicity was ok. There were so many great moments between the female characters (seriously can these showrunners take on Wonder Woman next please?).

  • Melissa Bramble

    The thing I find fascinating about this whole dynamic is the fact that Oliver and Moira are/were both lying about huge parts of their lives to protect people they care about (ostensibly). And it seems like Oliver’s actions are getting closer to Moira’s (e.g., lying to Thea about her paternity) at the same time that Oliver is pushing back at Moira for her lies.
    I think one of the key differences between the two of them at this point is that Moira claimed that she came clean about everything while she was in jail, and it seems like that particular lie has been Oliver’s breaking point. However, Oliver living a double life is putting Moira in direct danger at this point with Slade (and I don’t see how Oliver can effectively warn Moira away from Slade without her finding out the truth about The Arrow from either him or Slade).
    And then we have Moira’s cruelty to Felicity over the Malcolm/Thea issue, not to mention her lie of omission about Malcolm still being alive. (more Moira=villain) But, if/when Thea finds out that Oliver didn’t tell her that Malcolm is her bio father, even if he did keep that from her “for her protection” (whatever that means), he’s going to have a really hard time making the case that his actions were different from Moira’s.
    tl;dr I find it interesting that all the lies and secrets seem like they’re starting to blur the lines between “heroes” and “villains” and complicating the relationships. (And Lord only knows how that will be impacted when Laurel finds out about the identities of Arrow and Canary–that’s a whole other can of worms)

  • Cy

    I’m sure it’s a case of “he knows” but neither side is ever going to admit it. He’s even met (and arrested) Roy being involved with the Arrow and he’s Thea’s boyfriend. There are far too many connections between Oliver and Arrow for a good officer like Lance to not notice.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Aaaaah, so that is why he is so under my radar….

    Yeah, Arrow does seem to largely shine in that the creators are not afraid to experiment and do new things with B listers (Talia was shocking and impressive.) Though Deathstroke who is probably an A lister also contributes well to the show, so Im beginning to suspect that they can make anything work.

    One factor I find surprising is just how many characters in the DC universe have such simple and easy to produce abilities. Characters like Superman and Wonder Woman can be so powerful, that it is easy to miss the likes of Bronze Tiger and Deadshot whose ‘powers’ are shockingly easy to produce for television.

  • J Ritchey

    Minor point: Nyssa was on the show, not Talia. Ra’s has several offspring.

    One of the interesting things about DC is just how many successful non-power characters there are. While power levels at Marvel tend to be moderate (compared to the big guns at DC), it’s hard to think of even a handful that aren’t augmented somehow. There are dozens at DC.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Ooops, Typo, I was referring to Nyssa, my apologies.

    Yeah, im starting to notice that. I asked a marvel fan I know why SHIELD does not pull something similar to what Arrow was doing and he was only able to name a handful of characters who fit the bill, half of which are being made for the Defenders show, while the other half are part of the Daredevil mythos…Which is either Kingpin or someone with a relation to ‘the hand’ like Gladiator and Electra (which will probably feature in the mini series since there isn’t a wealth of depowered villains to work with.)

    Straining, I think there is Amadeus Cho who might count, though im not sure that Marvel wants to bring out the plethora of super geniuses who could change the world into their setting, least they be forced to explain why Reed Richards is useless.

    Pondering over it, I suppose it is because alot of DC’s characters hail from the golden age, where you wern’t expected to have awesome powers to be a superhero, and many characters simply fought crime with their wits and a gimmick. (Heck, Superman was initially just a very strong guy who had no other power in his set.)

    While Marvels founding actually kicked off the silver age and this lead to alot of fantastical powers being introduced and villains like ‘Spragg the living mountain’ and ‘the emperor of mars’ who would be the tiniest bit difficult to produce for the smaller screen.

  • J Ritchey

    A lot of it is a direct result of having Batman in the stable. Marvel never managed to have a comparable character to open the way, even during their golden age roots. Batman and Green Arrow alone lead directly to a few dozen “badass normals,” and indirectly to more. In a universe without their example, even the hardcore martial arts characters have to have special qi-power to come to the table.

  • Starman

    See, I thought that was the case. And that Ollie’s stammering after that was less about “awkward moment with dad of two women I’ve slept with” and more Ollie thinking “Wait… is he… has he figured out…? GAH!”

  • Starman

    I don’t think he’s ever seen Diggle. He came close, but Diggle left the scene just before Lance showed up.

  • Starman

    This. Most of the evidence Lance would have seen came after his demotion. At this point, he has no reason to probe the mystery too deeply unlike in Season One and even less inclination since he’s come to believe in what Ollie is doing as The Arrow.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Yeah, Batman does lend alot to the lower powered atmosphere… While the likes of Poison Ivy and Mister Freeze are memorable, I think most of Batmans baddies are just normal martial artists, serial killers and sociopaths….
    Then there was the likes of the original Black Canary, Green Arrow, Justin the knight, Vigilante and even the likes of Guardian…

    Looking at the olde characters from before Marvel became Marvel, there is….Captain America who has super strength, Ka-Zar whose a jungle based aquaman (followed by four other similar jungle characters) Two Gun kid (Followed by three other wild west characters) and a handful of characters like ‘challenger’ who would come off as taskamaster ripoffs if they were introduced today.
    But yah, only captain really took off of the lot.

  • Starman

    Actually, the BTAS redesign seemed to be a nod to a Robin villain (yes, Robin had his own villains) from the Golden Age called The Clock. He had the same gift for precise timing and planning.

  • Starman

    And Trickster. I’d love to see a reformed James Jesse on The Flash, partnering with him AND Blue Devil.

  • Starman

    My thoughts on the episode are up on my Arrow Episode Guide. A lot of what I had to say has been said here already.

    One bit of trivia I’m amazed nobody noticed while everyone DID get the MacGregor’s Syndrome reference … Sara said she used to tend bar at a place called Oblivion. As in the bar from Shadowpact? :)

    Also – Black Canary in the All-Star Batman and Robin universe was a bartender. Though I know we’d all rather forget that.

  • Jason Atkins

    That’s a pretty interesting conundrum for superheroes in general, though. By and large, villains are often much freer to be honest about themselves and their identities, because they have no one to protect. Society regards being honest as an act of bravery, whereas in superhero stories revealing those secrets puts others in danger, not the hero who is keeping them.

    I’ve always found it ironic that Superman claims to stand for truth, justice, and the American way; and yet he lies on a regular basis about who he is (ie. who raised him) because he “has” to for their safety. I really like that Oliver is being made to wrestle with those sorts of issues, because I don’t think it’s something superhero stories delve into enough.

    It’s especially interesting seeing Oliver of all people wrestle with the secrecy angle, bearing in mind that in the comics his secret identity did eventually become public knowledge.

  • Melissa Bramble

    I agree, and I thought this episode particularly highlighted whether secrecy is a “good” or “bad” thing, especially considering Slade’s reappearance. I just wonder whether Oliver is having any cognitive dissonance for hating on Moira for her lies while he’s doing the same thing–in Thea’s case the EXACT same thing–and whether the writers are going to address this question openly this season.

  • Jason Atkins

    That was my recollection as well. Of course, we do have an impending Suicide Squad episode which will see Diggle working alongside three villains that Lance will definitely recognise: if he’s going to find out about the Diggle connection anywhere, I imagine it would be during that episode.

    Personally, I’d rather that Quentin did overtly know, rather than going the Commissioner Gordon angle. Keeping Quentin at arms length is something Batman would do: because he trusts no one, and treats everyone as an asset: even his adopted sons (the Robins). On the flipside, Green Arrow has a much more family ensemble; he befriends and trusts the people around him. That trust aspect is a really important part of his character IMO, and is why I’ve been really pleased with what they’ve done re: Team Arrow thus far.

    Also, from a character development standpoint, I think having Quentin there to scrutinise what and how Oliver does would be a really important step towards him becoming a proper hero. Diggle and Felicity have sort of “accepted” his season 1 way of doing things… but Quentin is a father figure of sorts to Oliver, and I think getting Quentin’s “approval” would be pretty important to him. What better way to turn your vigilante into a hero than by having a police officer pseudo-dad insist that he stays inside the law as much as possible?

  • Jason Atkins

    I’m starting to wonder if the writers are having Oliver keep Thea’s parentage secret on purpose, as a deliberate way to drive a wedge between them.

    Thea is based on Mia Dearden, the second Speedy,
    who Oliver adopted and trained as a way of saving her from the not-so-great life she was leading. Like Roy/Speedy, she’s an archer, but given how protective Oliver is of her I can’t imagine him ever training her as a “sidekick”. It’s worth noting that everyone Oliver has brought into his vigilante activities – Diggle, Helena, Sara, Roy – have already had some sort of previous training / activity / power and he’s trying to guide them; the only exception is Felicity, who he is very protectively keeping away from harm, not even teaching her self defense (though I imagine that’s something Sara will do, a la Black Canary in Young Justice).

    I can’t see a way that Thea can become Speedy with Oliver being the one who recruits / trains her. However, I could potentially see a situation where Malcolm Merlyn shows up, reveals he’s her father and also exposes Oliver’s secret, and trains her as an archer himself. That means that if and when Thea joined Team Arrow, she’d already have archery skills and the determination to do stuff on her own: Oliver wouldn’t be making her into a weapon, he’d just be aiming her in a safe direction.

    I can see that being a sort of season finale situation: Malcolm takes Thea away at the end of the season, and then (like last time) they let the hiatus play out in real time, and she’s trained by the time they come back.

  • Leslee Bottomley Beldotti

    I couldn’t stop laughing at Felicity when she kept pulling random computer parts out of that fried server rack like it was a vending machine!

    I think she pulled two network cards, a sound card, a motherboard, and a cpu/fan assembly of some sort – none of which seemed to be attached to ANYTHING!

  • BatiHoney

    I second that! They’d make a great WW show if it’s anything like Arrow.

  • Penny Marie Sautereau

    If Ted Kord ever DOES show they should cast Arthur Darvil. Right combo of shy knowledgeable nerdy type and unrelenting badass hero guy.

  • Mark Brown

    Ooh, yes.

    And his American accent is actually pretty good (if they decide it’s needed at all).

  • MeatyStakes

    Although it would be pretty hilarious if Sara had t do an irish accent for some reason.

  • Vic Horsham

    You gotta love Bad Hacking/Computer moments in TV shows.

    What’s that? A virus blew up ALL OF THE THINGS? And you computer system is apparently just random PC parts piled in a case?

  • Infinight Moon

    “Lance is instead saying that – “I know you’re not a killer” – to the vigilante.”

    This line actually made me wonder if he knew.

  • Kryptoknight

    I actually LOVED this episode. Probably the strongest episode they’ve had yet.

    Diggle/Oliie/Sara are just awesome together.

    Felicity remains to be the most adorable superhero ever.

    The Clock King is probably my favorite Arrow villain yet. I especially enjoyed that we finally had a villain that was more about Felicity than the rest of the crew.

    Does anyone else think Quentin has to know about Ollie by now? Personally, after everything else we’ve seen from his character, I think he must have put it all together by now. I think he has known about Ollie’s real activities for a long time. His apology to Ollie at the party and the way it was worded cinched any doubts I had.

    Nice to see it seems like they’re addressing the Lance family drama quickly rather than drawing it out, like ripping off a band-aid.. They got them all together, blew everything up and started the forward movement.

    Did anyone else geek out a bit at the mention of Kord Enterprises and MacGregors Syndrome? (AKA the disease killing Mr. Freeze’s wife Nora.)

  • Kryptoknight

    I didn’t get a “jealous” vibe off Felicity in this episode exactly. I think envious might be a better word. She’s established repeatedly that she’s not into Ollie romantically, and drives the point home again with Diggle in this ep. (Thank you writers!) She lets us know that this has nothing to do with Ollie and Sara romantically, this is about her and her place on the team. Diggle factors in as well, not just Ollie. Felicity is feeling a bit inadequate in the face of Sara’s awesome and starts to doubt her own awesome. I think this ep really showed some great growth for Felicity and added another nail to the coffin of Ollicity.

    Also, Sara’s comment definitely sounded playful and it did almost sound a little flirty. It made me pause for a second as I was watching and think, “Wait… Did she just hit on Felicity? Isn’t she with Ollie?” Just wait, now shall begin the time of Selicity. :D

  • Kryptoknight

    Yes, sadly the only bad part of the episode for me was when everything blew up from Clock King’s “virus.” I couldn’t help groaning and wondering when media will realize that’s not how hacking nor viruses work…

  • BatiHoney

    I used the word jealous very lightly, hence why i quoted it To say she felt inadequate or replaced would be more accurate, yes. I agree with you with everything except on Felicity not liking Oliver romantically because I personally feel like that’s what the series has led us to believe (from both sides, actually, but Oliver does not want to involve with Felicity romantically because… because) and that’s how I see it, but the episode made also very clear that Felicity’s mood and attitude had nothing to do (well, she said “mostly”, implying there was a biiiit of that) with how she felt for Oliver but the other reasons you and I have already mentioned, so that was a good job from Arrow :3.

    I wouldn’t know if Sara is actively flirting with Felicity, but she gives off a vibe that she at least feels attracted to Felicity with those playful “you’re cute” comments… but Selicity is a ship I could get behind, yupppp. Although I still ship Nyssa and Sara, but what are you gonna do…