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Open Thread: Arrow – Blind Spot

Last week, The CW’s Arrow returned without much of a bang. Did it improve for you this week? 

Some possible talking points:

  • Brother Blood offing his mom. Not surprisingly.
  • Oliver having to say, “What color are your shoes?” in his Batman voice.
  • The Arrow/Laurel team-up and how at this point I can’t possibly imagine her ever becoming Black Canary.
  • The Roy/Sin team-up and how it went predictably wrong.
  • Thea proving she’s actually really, really understanding and awesome.
  • What was the point of Sara sharing that party story on the island? That Laurel isn’t to be trusted ever?
  • Laurel’s big arrest and Quentin having like, zero faith in her. And she’s fired to boot!
  • Laurel killing that dude.
  • The impending Arrow/Roy training. Not sure if editing was done on the promo for next week but loved the – “Do you have one of your red hoodies?” “Do you even have to ask?” Adorable. Do we think Oliver will unmask for him soon?
  • Slade completely Slading-out on Sebastian. Chills.


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  • Anonymous

    That show continues to have terrific directing and not-so-great writing. I was so happy that Oliver immediately believed Laurel instead of going to the usual “not trusting her until it’s too late” pattern that the show often goes back to, until the show makes a 180 at the end and puts Oliver in a situation where he won’t believe her until one episode before the season’s finale… D’oh! Still, it looks to me like she built a good enough case, despite the switcheroo at the end It’s quite a big coincidence that Laurel would be attacked right at the same time as she’s investigating Sebastian Blood and I wished Oliver was smart enough to see that.

    Other than that, I wasn’t crazy about the island stuff this week (I rarely am). The “Ivo isn’t really evil” speech made me cringe. I know Sara’s been brainwashed but the execution scene was so over-the-top evil that she shouldn’t be in any other state than super pissed at him, especially considering she was a potential victim.

    Other than that, I did like the episode. Seeing Slade in Deathstroke gear was cool, even though I wish he wasn’t so behind the scene. As for Laurel, contrary to Jill, I can better see how she will become Blaack Canary. A nervous breakdown because she lost her job can finally change the track where the character was going.

  • Skol Troll

    Deathstroke at full volume: YES
    Emo Sara: NO
    Diggle never leaves the basement: NO You’re kidding me, right? He’s relegated to the basement now?
    Overly Emotional Druggie Laurel: Explain to me what Oliver sees in her, again? Black Canary yes, Mopey Canary no.
    Roy goes red-hoodie superhero next week: turning point of show (i.e. superhero or emo-hero?)

    PS – Needs more superheroes. I was *specifically told* there would be more superheroes.
    PPS – I hope Sin gets superpowers. I like her.

  • TheChief

    I really hope this Diggle being stuck in the doghouse changes soon. I know they are supposed to have another Diggle episode coming up, but I’m afraid they will stick him back in the doghouse after that episode. It doesn’t help that Red Arrow is coming into the picture. That might be enough to keep him there.

  • Anonymous

    Dig’s going to be more active once they delve into HIVE.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, this was a return to form.
    I really liked how Laurel went from being THE WORST to actually contributing to the plot over the past two episodes. I still appreciated Brother Blood completely undermining her with the fakeout & revealling her addiction because it shows he’s an effective villain.
    While people complain that he’s too Batmanized, it’s a nice distinction that Ollie wants to see the good in people rather than a paranoid super-detective.
    I’d prefer it if Deathstroke wasn’t constantly yelling at Blood for being a screw-up though. It was also a problem a had with Avengers where I couldn’t fully appreciate Loki because Thanos’s agent kept micromanaging him. Brother Blood already has influence in the city without Miraku, so let’s actually see why his cult would die for him.
    I think the party anecdote was also supposed to be a way for shippers to consider Ollie & Sara to be the true OTP of the show. That gives me hope that the showrunners realize that Laurel can’t assume the Black Canary mantle.
    Even though she only has a name in common with her BOP counterpart, I quite like Sin. She play really well off Thea & Roy.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    I should also add, I prefer the other Deathstroke mask over to this hockey one.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Well, to be fair, he was shot last week.

  • TheChief

    Way to be reasonable. Gosh.

    But seriously, this has been a pattern for Diggle. Though being shot last episode is a valid reason for him to be sidelined at this point.

  • Anonymous

    Can we all agree that Sin is just the best? More of her being her awesome self.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure about either one. Like you said, the latest one looks like a hockey mask but the first is a face-shaped hard mask which kind of looks weird and makes you wonder why they chose a hard mask instead of a cloth one.

    If they lost the holes at the bottom of the second one, he would probably look less like a goalie.

  • Mark Matson

    If only the writers could have saved him from that bullet!

  • Anonymous

    I’m definitely down on Casey Deathstroke Jones.

  • Anonymous

    Roy still really just irks me. Have not liked him since the start.

  • Penny Marie Sautereau

    I have this sinking fear that Diggle is going to be grievously injured at least once per season, Ala DS9′s annual “O’Brien Must Suffer!!!” episodes.

  • Anonymous

    I’d prefer the breathing slits to be vertical like on the Teen Titans cartoon so it looks like a skull but I guess they didn’t want to repeat that element from Brother Blood’s mask. I liked the flashback mask too (sometimes the orange half looked too yellow), but I don’t dislike this one either.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t hate him, but Roy does feel a bit superfluous since Thea already had his nickname & penchant for drug abuse. Plus he’s not ginger. I would’ve preferred Thea or Sin to get the Miraku.

  • kinoumenthe

    Hate to be a pain, but it’s “mirakuRU”. Don’t mangle it, even if it’s just the Japanese pronunciation of “miracle”. Though, the way they half ass the word on the show, I wish they’d just go with the English version.

  • Starman

    I’ve lost pretty much all sympathy for Laurel at this point. Why? Because she was guilty of everything she was “framed” for, came off as a whiny child when her dad called her on it and the only thing keeping her out of jail is the fact that her boss realized that trying to prosecute her on drug charges wouldn’t help his image with the public, given that she just killed the corrupt cop responsible for the deaths of four other cops.

    One other thing that bugged me – why did Laurel have to break into the City Archives with The Arrow in the middle of the night? Couldn’t she have gotten into the archives under the guise of legitimate business as an assistant DA?

  • J Ritchey

    I rather hate them both, and the show’s Deathstroke costume(s) overall. The series has done so well with other characters in keeping the costumes simple and functional but still hitting the key beats that define the look of the characters. Arrow, Huntress, Merlyn, Canary, and even Blood have an efficiency to their designs, but for Deathstroke they go to awkward sculpts and extra bulk and doo-dads.

  • MeatyStakes

    That she was drugging it up like there was no tomorrow doesn’t mean she was wrong about Sebastian Blood, what it means is that she has no credibility.

    That’s the whole point of the thing; how her drug problem makes her unreliable in spite of her being in the right.

    Also; I’m guessing she didn’t want to go to the archives on her own cause even if she could enter, she still would have needed a warrant to justify her entrance, and that would have been a major red-flag for her boss. Also, drug paranoia.

  • Starman

    1. The only reason she has no credibility is because she did idiotic things that flew in the face of her being as smart as she’s supposed to be. That’s been the problem with the whole addiction storyline from the get-go – it doesn’t ring true that Laurel would resort to doing something so stupid as stealing her father’s prescriptions or that she would become addicted to pain killers as quickly as has been depicted here. Especially since she had a legal prescription for the same thing several weeks ago.

    2. Granting that Laurel’s drug test came back positive, the fact that the cop who discovered Laurel’s drug problem is the same guy who was just exposed as being responsible for killing four other cops and doing god knows what else should be enough to cast doubt on Laurel’s drug bust. That’s why Adam Hunt drops the charges against Laurel – it isn’t worth trying to prosecute now that their main witness is dead and Officer Daly’s own credibility has been shot.

    3. Typically, a warrant is needed to access sealed records. But given the general messy state of the archive building, it seems likely Laurel could go in regarding some other case and then just “get lost” trying to find what she was looking for.

  • Anonymous

    As soon as Sara appeared as the Canary, complete with costume and fighting skills, why would anyone think Laurel would ever herself become Canary? You’ve got to allow for major differences between the comics and the show. The alternative is to go crazy.
    I can’t wait for the Canary’s next appearance.

  • Mark Brown

    It doesn’t help that my otaku brain keeps mishearing it as Mikuru.

    Mikuru beeeaaaammmm…

  • Mark Brown

    I think one of the problems that I have with it is that, after Young Justice, he ends up looking like Sportsmaster.

  • Mark Brown

    Actually, I can see the foundations being laid for Laurel to take that step.

    She’s hit rock bottom now, and will be re-evaluating her life. And we know that Brother Blood and his Miracle Juice are still out there. Once Laurel realizes that, she’ll be even more convinced to go outside the law to stop him, which will lead her into a heavier reliance on the Arrow.

    I can see her getting dosed with a variant that ends up activating her metagene (especially once Flash starts up and establishes the precedent of superpowers).

    The only missing step would be for Sara to appear and sacrifice herself, inspiring Laurel to take up the Black Canary name as a legacy.

  • Anonymous

    Sara should not be sacrificed for the sake of making the show more like the comics. I want her to stick around for the whole run of ARROW.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still not sure where Laurel’s pill problem came from. It just seemed to come out of nowhere. I don’t even think the ever established what kind they were. Anti-anxiety? Anti-depressants? Pain meds? How she got them in someone else’s name or who’s they were to begin with.Ugh. They didn’t seem like they put into some sort of Requiem For a Dream state.
    I guess it’s funny that Blood grew up with Solomon Grundy. Solomon Grundy want pants too. Heh.

  • Anonymous

    No kidding. “Oh no! I almost killed Jack the Ripper! I’m such a bad person.”

  • Anonymous

    Right? I just said to my boyfriend that Arrow and his group are gonna look like a**holes when it turns out that Laurel was right all along.

  • Holly DY

    I like that Laurel is, like Thea and Mrs Queen, non superheroed. They have to deal with things like normal people and can’t hide behind a mask. It would be a shame if any of them became vigilantes. I agree that the transition from pain meds to the illegal prescription pills hasn’t been mentioned and would have been more believable if they had set that up.