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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

Our First Look At Arrow’s Huntress, Plus Another DC Comics Woman Joins The Cast!

She’s already smarter than Oliver Queen – she’s wearing a mask. Seriously though, sometimes he doesn’t even have his eye makeup on. Read on to find out which other Mary Sue-favorite DC woman is set to join the cast soon! 

Are you ready for this? Kate Spencer. Yes, superhero, lawyer, single-mom, Kate Spencer. Known as Manhunter in the comics, Kate is probably one of the coolest female superheroes around. At least, Susana and I think so. She’s the daughter of two people with superpowers but doesn’t have them herself. Instead, she pieced together her costume and tech from other characters, prosecutes supercriminals in the day, and fights crime at night. I highly recommend picking up the solo title she held for a while.

Kate will be played by Chelah Horsdal and it’s extremely cool they’ve added the character to Arrow. Presumably she’ll be prosecuting Oliver. Bummed we can’t see the whole costume on Jessica de Gouw’s Huntress, but happy they’ve kept her crossbow. You’ll be able to catch her episode November 28th.

(via Comic Book Resources, DC Women Kicking Ass)

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  • TheBoost

    Thats’s no the Huntress. The Huntress has an ab-window in her shirt. She knows criminals run in fear from an intense core workout. The CW has no respect!

  • -Jeff-

    The Manhunter solo books are pretty amazing as is her limited crossover with the BoP. Good times.

  • you guys

    But how will the teenage audience admire Stephen Amell’s pretty boy looks if he had some stupid hood and goatee?

  • you guys

    Battle bikinis are the height of feminist costume design, after all.

  • Chris Howard

    Second the Manhunter kudos. One of those good female books DC used to produce.

  • Chris Howard

    Second the Manhunter kudos. One of those good female books DC used to produce.

  • Chris Howard

    Second the Manhunter kudos. One of those good female books DC used to produce.

  • Nick Gaston

    She wouldn’t *need* armor…she has abs of steel.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been feeling nostalgic for Smallville lately, so I’ll
    gladly take Arrow and a slew of DC characters for a quick fix. I initially had
    a problem with Amell playing Queen instead of Hartley, but a coworker at DISH convinced
    me to get over it. The show has plenty of action, and it’s recorded to my DISH
    Hopper for my sweatpants and DVR days. I’m just glad that I have a DVR with
    enough memory to record everything, instead of me having to pick and choose
    like I have in the past. Cheers to the CW exploring more and more of the DC

  • onewordlong

    Huntress ongoing gimmic has been ‘will she or won’t see kill’ in the name of justice, and that was Kate Spencer’s whole thing at first. Wonder if that will stick?