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Arnold Schwarzenegger Should Just Do All the Commentaries [Video]

Did you watch Total Recall and not really understand what you were watching? Well, you are in luck! Arnold Schwarzenegger himself did a commentary track for the DVD — posted to YouTube by one buzzclikverifyme — in which he basically just tells you everything that’s happening on the screen at every single moment. It’s pure, it’s straightforward … it goes against the whole acting thing about “show, don’t tell,” but he’s not acting, you guys. He’s watching it with us. He’s clarifying it. Recalling it, if you will. And I nominate the former governor of California to provide this thoughtfully basic insight for several movies, like Mulholland Dr., Inception, maybe even Pulp Fiction. And every pornographic movie ever.

(via Uproxx)


  • Frodo Baggins

    “Mulholland Dr.”
    Oh please, please yes!

  • Anna B

    There’s soda… up my nose… when I just laughed so very hard at everything.

  • Laura Girdwood

    Lol!  He should do every audio description from now on – you wouldn’t miss a thing!  Would absolutely love it if he did a porn one – classic!