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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Life With Archie #16 Will Feature the Wedding of Kevin Keller!

Well, Archie Comics, you’ve done it again! After seeing such great success with Kevin Keller, their first openly gay character with his own title, AC has announced that not only will Kevin get to actually have a relationship, but he’ll be getting married! The wedding will take place in Life With Archie #16, which will also feature some marital trouble between Archie and Veronica. (We’re pretty sure Kevin has nothing to do with that.)

Well, this is just heartwarming. First, AC introduces Kevin Keller, their first openly gay character. Then, we find out more about him, like that he’s a military kid who wants to join the military like his dad, so they have an actual discussion of DADT as Kevin comes out to his father which ends in Kevin having his father’s full support. And now, Kevin Keller is being shown as part of a fully functional, loving relationship that results in the ultimate commitment: marriage. And they’re not going to just brush it aside and just give it a “fair mention.” They’re going to have a wedding! And according to Bleeding Cool, “everyone turns up to the ceremony… just as Archie is separating from his wife, Veronica.”

Okay, now since we live in this world, a certain kind of person (or group of people) will probably raise a stink about this, maybe even say that this is an attack on straight marriage, what with the gay couple getting married and the straight couple separating. (You don’t believe me? Need I remind you about the hooplah over a black Spider-Man?)

But you know what? We’ll leave the outrage to someone else. Because not only can we be excited about Archie Comics taking great strides for pride and tolerance, but today finally — finally — saw the release of DC’s first lesbian character to get her own title, Batwoman! Batwoman #1 hit stands today, after several delays.

(via Bleeding Cool)

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  • Kath

    “but today finally — finally — saw the release of DC’s first lesbian main character, Batwoman!”
    Huh? Aside from the fact that Batwoman: Elegy has been out a while, I find this rather incorrect. Batwoman has been kicking around in stories for a while now, whether it was Batwoman #0 last year, the collection of one arc from Detective Comics (i.e. Elegy), in that DC 52 thing and in a few other places. Yes, it’s finally the release of Batwoman #1 (Which I have on order!), but it’s *not* the release of DC’s first lesbian main character. She’s had her own titles now, albeit very few of them, and one could argue Renée beat her to it as there are some Question trades out there with her as the main character.

    But now I need to find a UK online stockist for LWA #16

  • Wesley Smith

    This announcement is kind of surprising. Not because it isn’t warranted, but because–I think–Kevin hasn’t appeared in Life With Archie yet. This kind of storyline makes sense for the more mature (for lack of a more appropriate term) characters. But I don’t think we’ve Kevin in a single frame of the magazine yet.

    And yes, the upcoming wave of indignation is going to be interesting, to say the least. I’m going to bet that the primary rumor is that ARCHIE is getting married to Kevin. And I’m going to say that we hear that at least once from a major news outlet before the end of the week.

  • Anonymous

    Jamie was somewhat unspecific so I edited: Batwoman is the first gay character in the core DC universe (so, not Vertigo or Wildstorm) to headline in her own comic. 

  • Kath

    Thank you for clarifying. It’s a bit confusing as she’s had a one shot, a trade and obviously appearances in Detective Comics and other things.

  • Sanoe Cameron

    What about Catwoman?

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous