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Law & Order Actress Angie Harmon Is Ready To Play Another Lawyer: Marvel’s She-Hulk

Angie Harmon currently stars as Detective Jane Rizzoli in the TNT crime-drama, Rizzoli & Isles, but you may remember her from the long stint she did on NBC’s Law & Order as Assistant District Attorney Abbie Carmichael. As it turns out, Harmon is itching to get back into law. Superhero law to be more specific. Harmon wants to play Jennifer Walters, a.k.a. She-Hulk. And yes, she already posted a picture of herself as She-Hulk to show us how serious she is. (UPDATED!)

Harmon posted a picture on her twitter feed showing what she’d look like smashing some concrete. Then, one of her followers did a bit of photoshop on the picture to make Harmon look more like the character she’s aiming for. Harmon posted the photo to Instagram but the story doesn’t end there.

Harmon recently did an interview with Entertainment Weekly and couldn’t wait to show off the picture, as well as a few others from the comics, and the research she’s already done into the role. If you aren’t familiar with She-Hulk from Marvel Comics, she’s the cousin of the more famous Hulk, Bruce Banner, and she got her powers thanks to a blood transfusion from him. She doesn’t get as large as Hulk and can control her transformations. She uses her powers as a criminal attorney to defend superhumans in court and has been a member of The Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., and the Fantastic Four among other groups.

During the interview, Harmon mentioned how much she enjoyed The Avengers movie and then let the reporter know just  how much she wants to play She-Hulk and why. (There’s one-line of not-really-spoilery Avengers dialogue in this next bit.)

“I have to be her,” Harmon said. “You don’t understand. I have to be her. It’s the best quote ever when The Hulk turns around and goes ‘I’m always angry.’ I was like, Ohmygod! I stood up in the theater and literally cheered. I did.”

And she’d be fine wearing She-Hulk’s skimpy costume? ”I would rock that like there is no tomorrow. I would kill that outfit. I’d put these 36Cs on display. Boom!” she said. “And what about her libido? That’s my favorite part. She-Hulk, bed! She-Hulk, screw! Can you imagine? Then she just picks him up and throws him around the room like the Hulk did with the bad guy. [Makes smashing noises.] But apparently, she’s normal size.”

On the list of names that have swirled around my head in recent years for who could play She-Hulk, I’ll admit, Harmon wasn’t one of them. But I could see myself getting behind this, especially considering how enthusiastic she is about the role. Could Harmon join the ranks of the Avengers in its sequel or perhaps the next Hulk film? It would be an easy introduction for sure. We also know ABC is still planning a Hulk television show so there’s always a chance of her ending up there as well.

I recommend Dan Slott’s spectacular She-Hulk run if you want to continue your research, Harmon (I recommend it to anyone actually, it’s really great.).

UPDATE: When Slott saw the news he tweeted, “I swear I’d write the pilot for free.”

(via Blastr)

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  • Valerie Schoman

    She’d be perfect!!!

  • Aaron Smith

    I am okay with this BUT I just don’t see this happening anytime soon. They just got the Avengers together. Two members of the Hulk fam might be too much for one film.

  • Arielle Sorkinator

    I think that could make for an interesting movie. A lot of the She-Hulk I read was about Jennifer reconciling the confidence she has as She-Hulk with the her more meek, human persona. I think a story about that kind of development of self-esteem (especially based on how much physical power she gains) would be a totally relevant story to women today.

  • John Wao

    If there’s another Hulk movie that would be a golden opportunity to introduce She Hulk.

  • Anonymous

    I am in!!!! She is awesome

  • Life Lessons

    Ok, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it would be great to have her in Hulk 2. Then her own movie. Then more She-Hulk screw and smash.


    I am happy how. Go Angie!

  • Anonymous

    I’m quite a fan of She-Hulk as it is, (to the point of generally being annoyed every time she’s dismissed as female hulk copy) so this would make me happy.

    If they do manage to do something with Shulkie I’d like it if they kept a few small nods to her powers of fourth wall breaking.

  • Steven Ray Morris

    She could be Mark Ruffalo’s cousin.

  • James Walker

    chyna ruined she-hulk for me.

  • Darcsyde

    Dear God…not Slott!!!

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    Personally, I think she’s too thin to play the role.  Either she’d have to bulk up a bit or it’s gonna take a good amount of cgi.

  • Jessica Claire

    Oh.  My.  God.  I now cannot UNSEE her playing She-Hulk!!!  She would be absolutely perfect!  Well, I’m off writing my fantasy Avengers 2 with a predominantly female superheroine cast now…

  • Emily Hill

    I’d so see the sequel if she were she hulk

  • Takeshi Miike

    She looks like a skinny, green Golem there! gimme a break

  • Takeshi Miike

    Plus, this 40 year old is no athlete & She-Hulk doesn’t ape-out on ppl like her Cous. Harmon won’t be able to do the motion-capture like Ruffalo did, as it’ll be her stunt-double.

  • Neron Will

    No Republican She-Hulk

  • Shane

    Angie Harmon as She-Hulk?  HELL YES!!!  She could TOTALLY be Jennifer and could TOTALLY do the MoCap stuff.  I support this!!!

  • Takeshi Miike

    How could she do the MoCap? As I said, she doesn’t fight like her King Kong cousin. In other words, it isn’t simple bashing any actor could do. You have to get one of the “better” physically apt actresses to do it.

  • Time Platypus


  • Anonymous

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  • Francesca M

    Not my favorite actress, or who I would have picked but I must say. I do love it when someone is so damn enthusiastic for a part (and isn’t Nicholas Cage). Go for it.

  • Shane

    I think she can do it. All it takes is training. She’s not over the hill.

  • Nick Furry

    There is NO way she a 36C.  I’ve seen the one movie where she goes topless in.  You can cleary see them.  She a small B cup.  Very nice but still a small b-cup!

  • Thomas Wrobel

    Bluetooth headset gags FTW!

  • Thomas Wrobel

    Better a tv series then a film. Films are about smashing stuff, and can work with more simple plots.
    Shulkie should be about complex superhumanlaw stuff that takes more time. and smashing stuff.

  • Anonymous

     What a jerky reply…  Where did that come from?

    Does an actor’s politics HAVE to be in line with yours?  Why not just get someone who’s actually a performer and acts first?

    You do know that rock fans AND country fans LOVE being lectured to about “Fearless Leader” and the plight of our “Proletariat Republic?”

    Sure worked for the Dixie Chicks, didn’t it? 

    … And there were chirps from the nonexistent mainstream audience as the girls faded into irrelevance.

  • Anonymous

    I like her, but i’ll only be behind this if she is willing to put on the muscle. Otherwise, what’s the point?

  • Anonymous

    She hasn’t broken the 4th wall in years though.

  • Anonymous

    Not really, since She-Hulk is also 7 feet tall. 

  • Shane

    Totally sounded like Comic Book Guy in my head, lol. I give up. I personally think Angie can do the damn thing. I’d like to point out that everyone and their mom thought Mark Ruffalo wasn’t gonna work out and he kicked all available butt. To each his own.

  • BHorde2010

    She can play Jennifer Walters as she is.  Then just morph her into The She-Hulk with CGI like they did in The Hulk films.

  • Guest

    Who cares about her politics? She’s hot, she’s got a great voice, can act. She’s perfect.