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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

eye candy

And Now Some Real Posters and Pics From Prometheus, Amazing Spider-Man, and John Carter

We’re going to start this poster with Prometheus, which is a great example of subtly introducing your concept, your female lead, and the tone of your movie all in one. Mr. Scott, it’s good to have you back.

Next, John Carter, which for some reason that I can’t quite fathom reminds me of posters for low budget family fare like Are We There Yet?

I think it’s the combination of the simple, brightly-colored font that isn’t in the top visual layer with the other objects on the poster, and the expression on Taylor Kitch‘s face. It says “Gosh, these white apes are just a handful! I’m sure going to have a hectic weekend and learn a valuable lesson about commitment and raising children!”

And moving right along to The Amazing Spider-Man, whose official website went online today with a bunch of new images.

First, there’s good old Spidey, emerging from the sewer just like the old days when he palled around with his turtle buds and journalistic colleague April O’Neil.

His Uncle Ben, former president of the United States, and Aunt May didn’t really approve of his associations back then.

A later infatuation with schoolmate Gwen Stacy distracted him from his former cohorts, however.

Leaving Dennis Leary the role he was destined to play: that of an intimidating Irish cop who doesn’t like the boy his daughter is dating.

(via Screen Rant, The Daily Blam! and Empire.)

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  • Anonymous

    love, Love, LOVE Denis Leary!!!!  I was going to skip this movie.  Now, I am considering seeing it…

  • captain sharmie

    oh man. so excited for spidey now! it looks like they’re doing it right. can’t wait to get away from all this MJ focus. gwen stacy will be fun.

    uh, john carter, i once thought i wanted to see you. now i realize i do not. (it was back when it was john carter of mars, anyway)

    and that prometheus poster looks awesome. haven’t heard of this movie yet, but i’m intrigued.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    I’m not overly thrilled that they’re rebooting the Spider-Man franchise. If they wanted to do Spider-Man: The High School years…fine but there wasn’t any need to reboot the whole thing.

    Really what I have a bigger problem with is that they seem to feel that the reboot needs to be another origin story.

    Really? Is there a human being in the civilized, movie going society who doesn’t know Spider-Man’s origin by now?

  • Adam Whitley

    The franchise needed a reboot because it was terrible but yeah it really did not have to be yet another origin story that’s like doing a superman origin story at this point.