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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Cautiously Optimistic

Watch Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd Take a White-Hot Poker to Romantic Comedies

After watching this clip, I wasn’t convinced They Came Together is an actual movie and not just an elaborate prank. But no: It has an IMDB page. It’s premiering at Sundance this month. It’s real. Says David Wain in a statement: “After having already made world-changing cinematic statements on adolescence (Wet Hot American Summer), religion (The Ten), service (Role Models), and community (Wanderlust), I teamed up with Michael Showalter to take on a topic that (to our knowledge) has yet been seen in the movies: ROMANCE — particularly heterosexual romance between two white people. Our next idea was to mix this romance story with humor – so you could almost call this a Romantic-Comedy, so to speak.” It could either be brilliant or the worst thing ever. If the latter, just treat this clip as a particularly funny short film. An equally amusing poster is behind the cut.

“Please note: New York City plays such a central role in this story, it is almost like another character in the movie.” Oh, you. But the scene wasn’t actually filmed in New York’s famous Strand bookstore. The aisles are far too spacious. Fellow New Yorkers, you know.

(BuzzFeed, via Flavorwire)

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  • Anonymous

    My fantasy is that this will be good enough to kill this variety of romcom forever, but that’s probably too much to hope.

  • Anonymous

    Omg YES! One of those “pls take my money!!” moments.<3!

  • Cowtools

    All that and Schmidt too!
    Though, to be more accurate, they should have bumped into one another and spilled books or coffee.

  • Jodi

    two thirds of Stella. I am ready.

  • Anonymous

    Ahaha I know that bookstore. Wish I’d been in the neighborhood when they were filming this.

  • Dessa Brewington

    I liked those Nora Ephron-style romcoms, but they’ve kinda run their course.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    No need to be rude. Sit down.

  • Jim

    Yes please. This felt very much like Stella (the Comedy Central show), which makes me cry because I miss Stella so very much :(
    “You guys smell like chicken nuggets…”

  • Anonymous

    “But the scene wasn’t actually filmed in New York’s famous Strand bookstore.”

  • Molly Muldoon

    That bookstore is Community Bookstore in Park Slope, Brooklyn. It makes me sad they used The Strand for the exterior. :(