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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

My Spidey Sense Is Tingling

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Casts Its Norman Osborn

…and it’s Chris Cooper, who so memorably rapped about being super rich in The Muppets. I mean, don’t get me wrong, he’s done other great stuff, too. Capote, The Town, American Beauty. He even won an Oscar for Adaptation! He’s great. But I always prefer to go for the Muppets reference if I can. Maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh…

Norman Osborn was mentioned in The Amazing Spider-Man, though that, like so much else of the movie, slid through my mental sieve like Sandman through… a sewer grate…? Oh, just go with it. Apparently in the TASM-verse he’s on the brink of death and searching for a cure. A cure that will possibly leave him feeling a little… green? Dun dun DUNNNNN.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, it’s unknown whether Osborn will make the transition to Green Goblin in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 or if that will have to wait until the third movie. But seeing as how TASM 2 already has two villains—Jamie Foxx and Paul Giamatti as Electro and the Rhino, respectively—I’d say it’s a good bet that director Marc Webb and co. will hold off on Osborn’s villainification until the third movie (or the very end of the second, post-credits style).

Those of you looking forward to The Amazing Spider-Man 2—do you see this as good news? Those of you who don’t give a thwip–does this bit o’ casting news pique your interest at all? Lay it on me.

(via: MTV)

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  • Travis Kyle Fischer

    Dude looks sufficiently evil. You’re probably spot on about the end credits thing. I have a feeling a lot of the second movie is going to be dedicated to setting up the third.

  • Jim

    I super didn’t hate Amazing. And Chris Cooper is a great actor. Can’t wait.

  • TKS

    I am looking forward to ASM2, and I also think this is a great addition.

    Honestly, I really did enjoy ASM. Yeah, they played with the story a bit, but I feel that they did a better job staying truthful to the characters while updating them to our time period. (I’d say better than the Raimi version. Esp. with Gwen/MJ.)

    Adding a quality artist to a project very rarely hurts the end result.

  • ACF

    I’m a little worried the movie will be too busy, but definitely still looking forward to it. I hope you’re right about Osborn not becoming the goblin until the 3rd movie; I like the idea of him as an established part of Peter’s life, and not just the monster of the week.

  • Anonymous

    You forgot to mention Matewan that he in, which is freaking amazing movie, one of the best ever seen and some fantastic acting from him. I think he a great actor

  • Craig Oxbrow

    He’ll do that well.

    But the picture you used has me imagining Uncle Deadly in the role. Which I so want.

  • Stephen

    I was quite skeptical about the reboot, and stayed away from it in theatres. Eventually we saw it on DVD, and I was impressed with how it was handled. There were some departures from the origin story, but the characterization felt much closer to the spirit of the comics. More importantly, there was believable chemistry between Peter and Gwen. In the end I was pleasantly surprised.

    But I’m very worried about the second movie. They seem to be trying to cram too many other characters in this installment: the Rhino, Electro, MJ, JJ Jameson, Harry Osborn and now Norman Osborn. Any one of Electro, Rhino or Osborn is enough to build a good, solid story around. But all three being (re)introduced in a single film? On top of the Gwen-MJ-Peter interactions? It’s too much.

    I think Chris Cooper could do a good Osborn, although part of Osborn’s character is the public disbelief that he’s a murderous villain. But Chris Cooper? Of course he’s evil, just look at him! The challenge will be making him appear not evil. Plus I’ll have a hard time not expecting the Mooppets to pop up. And why not, since they’ve got everyone else in this film.

  • Laura Truxillo

    Works for me.

    I feel like the only Spider-man role I can’t see being recast is Jolly Jonah Jameson. Because J. K. Simmons was just too perfect.