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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Aaaaaas Yooooou Wiiiiiiiiiiiish

Benedict Jokerbatch And Other Non-Comic Book Actors as Comic Book Characters

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Artist Alex Tuis has tapped into an alternate universe where Benedict Cumberbatch is the Joker and Naomie Harris is Storm. There are some other actors involved—Walken, Hauer, Schwarzenegger, Lee, Keitel—but I’ll be honest with you, the prospect of Harris using her mind to whip up a tornado is what I’m here for.

(Yes, yes, I know some of these actors have been in comic book movies. But none of them in the franchises in which Tuis illustrated them. Let it go.)

(via: io9)

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  • Calum Syers

    Rutger Hauer as Thor? Yes please, I’ll take half a dozen!

  • Anonymous

    I’m so sad that I can’t see Schwarzenegger as Colossus and Bruce Lee as Spidey. Like… why would you even do this I am now sad forever.

  • Craig Oxbrow

    Naomie Harris as Storm? SOLD.

  • bertman4

    Joker looks more like Kevin Bacon

  • Cory McCasland

    Back in the 90′s Hauer was my choice for Magneto.