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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Nope. Still Not Happening.

The Akira Remake Is On Hold

We’ve been bringing you very interesting movie news all day today, and the afternoon hours have not disappointed us. Why? Because production on the much-maligned whitewashed remake of Akira has been put on hold. While the higher-ups reconsider the budget (and try to cut $20 million out of it), production offices in Vancouver are sending their employees home and being told to “stop working.” Is it the end? Maybe not. But is the universe trying to send some sort of signal to Warner Bros.? We’d like to think so.

Apparently, trying to wrangle the proper star power to convince people to see an “Americanized” remake of a distinctly Japanese movie (which was based on a manga) is costing way too much money. When it was first going to be directed by Albert Hughes, the budget was well into the hundreds of millions. Hughes eventually left the project, and Jaume Collet-Serra took over, ready to use a script that was rewritten by Steve Kloves (who wrote the screenplays for most of the Harry Potter movies), and work with a reduced $90 million budget.

But that’s still more than WB is willing to spend, and Collet-Serra will now work with his producers, Jennifer Kiloran Davisson (Appian Way) and Andrew Lazar (Mad Chance), to rework the story into a $60 or $70 million budget. And, if they can’t do that, “the project could end up being shelved entirely,” according to those “in the know.”

Wow. Okay. We’re going to try to be sad about this. We’re going to try really, really hard to be sad about the possibility of a non-Akira Akira remake starring Garrett Hedlund and possibly Kristen Stewart, Helena Bonham Carter, and Ken Watanabe (the only Japanese person offered a role in this so far, and only after the role in question — Colonel Shikishima — was turned down by not-exactly-Japanese actor Gary Oldman), that takes place in “Neo-Manhattan.”

Anyway, this is what’s happening right now: the production offices are shutting down and everyone is being sent home. And if the production team can’t chop at least $20 million off the budget, there might not be an Akira remake. But some don’t think it will come to this:

“It’s a very resilient movie,” says one insider. “Warner Bros. just won’t let it die.”

Ladies and gentlemen — Akira might be Hollywood’s most popular cockroach.

(The Hollywood Reporter via Superhero Hype)

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  • Anonymous

    I need this remake to die so badly.

  • Francesca M

    Each time this  is mentioned part of me hurts.  I’m hoping they get the message. Much like Bebop… with Keanu.

  • Anonymous
  • Anna B

    Wait, what? Bebop with… Keanu?! Never heard about that, but I suppose that’s a good thing then, or else I’d have gone ape shit.

  • Glenn Buettner

    I hope this stays on the shelf forever.

  • Francesca M

    Yeah it was in development for a while.. with him playing.. Spike… scuse me I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  • Adam Whitley

    Really? He sounded perfect for the part to me but I acknowledge that no one seems to like keanu as much as I do.

  • Anna B

    I am strangely drawn to Keanu movies. Even if I know he’s a bad actor, I always seem to watch his movies. Yes, even “Much Ado About Nothing”. That said, I can’t envision Spike with a surfer accent. I just can’t. Spike’s American Acting voice was great, though not as awesome as the Japanese dub. I just… Keanu can be made to look like him, but that accent… and that voice! No, I can’t. I love Spike more than my seemingly deep affection for Keanu.