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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

There And Back Again

Air New Zealand Reveals Smaug Design, Sorta

Air New Zealand got to plaster a Boeing 777 with what must be a close to life size decal of Smaug the Magnificent, and they made a time lapse video of it to share with us. You can kinda see him, behind all the scaffolding. So nobody shoot any arrows at this plane.

(via Superhero Hype.)

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  • Anonymous

    Heh. Flying Air NZ in a week, hope I get this plane.

  • Mark Brown

    While I appreciate the intent, I question the wisdom of emblazoning an airplane with the image of a dragon most famous for how he was shot out of the sky. . .

  • Anonymous

    I want to see him fight the Air Japan Pikachu plane.