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Jonathan Frakes Is Directing an Agents of SHIELD/Thor: The Dark World Crossover Episode

The nerd is strong with this one.

Thor: The Dark World comes out in the United States on November 8th. And on November 19th, after everyone’s had a chance to see it (maybe a few times), Agents of SHIELD will pick up where the film left off for its very first crossover episode.

Here’s the official description of the episode, titled “The Well” (don’t worry, nothing looks spoiler-y):

“In the aftermath of the events chronicled in the feature film Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World, Coulson and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pick up the pieces–one of which threatens to destroy a member of the team.”

No characters or actors from the Thor movies will make an appearance in the episode, but there will still be several guest stars, among them Peter MacNicol (Renfield!), Erin Way (hey there, Kat from Alphas!), and Michael Graziadei (American Horror Story: Murder House’s Travis).

And, as mentioned, the episode will be directed by Jonathan Frakes, who’ll get to do the Riker lean all over the set if he so chooses.

Personally, I haven’t been watching Agents of SHIELD. I was going to, but then I was busy when the pilot aired and all the scuttlebutt I’ve heard has amounted to “meh.” I’ll watch it if I hear it gets good, but until then there are just too many movies and shows on my list. But this news is certainly intriguing, though I’m guessing I’ll be more intrigued after I actually get to see Thor: The Dark World.

Darn you, countries where it’s already been released. Darn yooooouuuuu!

(via: /Film, EW)

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  • Lynda Bowen

    Well, mes ami(e)s, it does make a change for us Brits to get something first. I suppose that will depend on whether you forgive us for inventing Doctor Who 50 years ago and not sharing. ;)

  • The Pixel Party

    Set beard to stunning!! Hopefully it’ll be good. I’m excited!

  • blu girl

    With Jonathan Frakes directing I’m sure there will be some improvements over past episodes buuuut with the same writers on board….. :(

  • Thomas Hayes

    Definitely make a point of seeing Thor: The Dark World because it’s the best superhero film this year – better than IM3 and it leaves Man of Steel a long way behind! We get all the Marvel films out a bit earlier in the UK, which is nice.

  • Thomas Hayes

    They’ve been able to watch Doctor Who for decades. It had a cult following in the US in the 70s and 80s and Americans did help keep the fanbase alive during the 90s, I gather. The fact that more Americans are starting to notice en-masse just as the show starts to get worse and worse is what really puzzles me.

  • Anonymous

    Darn it, now we don’t get to see Sif sparring with Melinda or macking on Simmons.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really enjoying AoS so far, but as a Whedon fan I’m being purposely forgiving of it’s flaws (which mostly just amount to too predictable/shallow story-telling so far) because I expect that it’ll improve exponentially once it pays its major network dues.
    Then again I will also be forever biased and inclined to see the awesome shine through in almost anything he does—but it is fun to watch, and is already getting better compared with the first few eps, I swear!

  • Anonymous

    I concur! It’s been released in Sweden too and it was a truly enjoyable movie experience, worth every buck – even if it wasn’t life altering or anything. Really massive, some great banter and just barely enough Hiddles to make me fall even deeper into obsession!
    The women weren’t just pretty set peices either – I really liked that!

  • Mr The Batman

    Did you see Dark World in 3D? Supposedly there was footage for Cap American Winter Soldier before it but I didn’t see anything (UK showing).

  • Anonymous

    It would have netted some serious points to have a film character cameo in the show. It was awesome enough seeing REDACTED make an appearance.

  • Curuniel

    It totally weirds me out that New Zealand got Thor 2 earlier than other places. We all just assume we’re the last to see anything (unless it was directed by Peter Jackson).

  • Thomas Hayes

    I didn’t, so I don’t know if that footage was shown in the UK. I saw it in 2D because I a critic I follow on Twitter warned that the 3D conversion was like Iron Man 3′s, i.e. completely pointless.

  • Mark Boyes

    The 3D was worthwhile for determining scale when freaky objects were moving in front of freaky architecture. A bit dark as usual, and I wouldn’t have bothered if I hadn’t suspected the Odeon would show the Doctor Who trailer in 3D (they didn’t, just the Captain America trailer and Walking With Dinosaurs).

    I imagine the episode is dealing with that (hereto throwaway) gag near the end with the cargo containers? The one that sent one audience member into hysterics?

  • Carl Jackson

    Well the last Whedon/Frakes collaboration was Belonging which was quite possibly one of the best (if not most disturbing) hours of Dollhouse entire run.

  • Anonymous

    There’s something at the very end of the second post credits scene which is an obvious thing for a SHIELD clean-up team to tackle, but I wouldn’t have thought they had the cgi budget.

  • Thomas Hayes

    Didn’t have enough Loki? He was probably the character with the second most screentime! They shot *extra* footage of him in post-production to edit in!

  • Anonymous

    That’s exactly what I thought! Coulsen: “Guys, we have to take the Bus to London” May: “Great. What did Thor leave behind THIS time?” Fitz-Simmons: “Wonderful *happy claps*” “Ohh how exciting home grou-” Coulsen: *passes out photos* Fitz-Simmons: “Oh”. “Oh dear”

  • Anonymous

    That is interesting because I remember Whedon saying he didn’t want to make it so you had to watch the movies to understand the show, and vice-versa. Though I guess they figure if you’re watching S.H.I.E.L.D. you’ve probably at least seen Avengers already.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always had the feeling that it wasn’t that you weren’t sharing–I watched and rewatched my fair share of episodes VHS’d off of PBS–but that most of our crew weren’t interested.

  • Brittany K

    Well I guess this is gonna be what makes me stop watching the show. Maybe I’ll catch up when I eventually get to see Thor the Dark World, but maybe not. It’s been kind of disappointing, but maybe my love of both the Whedon/Whedon/Tancheroen peoples and my love of Marvel movies just set my sights too high.

  • Alice Ruppert

    I saw Thor: TDW yesterday and I loved it. When we left the cinema, we discussed the possibility of a SHIELD-Episode even mentioning the events of the movie, which we already thought would be awesome. I’m not entirely up to date with the series, but this will make me catch up quickly :D

    PLEASE, let it be the Shield people trying to catch the Ice Monster! (post-credit scene)

  • silvergray

    “Riker lean”?

    I want to see the “Riker sit” as he takes the director’s chair.

  • OnlyManWhoCan

    So… I’m too poor to see Thor 2 right now (that was a fun sentence to write!) so I guess I have to stop watching SHEILD to avoid spoilers? That sucks! I know the show is set in the same universe as the films but I’d expect more than a few weeks if ‘buffer zone’ so everyone can catch up :-/

  • Anonymous

    Crud, no way I’ll have a chance to see Thor before this, this should be interesting….

  • Nicole Elizabeth Currie

    Totally agreed!
    Yay for Korea getting blockbusters a week early!

  • Eli Keel

    Personally, I count this headline as a spoiler. Not cool guys. Whether or not the big movies that come out were going to directly crossover was something I didn’t know for sure. It would have been an amazing surprise. But you are still my favorite website. You bring me lots of joy and happiness, but maybe a leetle more secrecy next time.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    I’m sorry, but we don’t consider things from official studio announcements—like this crossover—to be spoilers.

  • greifie

    Nothing is as awesome as critique by folks that haven’t seen the show. Watch it… then comment on the quality.

  • greifie

    I really like the show. Reminds me of X-Files in the Whedonverse. Not really sure why there are so many haters. Ratings are pretty good, so it can’t be that bad, people.

  • Mr The Batman

    I spent half of the film with my glasses on my head. I hate 3D anyway.

    Thanks for the reply, though.