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Agents of SHIELD Recap: The Magical Place

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, from the long winter of the soul. I mean, the period between mid-December and the second week of January when nothing bothers to air a new episode. I know. I’m really impatient for more Steven Universe as well. But this post is about Agents of SHIELD, so lets get started.

For our opener, the SHIELD team works like a well-oiled machine to apprehend a guy selling Chitauri technology who they know has ties to Centipede. He has a name, but lets just call him, hmm, Baltar. They chase him up to a roof where an entire SHIELD strike team is waiting with Victoria Hand. No explanation is offered for why the strike time was just chillin’ on the roof instead of engaging in an armed confrontation inside the building, but who cares, Victoria Hand is deadpanning secret agent lines.

As we sink into some exposition we find out that it’s been 36 hours since Coulson was kidnapped and Michael Peterson was blown up; Ward is basically still bleeding from being peppered with bullets from the retreating Centipede ‘copter. The Bus has been commandeered by Hand and dozens of her agents, crowding our regular crew. She has her own men interrogating Baltar, and says they won’t rest until they take down Centipede. “You mean ‘rescue Coulson’,” the team says. “Ugh, whatever,” she responds.

Hand also wants Skye off the plane, and while Ward stands up for her, May throws her under the bus (GET IT) and Hand orders her debriefed. But just before she leaves, Fitz and Simmons hand her a brown paper bag with a “sandwich” in it that will allow her to skip out on her SHIELD debriefers long enough to go rogue and start hacking the planet for Coulson on her own.

Speaking of, we can’t leave SHIELD Dad out of the exposition party. Coulson wakes up from a Tahiti dream inside what is clearly doing at least part time duty as a torture chamber. Po (the guy with the lead on the Clairvoyant, because it’s been a long time since the last SHIELD ep, and we all need a reminder) is there, trying to use a super science machine to see Coulson’s memories, because Coulson is special and the Clairvoyant can’t see them like he does with other people. Just like Bella and Edward oh my god guys COULSON/CLAIRVOYANT 4EVA!!!

The machine only works if Coulson cooperates, however, and if he keeps holding out it’ll boil his brain. So in-between sessions with the machine, Po is torturing Coulson for compliance, and needling him about Peterson. He compares his untimely death in front of his young son to Coulson’s own childhood without a father.

After a long day or torture Coulson attempts to make a break for it with the help of one of the creepy mannequins that are everywhere. But since this is the very beginning of the episode, so we all know he’s not going to make it, and he doesn’t. He gets just far enough so that Po to give him the “muahaha there’s no use escaping” villain talk about how they’re in an abandoned nuclear testing site (hence all the mannequins) hundreds of miles from civilization.

He says all this while eating an ice cream cone, so I invite you to enjoy, as I did, imagining some burly Centipede dude buying some Häagen-Dazs and a box of cones at a rest stop, throwing it into… a specially bought minifreezer in the back of a van, I guess, driving it more than 100 miles to this secret base, and then throwing it into an onsite freezer for his evil boss. Henchman 21 would be proud of your devotion, Centipede dude.

Skye attempts to hack Coulson’s whereabouts from an internet cafe, but her SHIELD issue no-hacky bracelet shuts down every computer in the place. She comes up with a different plan: find somebody she can intimidate into hacking a company connected with Centipede for her. She targets under-investigation-businessman Lloyd Rathman. (I don’t have a funny name for him.) In order to do this, she first buys a cute black leather jacket. Then she steals his car and crashes it so that the onboard roadside assistance will call her up and tow it back to his house. This works, because I guess tow truck drivers don’t check to see if your ID matches the insurance info or anything, and also already know your home address? I mean, I’ve never been towed, but I guess Skye is pretty good at improvising.

Inside Rathman’s house, Skye calls his office (using a golf club to press phone buttons so that her bracelet doesn’t interfere with it) and pretends to be police, asking him to come home to answer some questions about a stolen vehicle of his that they recovered. When he arrives, she’s decked out in her new jacket and some shades, and introduces herself as SHIELD Agent Melinda May, badass motherfucker here to throw him in a deep dark hole for collaborating with Centipede… or offer him immunity if he helps her out. But Rathman isn’t a complete idiot, and he trips his house’s silent alarm when she’s not looking.

On the Bus, Ward is frustrated with how slowly the interrogation of Baltar is going, so he lies to get the other agent out of the room and then sits down and straps himself in. Fitz and Simmons press a button that opens a hatch in the roof of the hex room. Faced with the threat of being air-locked, Baltar tells them everything he knows about the locations of Centipede’s international operations.

Hand briefs agents for a massive international assault on all the now known Centipede bases. They don’t have any particular evidence that Coulson is at any of them, and she doesn’t really care. Massive manpower is being readied. Fury and Hill are breathing down her neck about recovering him. She can’t understand how one single agent could be so important to the agency, and her point is really well supported. It’s clear to the audience that Coulson’s probably considered important because of how SHIELD brought him back to life. Why he was brought back to life in the first place is another important mystery.

But then some SHIELD person tracks down the Centipede helicopter that kidnapped Coulson to the Mojave desert, and the Bus turns around, just as May tells Ward that she had Skye kicked out on purpose because she would be able to work better with out Hand’s agents looking over her shoulder demanding that she adhere to protocol. “You do’t have to assume the worst of me,” she tells him, one episode after she was a pretty big jerk to Skye, I mean, come on May. But telling people things they need to hear, regardless of their feelings, is kind of a thing with May, and I respect that.

And it’s true, Skye is doing things very much not by the SHIELD book. Like impersonating a fellow agent, capturing the two rentacops who are summoned by Rathman’s silent alarm, and forcing them to work the computer for her so her bracelet doesn’t ruin everything. She finds transactions that give her a lead on Raina’s location (in the desert with Po), steals one of Rathman’s cars that she hasn’t wrecked, and calls the lead into the SHIELD team.

Speaking of Raina, she interrupts Po’s torture session with Coulson, fresh from “tending to our other subject,” so that’s our first hint that Peterson is still alive, though how they got his body off that bridge without SHIELD knowing is a mystery that will probably never be solved. Maybe in superhero universes, near-dead bodies all teleport to another location known only by villains, and only teleport back when they actually die. This would explain a lot of “we never found a body” villain returns.

Anyway, Raina and Po argue over methods, and he insists that the Clairvoyant wants him to be bad cop. Right on queue, the Clairvoyant calls him up, throws shade all over his lack of progress, and then he asks *gasp* to talk to Raina, whereupon he puts Coulson’s interrogation over to her capable hands. Then he KILLS PO SOMEHOW THROUGH THE PHONE? Agents of SHIELD you may be a mediocre show in a lot of ways but I love your villains and their craziness.

Raina then plays good cop for Coulson, trying to erode his trust in SHIELD. The brain machine won’t just show Centipede what happened to him after he died, it’ll also show him. Doesn’t he want to know what SHIELD did to him? This makes sense, as this is basically a conversation Raina has been having all season with various POC guest stars. Convincing them they are owed more than they have gotten in life, and that they should take it now with the resources Centipede is offering. She and Coulson also talk about her recent promotion. She admits that her heart is still excitedly racing from talking to the Clairvoyant for the first time, and can I just say that I pretty much love Raina? She’s so excited about making it one step closer to being a villain instead of a henchwoman and she’s also very effective at her job. I can’t help but root for her.

Raina keeps hammering in all the ways SHIELD has betrayed his trust when they’re supposed to be the family that he lost (it seems his mother also died early), to replace the potential for a future family he sacrificed in order to do the job. But it’s when she starts in on how they ruined his relationship with and hurt his ‘cellist girlfriend that he really starts to crack. “Do you miss hearing her play?” STOP, MY MUSICIAN FEELS. “She cried for days after SHIELD told her you died.” COULSON, DON’T CRY BBY. Finally, she mentioned Tahiti and Coulson gets half way through the phrase that it’s clear he’s been conditioned to respond with before he stops himself. Then he tells her to turn on the machine.

On the Bus, Hand refuses to send her strike team out to the middle of nowhere on a rogue hacker’s hunch, so May and Ward say they’re going to take their team anyway, regardless of whether they have backup. Hand is all

to May, and May is all

right back.

Raina shares some Details That May Be Important Later, like that she knows the machine works because she’s used it herself to recover memories, before she walks him through meditating his memory back. The details in his Tahiti dream crack quickly, with Ron Glass (Dr. Stretian) appearing in scrubs, demanding to know who ordered this operation, and being told that it was Director Fury himself. Tahiti morphs into an operating room, and Coulson lies to Raina about what he’s seeing, still determined to keep Centipede in the dark. He sees a body bag close over his head, flashes of surgical instruments, a “going toward the cosmic light” hallucination, and then the clearest scene of all: Dr. Stretian insists that what they are doing is wrong, as a horrible robot with tiny twitching limbs introduces electrical impulses to Coulson’s exposed brain. While this is happening, Coulson, apparently conscious on the surgical table, begs to die over and over and over again.

Meanwhile, Skye pulls up to the Town the Nukes Forgot and nearly gets taken out by a Centipede soldier before the rest of the team arrives and creams him with their Black SUV. Then everybody stands in a dramatic line, because that’s how they make their best decisions, and then split up to search the place and fight Centipede guys. Ward takes out one with the new nite device that Fitz and Simmons have been working on all episode and I didn’t mention because it barely has any effect on the plot.

Eventually, Skye hears Coulson’s screams, punches Raina out, and the team powers down the machine and wakes him up.

And it’s all over but for the wrapping up of the plot threads. Raina is taken away by SHIELD. Hand has been successful at managing a worldwide strike on Centipede locations, but the Clairvoyant is still at large. Coulson wants to know how Raina knew so much about him and how SHIELD was dealing with him, but Hand has no answers, and leaves him to his Bus, which is not her style.

Coulson removes Skye’s no-hacky device, and lies to her when she asks him if he learned anything about his death. Then he hunts down Dr. Stretian and confronts him with his newly recovered memories, confirming many hint from the first half of the season: “You weren’t dead for seconds, you were dead for days.” Director Fury ordered many procedures that were against medical ethics. He was kept conscious in extreme pain. The machine from his recovered memory was an attempt to restore the man he’d once been by giving him a pleasant memory to replace his actual experience.

“We didn’t want you to be that thing,” Stretian says, but when Coulson asks what he means by that, Stretain just says that he “lost his will to live” which is not, I think, how someone would normally describe someone who has become suicidal or accepted death as a release from pain. Stretain apologizes multiple times, and eventually Coulson leaves him alone.

Stinger: Michael Peterson wakes up somewhere, covered in burns, missing a leg, and he totally has that Centipede eye implant that forces people to do bad things if they don’t want their brain to explode. So great, the show didn’t kill it’s first recurring POC guest star in his second appearance, it just mutilated him, traumatized him, separated him from his son, and forced him into the employ of the bad guys. Seriously, somebody give this character a break already.

In coming back from its winter hiatus, SHIELD has thickened the already thick plot of Coulson’s death, and given us an interesting, possibly psychic Big Bad Villain to replace a worldwide network of evil scientists. It also introduced a magical brain machine that SHIELD has probably already confiscated because humanity isn’t ready for that jelly. Or maybe brain machines are fine, but gravity ones aren’t. I’m probably just going to have to accept that SHIELD’s international jurisdiction is going to remain as nebulous as its stance on emerging technology and the supersciences.

I hope the show comes back to Michael Peterson quite soon. He is one character who has gotten nothing but pain for trying to do the right thing, and it doesn’t help that he’s one of the show’s most clearly and purposefully presented elements of diversity both in race and class. Speaking of recurring actors of color, I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of Raina, but I hope she returns sooner rather than later. A female character who maintains a calm exterior but freely admits how internally happy and excited she was when receiving a promotion within her evil organization is one that I look forward to seeing more of.

And much like Raina, I find myself very much liking the unsympathetic Hand. Or, at least, Hand fills a role that we are usually supposed to find unsympathetic: the bureaucrat who outranks the main characters and dismisses the feely feels that make them want to break rules as unimportant. Hand is perfectly right to be confused as to why SHIELD values Coulson so much: Now that we know that he wasn’t just brought back with some Chitauri or Asgardian artifact, and that his resurrection was in actuality very difficult and controversial among the people who managed it, the questions of why it was considered so important to bring him back looms large. Nick Fury, you have got some explaining to do. But given that there are still eleven episodes left in this season, I don’t see you being called on the carpet any time soon.


  • Anonymous

    Don’t be so hard on the show because of the way they treat Peterson. At least he has an interesting character arc, unlike Agent Vanilla and Agent Wallpaint (aka Ward and May).

  • Lup Lun

    You forgot about Fitz weaponizing his little whirlybird things; definitely the second coolest part of the episode, behind Skye spending half of it bullshitting her way to victory.

    EDIT: Oh, BTW, did anyone wind up staying for Dangerous Women? I was considering it, but the local paper gave it a really bad review, and there was games to play from the winter Steam Sale, so..

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen the theory floating round now that Mike might end up as the MCU equivalent of Deathlok. (No not the band).

    I assume there’s more to be revealed about what Fury did because this HAS to be a one time thing, or something sinister. Otherwise the totally not magical bullshit resurrection machine would be getting asked for everytime something remotely bad happens to anyone in the movieverse.

  • Alan Kistler

    Skye didn’t need to crash the car and get it towed. Once she was in there, she could’ve looked up the address by checking the registration in the console or glove compartment. Would’ve been less dangerous. Unless she just hates driving and is lazy. Totally a possibility.

  • Anonymous

    On the plus side, we did finally get some interesting answers about Coulson. On the negative side I still can’t bring myself to give a rat’s patootie about Agents Vanilla and Wallpaint (Ward and May, to borrow archasa’s terms) or the almighty Miss Trading Card (Skye).

    There is probably meant to be a nice echo between this ep and Avengers, where Coulson becomes the catalyst that makes the team finally really gel, but I think I’m still mired in the ennui of the first half-season. I still enjoyed the ep, but I wish the show itself had built a more solid base for its characters so that the impact of what happened could have hit home a little harder. Saying a show is a slow burner that takes time to develop doesn’t excuse populating your main cast with unmitigated clichés.

    The stuff with Peterson does seem to be layered on a little more thickly than necessary although at least he’s still technically a good guy. He’s just a Good Guy Forced To Do Bad Things and probably tortured by it and ugh. I hope they find a way to keep it interesting. And give the guy a damn break whenever this is over.

    Was there a point to having it in Radiation Springs or were all the mannequins just supposed to make it seem creepy and surreal? I honestly expected someone to end up in a refrigerator…

  • Anonymous

    My own nickname for Ward is agent Blue Steel. Because of Zoolander.

  • Lup Lun

    Yes, but then she’d need to get to the address. Since nobody carries maps anymore, that means GPS, which would get fried by her bracelet.

    Alternatively, she may have been setting up step 2 of the plan, which is “call the guy posing as the cops and tell him someone stole his car and wrecked it.” Hide lies inside half-truths, you see. ^_^

  • Lup Lun

    Nuclear testing grounds are in isolated areas, which reduces the chance that some random civvie would stumble by. And if one does, you can dispose of him more easily.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but why were all the dishes set out on the fake dinner tables still clean?

  • Anonymous

    Couldn’t stay for that. As a resident of Texas, I don’t like the idea of our state police being infiltrated by Cylons. It’s bad enough that Hawaii has to deal with them.

  • Lup Lun

    Well, duh. Because their intern is an obsessive neat freak. Why do you think they sent him on a two-hundred-mile trek to get ice cream? They needed to give him something to do other then continuously trying to push the brain-torture machine around to sweep under it!

  • Evan Hershman

    Loved the episode, other than that Skye’s whole scheme was convoluted to the point of straining credulity.

    I want to actually SEE the Clairvoyant, the Big Bad Villain, sometime. There just isn’t quite as much of a sense of menace in the show’s antagonists right now, given that other than Raina, there hasn’t really been any memorable characters for the protagonists to confront. I kinda want it to be more like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where there were the Master, the Mayor, Spike, and so on, whom you see hatching their evil plans. Villainy with a face is more interesting…

    Also, can I mention that your choice of GIFs in these recaps is always superb?

  • AverageDrafter

    Nope, that would require involving the Marvel universe more than a few name drops. And we can’t have that, can we? Any rumors on who people think the clairvoyant is? I did a bit of digging, but most possible suspects were mutants – or are they going to go the Inhuman route?

  • Anonymous

    I’m hoping the Clairvoyant isn’t actually a clairvoyant.

  • DJRM

    So does anyone else think that maybe Fury went to all the trouble with Coulson just because he wanted his buddy back?

  • Anonymous

    Miss Trading Card? Unpack the nickname a bit for me, please? :)

  • Anonymous

    I *immediately* thought Deathlok when I saw the one eye shut and missing leg, so much so that I actually gasped.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been half-watching AoS so far (missed several episodes due to work), been hoping for it to get good. I’ve been disappointed to date (barring the ending of the Graviton episode) but this ep actually got me really excited for the next one.

    Raina as perky-evil was good, and the presentation of Coulson getting Lazarus Project-ed was excellent (“Please let me die!” and a busily humming robot fiddling with his FUCKING BRAIN was unexpected and great). Peterson waking up with no leg and an eye implant was ace. I may be in danger of starting to care about some of these characters.

    (Ward continues to be bland boring stupid, but I’ve always liked May, and Skye actually grew on me this episode.)

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking along the lines that she’s so stereotypical she’d probably fit on a trading card. Sassy Hacktivist. Bonus points because she’s also made of cardboard.

  • Andrea Pantoja

    I loved it. Skye was (finally) someone I was interested in watching. Melinda was being her badass self. Fitz was being a badass, unlike his usual self. It was great.
    Coulson though. You don’t understand. He was dead. He died in The Avengers. For days. And we didn’t let him die. The fans pulled him out of whatever comic book heaven he was destined for and forced back into the fray. Marvel moved ‘heavens and earth’ to give him back to us. I just haVE A LOT OF EMOTIONS ABOUT THIS OK?

  • Anonymous

    I suppose there is that. Isolated, but still connected to the power grid for their fancy machines. I agree with Large Marge that it did seem a little too clean, though. And there wasn’t even any graffiti? Or nosy teens (and their stupid dog) running loose? I know, I know, suspension of disbelief and time constraints and all, but it still would have been funny if a couple of horny kids (and/or ones looking to get high) had accidentally stumbled across them. Different story, right? Sigh. And no one- not even the soldiers- put the mannequins in compromising positions. Tsk.

  • Anonymous

    Partway into the ep I started expecting The Clairvoyant to be some kind of malignant growth on someone. Like Voldemort on Quirrel. Or Kuato in the original Total Recall. I think I’ve been eating too much cheese or something.

  • Anonymous

    Ah! I see; thankyas! :)

  • kbroxmysox

    I love Tricia Helfer, and she was good in it but everything was very by the numbers.

  • kbroxmysox

    But that opens up a can of worms. Why not other people? So if any dies in the Marvel Universe, any hero, why not bring them back? There has to be a reason why Coulson was the one to come back and a reason why he was able to come back beyond Fury was all “Best friends forever!” with him.

    I’d like to think this little outburst brought him back to life:

  • ShadowHawk

    Under the assumption that they’re saving Hydra for Cap’s movies and that A.I.M. is lying fallow after the last planned Iron Man film, I’m thinking that Project Centipede could be their new push and The Clairvoyant some incarnation of M.O.D.O.K. using that character’s mathematical probability skills and good intel to mimic clairvoyance. Thus S.H.I.E.L.D. remains correct as to the nonexistence of psychic powers (as yet).

  • odango atama

    Maybe I missed it, but didn’t Skye trace the bank accounts of the Evil Organization and found Coulson because they purchased an abandoned testing facility? I saw that, right?

  • Amy W

    Random realization: I just bought a Raina dress. It just came in the mail and is sitting beside me right now otherwise I wouldn’t have made the connection. THIS IS SO COMPLETELY A RAINA FLOWERED DRESS I feel like I need to start working for sneaky evil corporations now.

  • Olivia Ripley-Duggan

    ^This = Gold.

  • Alex Young

    I was looking forward to this episode. But i guessed that mike wasn’t dead as soon as they talked about a charred body that they assumed was his, because it was unidentifiable. And the teaser scene with may. I called it in the comments that she wanted skye to be able to do her own thing.
    It didn’t do much different to what we’ve come to expect of the team when they don’t agree with the higher-ups.

  • TheChief

    My first thoughts too. I really hope they go that route. It would be nice to have some more “name” characters on the show at least semi-regularly. That is something that Arrow has been doing a good job of.

  • Anonymous

    Entertaining episode but the show is still doing his best to avoid answering questions. Other than pretty much saying Coulson was not a LMD, none of the “revelations” we got was impossible to figure out on our own.

  • Aeryl

    I don’t know that I agree that Asgardian or other alien tech has been ruled out just yet. It seemed very clear that they are leaving this open ended. Did you see the green glowy thing flash by in Coulson’s memories? I wonder if it’s another Infinity Stone?

    I really enjoyed how they gave Skye a chance to shine, this episode made good use of her. Fitz’s descent into ruthlessness is disturbing. And I continue to love May with my undying heart.

  • Aeryl

    Having just rewatched The Avengers this last weekend, I feel confident that Raina is on the ground in New York when the attack happens. There is a woman of color in a white flower dress in a LOT of the crowd shots from the attack.

    I know the Galaga guy came about because RDJ improved the line, then in the random bridge shots they saw this guy acting furtively, and threw it in. I can see that they could have seen that woman in the crowd shots and make something out of it.

  • Aeryl

    The fact that they don’t know how Coulson was brought back points that way as Coulson said. I think it’s likely there’s a mole inside SHIELD. Everyone on the Helicarrier knew he died.

    Thinking on it, if it’s anyone we’ve met, it’s likely Hand, and that line about how she “doesn’t understand why one Level 8 agent is so important” is a misdirect to make us and SHIELD believe she doesn’t know what she does.

    And I like Hand.

  • Aeryl

    If everyone’s special, then no one will be.

  • spoon

    Could peterson become Deathlok? He’s kind of a minor character in the marvel universe and just fitting some bionic limbs (the eye camera already installed) and we are there.

  • Anonymous

    Why didn’t SHIELD have its own hackers going through the guy’s financial transactions? The only way this show can justify Skye is by making SHIELD massively incompetent.
    That was a waste of Rob “Inconsiderate Cellphone Man” Huebel’s talents.
    I wish Saffron “My Name Doubles As A Sentence” Burrows & Ruth Negga would speak in their native accents.

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear god, I’ll never be able to look at him again without giggling hysterically!

  • MeatyStakes

    I must look for this too!!!

  • Alan Kistler

    Also easily done. Walk up to a guy in a coffee shop “my phone’s not working, would you mind looking up this address for me?” It happens often. Or, as she’s in a car, drive to a road stop, which has staffers who know the area and maps. Or drive to a gas station, which also has maps and staffers who know the area. Driving headfirst into an accident is risky and opens up more possibility that she’ll be arrested by the tow truck person or discovered by the onStar like service since they have a listing of who is authorized to drive the vehicle and in such situations ask you to verify your identity when you’re not the actual owner.

  • Melynda

    I was honestly waiting for whatever Coulson had become to wake up and stab Ron Glass’s character through the eye or something. I’m glad it didn’t happen, but I was still waiting for it. I watch this show every week, but there are still elements to it I just don’t like. I haven’t been able to pinpoint it yet.
    It would be interesting if at some point down the line Coulson turns all villainy, but preferably not until season 2 or 3. I don’t dislike Raina and am sure we’ll see more of her. Also Hand reminds me of Crimson Viper from Street Fighter. Just her look, I guess.

  • Aeryl

    The specific example I’ve heard is the character death from Thor 2, which I don’t agree with. By all indications, what was done to Coulson was terrible and traumatic, and if it is the result of some known Asgardian tech, I can see that character disavowing ever having that done. Let them take their rightful place in Valhalla.

  • Cy

    Deathlok is one of my absolute favorites and I’m ashamed of myself for not getting this connection. I hope they go this route. I would be ecstatic and would love a spinoff.

  • Anonymous

    Ward does the best face in FZZT after he jumps out of the plane, and scrutinates the sky looking for Jemma.

  • Cy

    Skye made the fridge joke when she confronted the CEO.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Elwyne

    We stayed up for it, as one of our good friends has a major role. It was good enough that we’ll stay up & watch it again. :)

  • Elwyne

    We stayed up for it, as one of our good friends has a major role. It was good enough that we’ll stay up & watch it again. :)

  • Anonymous

    Scary-Fitz has potential.

  • Mark Matson

    My daughter’s theory is Coulson is the Clairvoyant. The spilt personality and psychic abilities make sense. Could that explain the ability to call while kept hostage? Wanting to kill your torcherer and figure out who you are certainly makes sense. Still, I doubt it.

    I still think May is Skye’s mom, perhaps with Coulson being the dad.