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Why Not Do It With Some Style?

“World’s Best Jump Roper” Puts Your Elementary School Skills to Shame [VIDEO]

I’m not sure whether I can agree that Adrienn Banhegyi is the world’s best jump roper, objectively speaking. The YouTube description notes that she’s won two world records, but, well, my knowledge of jump roping extends to knowing that there’s a rope, and you jump over it. Sometimes two ropes! So I’ll defer to experts on the “world’s best” thing. But I’ve seen a few YouTube videos in my day, so I feel confident in saying that jumping rope has never been so intense than in this video.

(via: HyperVocal)

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  • Joanna

    I can do that but I don’t wanna.

  • Eisen

    It really irritates me how so many comments on youtube are negative or trolling about this… she is fucking awesome. But then again – it’s youtube.

  • Life Lessons

    You go grrl!

  • Anonymous

    She let go of the rope! That amazes me beyond anything else. Not 100% sure why, but I know I have never seen that before.

  • Anonymous

    Well that’s just.. showing off. haha!

    She’s amazing! Half the time I couldn’t even quite tell what she was doing, I just knew it was incredibly impressive/difficult/fast/impressive!

  • Devon Etherton

    Whether you agree if she is the best in the world or not she has world records and championships on record.. She’s amazing and I would hate to even try and keep up with her shopping at the grocery store. LOL