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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Adorable Interview With The Little Girl Who Chose The Dark Side

Surely you haven’t already forgotten Sariah Gallego, the little girl who kneeled her way into our hearts by attempting to become the littlest Sith apprentice at Disney Land’s Star Wars: Jedi Training Academy live show? Well, like many silly videos on the internet somebody (Jennifer Landa) has tracked Sariah down for an interview.

Cue adorbz, including pink highlighted AT-AT, references to blue milk, and sittin’ around wearin’ Darth Vader helmets.

The Sithgirl shirt and poster are really cool, but we hope it’s not a sign that her parents are too zealously trying to capitalize on their kid’s viralness. At the moment, it doesn’t look like is actually a website, so who knows. Regardless, the real message of the interview comes at the 3:35 mark:

So what would you say to other little girls out there that are maybe a little bit shy about liking Star Wars?

I think they should just, like, go for it and show the boys that Star Wars is for everyone, not just boys.

Amen, li’l geek girl. Amen.

(via Topless Robot.)


  • Kimberly

    She’s a cute little thing, and I give an amen to that as well. Lots of us star wars fans happen to have the good ole XX chromosomes.

    Also, the dark side may have cookies, but that doesn’t mean they’re giving them away. You gotta be careful of their sneaky ways. I say this as a fan who usually plays sith.

  • Greta

    I suppose that this being part of Disney the whole promotion of the “dark side” is pretty much a given anyway… but does nobody find it a wee bit disturbing that an 8 year old is pledging allegiance to evil. Joseph Campbell must be spinning in his grave. What’s more disturbing though is that from what the painfully inane presenter indicates, we’re meant to find this “cute” rather than seeing a profound cry for help and some serious daddy-issues in the making. Obviously this is not a good example for little girls to follow at all and I’m dumbfounded at it’s promotion on this site. If Star Wars ends up being a spring-board for girls to understand the completely devastating effects archaic paternalistic myths have had on female identity then it’s a good thing and I’m all for it. But you’re not gonna learn that from daddy, especially when he’s teaching you the sexy sith chicks are cool.

  • MurkyEarth

    So exactly how is this a cry for help and how would this lead to later Daddy issues? I’m confused. Because in a lot of video games they offer for you to play the hero or the villian and last I checked that didn’t mean a person would become evil because they’ve decided to choose the evil side. I bet her parents have already explained to her the difference between real life good and evil. She seems like an intelligent 8 year old that knows what she likes. That doesn’t make her disturbed and I think you’re reading a lot into this than there needs to be.

  • mrphy42

    Wow, someone is taking things a little too seriously and looking for a way deeper meaning than really exists here. I think THIS shows a few personal issues. Lighten up. I used to play Darth Vader to my friend’s Luke when we were kids, that hardly means I am out killing puppies as a disturbed adult. It is cute and funny because it was unexpected and went against the script. The performers had no idea what to do because they never considered this happening.

  • Mom

    Serious Daddy Issues? what exactly is that?

    Intelligent and intellectual 8 year old. She knows the difference between reality and fantasy she stated during her interview that this is all for fun that part was not shown.

    I don’t understand all the drama and over reaction…everyone is entitled to their opinion and mine would be that your are taking things a bit too far.

    “A Cry for Help” HAHAHAHA!!!

  • Jin

    This comment says a lot more about your issues than any the little girl supposedly has.

  • Vannessa Marovatsanga

    and what does sex have to do with this? “sexy sith chicks”

  • Vannessa Marovatsanga

    and what does sex have to do with this? “sexy sith chicks”

  • JoAnna Luffman

    Intelligent, adorable, and nerdy. Girl’s gonna be a heatbreaker.

  • Joanna Moylan

    Most girls who grew up with barbie dolls end up being just any other girl. This girl… this girl is gonna be a leader someday.